Janine is a character making her first debut in Soul Calibur V, she is Koga's daughter and use similar stye as him

what lies in her soul is Confidence

in Soul Calibur V she is referred as The Poisonous Ninja Master


Janine's attire resemble her father's, although she wear a sleeveless black haori and a sleeveless fishnet undershirt, she also wears a pink cape resemble Koga, Janine styled her azure hair into a spiky ponytail, once again resemble Koga.


Much like her father, Janine has a serious temper, but she is a big mouth, often talk very long and quickly, Janine also has a humorist attitude, sometimes "play" with her opponent before seriously fighting.


Soul Calibur V

  • Fufufufufufufu
  • I'm sorry to disappoint you..
  • I'm only joking, I'm the real deal
  • Since when did i put to corner like this?

Fighting Style

Janine's fighting style is similar to Koga's but with a few changes. Her evade and counterattack patterns are more deceptive since she can disappear whilst evading. Her father's signature aerial throws are present as well, but they are more difficult to perform especially when using them to end a combo. Janine also posses the ability to use Dokujutsu (Poison Technique) shown in her critical edge where she summons a great wave of poison.

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