Rebecca is a character in the Soul series, who debuted in SoulCalibur IV. In SoulCalibur IV, what lies in her soul is: Peace. In SoulCalibur V promotional work, she is referred to as: The Heart of a Huntress.


Rebecca was born in England, and possibly comes from times yet to come. Her past is greatly shrouded in mystery, until her older sisters arrive. Rebecca was the youngest child of Elizabeth and Arthur Nightfall, a couple hailing from England. However, from childhood, Rebecca showed a gift that neither of her sisters possessed; the ability to sense evil and demons. This ability enabled her to defend from them, spectacularly, and also slay them. Eventually, however, Rebecca's power began to trouble her, as she felt it brought great danger to her family. As such, she chose to turn away from them, and left everything behind her, taking with her only a sword and shield.


In SoulCalibur IV, Rebecca is a very pious and believing young girl. She shows a forgiving nature, calling on the gods to "bring peace to those without guidance." She has a strong sense of justice, and is willing to kill, if it serves a purpose of justice.

In SoulCalibur V, Rebecca is hardened by her many years as a huntress. She now appears a very cynical woman, with a level of ruthlessness, possibly her sense of justice. After many years roaming the lands as a demon slayer, she now views the battlefield as where she belongs; evidenced by one of her win-quotes.

SoulCalibur IV

Through the years, Rebecca battled and slayed many demons, who posed significant danger, but allowed some to repent, and released them. Eventually, she heard of the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, and soon after, Soul Edge. The mere mention of Soul Edge pained Rebecca, and she knew it had to be destroyed. When she arrived to the tournament for it, she learned that the power had corrupted a woman named Eronoru, and transformed her into a demonic creature. In despair, Rebecca decided she had to be eliminated, for the sake of humanity. However, she found her sisters, Helena and Samantha, also competing. Helena, now the bride of a pirate, sought Soul Edge, so that she and her husband could be forever free of the danger that came with their new lives, and Samantha had learned of Soul Edge's ability, and knew her sister would seek it out and destroy it. Samantha intervened to protect her younger sister. Rebecca eventually fought both, and defeated both, insisting they return home. Neither listened, and Helena was later killed outside the Tower of Rememberance. Atop the tower, Rebecca fought Eronoru, and succeeded. At the fight's conclusion, Rebecca was able to force the demonic presence out of Eronoru's body, but this came at a price; Eronoru was killed. However, the tournament was not yet over for her, as Algol appeared. Impressed, he challenged her to a final battle, believing her to be a more than worthy opponent. Rebecca also managed to defeat him. Upon his defeat, Algol relinquished Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, which Rebecca took in her hands. Realising that no man should ever be exposed to such power, she ran from the Tower and disappeared into the night, with the intention of destroying both the swords, once and for all.

SoulCalibur V

After the conclusion of the battles of SoulCalibur IV, Rebecca went back into the lands around her, travelling through the countries and slaying the demons they faced. Although her body grew older, she instead grew stronger, though her previous style in battle began to fade. In her travels through the world, Rebecca learned that the swords, Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, had been recreated. Furious that they would return to the world, after all her work to destroy them, Rebecca ventured out again, hungry to destroy the swords once and for all.

Fighting Style

Rebecca based her fighting on the Holy Warrior, Sophitia Alexandra. However, Rebecca is more agile and faster, giving her an edge on her fellow fighters.

Physical Appearance

Rebecca is a tall girl, about 5'6, the same height as her older sisters. However, she looks vastly different to them, with icy pale skin, icy blond hair, and icy blue eyes. Her face is very beautiful. Her body is thin, but lightly muscular. Her main colours in her 1P costume are gold and red, while they are blue and purple in her 2P costume.

In SoulCalibur V, she appears taller than she was, now being just a little shorter than Eleanoire. She appears fundamentally the same as before, with the same blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She retains her warrioresque clothing, and now has a battle scar running over her nose and under her eyes.

Critical Finish

Divine Palladium: Rebecca slashes her opponent in the chest with her sword, and uses them to launch herself into the air. She spins in midair, and throws her sword into their chest. She then crouches and silently prays, causing a lightning bolt to cascade down on her opponent, akin to an exorcism. As her opponent falls, she turns away from them, and asks for forgiveness.


Rebecca does not lend her name to either side; good nor evil. However, her main quest - to destroy the Soul Edge - would usually regulate her into the category of "good."


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