"Allow me to calculate your life's worth!"
— Malek

Malek Arimal is a character in the Soul series. He made his first appearance in Soulcalibur V.

What lies in his soul is Greed.

In Soulcalibur V, he is referred to as The Merchant King


Soulcalibur V

A man of no small means, Malek had created an empire within the spice, coffee and silk trade long before many of his older peers. Working through ruthless dealings and possibly the dark arts, Malek came to rule his trade routes with an iron fist. It was through one of these dealings that he discovered a shard of Soul Edge and became one of the Malfested.

His early life is not shared with others and only those who knew of his father or his father's father would even understand what might have led to a life of cruelty and greed. His grandfather was a priest within a tribe of desert nomads. Having wandered through the desert, protecting ancient secrets and safe-guarding knowledge that many had forgotten, these people ensured the future of mankind through their quiet diligence. Their tales told of a sword of Order, one that could defeat the evil of the world and remove its black, chaotic presence, though the name was lost. To this legacy, Malek was born but found the nomadic life was not to his liking, nor did he enjoy the passing on of secrets that mattered little to the outside world.

Leaving his tribe in the dead of night, taking what little money and valuables they had with him, he struck out and traveled until he reached a large city, wherein his empire of trade would soon be born. He found, however, he had little experience with those around him and that none of his ventures worked out, leaving his destitute and starving. In this moment of despair, he reached into the arts of his people and found that he could peer into the future--and foresee disasters of various sorts. It was then he began his merciless work, arranging for meetings with merchants in places where he knew an accident would occur, or seeing to it that caravans were delayed long enough to be caught in sandstorms, ruining their trade and goods, if not outright killing those involved.

Life was quickly becoming good for him, and soon he had built around him his legacy. The twist of fate that brought the shard of Soul Edge to him, however, was not something he could have seen and with it began his decline into his existence as a Malfested. When the shard was taken and the sword reforged, Malek soon forget about the cold piece of metal but its influence stayed with him and he has become more ruthless and violent then ever before.


Malek is a cruel man who prides himself on locating the weaknesses of his enemies. He does not like fighting directly, and usually has his man-servant defend him before becoming involved.

Weapon and Fighting Style

Malek prefers to keep his distance while fighting. If he must actually enter into combat, he utilizes the spiritual arts of his tribe, using the skull of his own ancestor to attack his enemies from afar. If they do draw closer, Malek then uses the skull in conjunction with a series of jabs and kicks before attempting to find distance from his opponent again.

Critical Edge

Pouring power into his skull weapon, Malek releases a circle of spiritual power that draws in the target, leaving them vulnerable to a series of short strikes or grapples.



  • Employer of Adbul-Malek


Soulcalibur V

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