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Soul Calibur IV

Princess Yalvana born on Wolfkrone Monument when Nightmare cursed the two swords, when she turned 15, her sister Taaria died when Nightmare killed from seeing her with her mother ring. Prince George and Princess saw Taaria diary and they saw about the ring and she never saw about her mother. So George and Yalvana followed the path and took the right path and saw Taaria and there parents alive and they tried to take open it but you will need a key to open the the gate.

Soul Calibur V

When George birthday turn 19, his friends Maxi, Xiba, Natsu, Leixia and Heaven. Yalvana entered the tournment with him and he did'nt know.


Yalvana means Cavendish Princess in Europe, And her last name is Atlantis. Atlantis means Thermal Protection System tiles sustained unusually severe damage during the flight. Ablative insulating material from the right-hand solid rocket booster nose cap had hit the orbiter about 85 seconds into the flight, as seen in footage of the ascent.


Free Imperial City Center

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