"No. I mustn't think about it. I will not let any entity, human and even memories from my entire life to choose my fate and future. I must be my own prophet now."

- Marisa in her Soul Calibur IV ending.

Marisa Vallentine (マリサバレンタイン Marisa Barentain) is a fan character of the Soul Calibur fighting series. She appears in Soulcalibur II, Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV,Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, and Soulcalibur V .

What lies in her soul is Prowess.

In Soul Calibur V's Promotional Material she is referred to as The Unbeatable Sea Flower.


Marisa is actually a creation of an alchemists cult simply calling themselves "The Researches". Their ambition was to create a perfect warrior containing both strength and speed, and also able to contain small shard of the spirit sword so she can help battle against the cursed sword's minions. One of the alchemists signed himself to find a fitting warrior to use for this purpose. The answer came with the famous Isabella Vallentine, who is also a formidable fighter. Agreeing to help their mission, Isabella gave a sample of her blood (along with another unknown blood type the Researchers collected, rumors hinting it might be Algol), the group of alchemists were able to create a creation in the shape of a young girl. The elder alchemist knew this now fragile being needed to be taken to the one who gave her life in order to strengthen herself properly, and handed her to Isabella, telling her to take care of her as if she was her own child. As the time passed, the girl (now called Marisa by her mother) spent the years with her new parent and spent most of her time travelling alongside her. Ivy has quit fighting and began to develope Marisa's alchemy skills in order to use them use them to assist in medics and archeology, and training on dueling with swords.

Marisa arrived to Japan with her mother for a meeting with an important client. While waiting for her mother, she saw a young boy in her age, seating and watching the sea. Curious and willing to meet him, Marisa walked towards the boy, asking him who was he. The boy realised she wants give him company, and told her he was waiting for his father, who was selling illegal merchandises for far from the port.

Marisa and the boy, revealng to be Maxi, have made a friendship very quickly, and both realised they're love to battle. Their joy ended when Marisa had to return to London, after her mother realised her client was nothing more than a liar and pervert, leaving Maxi completely alone.

14 years later, Marisa returned to the port once again with her mother, who was called to investigate an art piece rumored to be of an ancient shrine. Marisa, bored, began to tour the port once again, until she gets bumped in a random young man walking. Despite her apologies, the man raised his weapon, preparing to battle her. Marisa felt a strange lust to defeat the man and took her sword, Alarune, and quickly defeated the man. While turning to leave, the man manages to get up on his legs and try to send lasy strike at Marisa, but then he gets interrupted by no other than Maxi himself, attempting to save the woman. Marisa looks at the man and recognizes him, asking him if he remembers her. Although Maxi doubted what she asked, he asked her if she carried a red rose. Marisa, remembering she met him carrying her favourite rose, gladly took it and gave it to him. After seeing the rose, Maxi gladly realised she was the girl he met so long ago.

After the two exchanged time together, Marisa met her mother, and the two walked to the inn they rested at. Ivy told her daughter something in Maxi seems different. Marisa refuses to accept that idea, but as time passes, she decides to investigate it. Few days later, Marisa meets Maxi again and decides to find out what he was hiding, but before she could, an invader carrying a huge axe began to spread chaos around the town.

Maxi sensed the assaulter's aura and knew that it was Astaroth. He ordered Marisa to stay at her place and went to battle him. Marisa, unable to bare the fact Maxi fights alone against a strong opponent, rush to the battle and assists him. Astaroth notices Marisa and turns to her, attacking her with no remorse. Marisa faints, hardly injured.

After she woke up, she saw Astaroth disappeared, and Maxi lied on his limbs, panting. She rushed to him, and asked him what happened. Realising it was a point of no return, Maxi decided to tell her about the fragment of Soul Edge and the damage it does to him. Marisa, amazed from the story, realised her friend is close to the limits of his human conscience, and told him she will never leave him. Even though he appreciated her kindness, Maxi explained that if he gets close to Soul Edge, he might go breserk and kill her.

Marisa informed her mother she leaves with Maxi in order to be on his side, and joins her long-term friend and ally on his ship, fighting in every servant of Soul Edge to save Maxi from becoming a soulless fiend. However, soon she will also learn that the one she must fear the most is none other than herself...


Allthough being created from her mother's blood, Marisa is not as graceful, being much more rowdy, foul-mouthed and cocky. However, she also has a strong sense of leadership and loyalty to her friends, doing everything in her power to protect them even if it ends with losing her life. Due to also having the blood of the famous hero king, Marisa is also very honourable, respecting strong opponents and challenges them to another battle if they manage to impress her enough.

With the shards of Soul Calibur within her, Marisa also shares a disgust for people who kill innocents, and can lose herself when the lust for eliminating her opponents gets out of control. She can become both cruel and ruthless, but is also able to snap out of her murderous intent with her strong will.


  • Daughter of Ivy
  • Granddaughter of Cervantes
  • Grand-Granddaughter of Philip de Leon
  • Childhood friend and lover of Maxi
  • Rumored daughter of Algol
  • Mentor of Leixia, Xiba and Natsu


Soulcalibur V

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