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Helena is a character in the Soul series, debuting in SoulCalibur IV.


Helena is the eldest daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth Nightfall, two English aristocrats. It is possible she comes from times yet to come. She has two younger sisters, Samantha, and Rebecca. When Rebecca's abilities were revealed, Helena was angered that focus was taken from her, and even more so when Rebecca left the family. Selfish and spiteful Helena later became engaged to a pirate, but was troubled by his many enemies making attempts on his life.

SoulCalibur IV

Deeply troubled by the danger of being the soon-to-be wife of a pirate, Helena began to fight the opponents herself, defending herself with a sword and shield. Finding herself to be skilled, she defeated many opponents with ease. Eventually, she heard of the sword, Soul Edge, a sword so powerful that it could defend a warrior for years to come. Enticed by her own greed for power, she decided to battle for it, and dispatched to the place of battle. She was found by her sister, Rebecca, but was defeated by her, with ease. Furious and power-hungry, Helena went on, anyway, eventually finding her sister again outside the Tower of Rememberance. There, however, Helena was slain by a demon, named Sindren, who was charged with guarding the tower. Her soul was taken, as a minion against the men who battled in the Tower, all of whom were later defeated and destroyed.

SoulCalibur V

Seventeen years after her tragic death, Helena was (partially) resurrected by the evil witch, Drusilla Schtaken. Due to her partial revival, she was merely a tool at Drusilla's hand, without her ability to think for herself. Immediately, Helena was charged with executing Hilde, as part of Drusilla's long-running plot to avenge her parents' deaths. However, along the way, Helena was confronted by her youngest sister, Rebecca. While her mind remained incapable of thought, she was able to recall her memories of her sister and her past. But, used as a tool by Drusilla, she was forced to fight her sister. Ultimately, Rebecca was able to defeat her sister. Upon releasing that her sister was now just a mindless, soulless toy of Drusilla, Rebecca questioned whether or not to let her sister die. However, regaining her ability to think, Helena begged one last request of her sister; to kill her where she lay. Tearfully, Rebecca obliged, and allowed her sister to die once more. When she came to battle Drusilla, Rebecca stated aloud that she was fighting for her fallen sister.

Fighting Style

Helena is aggressive, but lacks the power of her sister, as well as the agility. She is shown to be distinctly weaker than her sisters, because of her lack of power, hence why she is the only one of them to die.

Physical Appearance

Helena is different from her sisters; her skin is pinker, her hair is blonder and her eyes are bluer than them, and she is often viewed as being far more beautiful. In her 1P costume, she wears a white bridal dress and white boots, while in her 2P costume, she wears a dark blue pirate dress, with matching boots. She is 5'6 like her other sisters.

In SoulCalibur V, she is resurrected by the evil witch, Drusilla Schtaken, in part of her plot to kill the Wolfkrone princess, Hilde. Due to her new resurrection, her skin is far paler, her eyes are white and her face is thinner and more gaunt. She now wears an aristocratic top and long skirt, with high heels, both coloured blue like her previous dresses. She is also lightly malfested.

Critical Finish

Final Crush: Helena slashes her opponent, before knocking them over with her butt. She laughs and ridicules her opponent, before sitting on their face. She then takes her spined shield, and places it over her butt, before sitting forcefully down again, in a fatal hit. She then stands up, puts her hand on her hips, and sighs.


Helena's mind is slightly corrupted by the power of Soul Edge. Her quest is to obtain Soul Edge, so she and her husband can remain safe and protected forever more. This aligns Helena to the evil characters.


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