Harley quiin

Harley Quinn as she appear in Soul Calibur IV

Harley Quinn a.k.a. Harlene France Quinnzel is a character in Soul Series first appear in Soul Calibur IV, she will return in Soul Calibur V using her real name (Harlene).


Harlene France Quinnzel is a priest who work for healing the hurts or even curing the insane, Harlene was a S class along with her friend Pamela "Lilian" Lesley, both Harlene and Pamela can cure every single illness. Everything was seems perfect for Harlene until Pamela accidentally fell to a poison acid, transforming her body into a humanoid plant-woman with chlorophyll walk through her veins instead of blood, making her skin green, this accident giving Pamela the ability to control plants and created a poison, this is force Pamela to be locked in a cage, to prevent poison, Harlene who saw that decided to save Pamela, using her acrobatic skill, she freed Pamela and stole the Circular sword Vimana, she take the title Harley Quinn wearing a jester clothing, and Pamela called herself Poison Ivy, the Poison Lady, together they tried to find Soul Calibur and Soul Edge to give Pamela her body back.

Soul Calibur IV

Harley and Ivy's first place is the Ostrheinsburg Capital, which it said that Nightmare the wielder of Soul Edge was there, in the end they only encounter Tira and Astaroth who is the servants of Soul Edge, Ivy manage to drown Astaroth by pulling him to the river using her roots, and Harley can defeat Tira easily due to their same moves, they are transport to the Tower of Remembrance and encounter Algol, but they are easily defeat, they decide to come back and vow revenge to Algol.

Soul Calibur V

It is said that Harlene has leave her Harley Quinn costume and using her real name.


  • Vimana



   I don't care who you are. I'll take you on!
   Don't resist and I promise I'll make it quick.
   I'll show you what true shame is.
   I'm gonna kill you,got it?
   Whoa! Time out!
   You're the worst! What a waste of time.
   What! You've got a problem?
   Okay then!
   Apologize now!
   I'll show you!
   I gave you time to leave. What a fool!
   No, no, no! You can't beat me fighting like that!
   You won't get my sympathy.
   Haha! Exactly as planned!
   Alright! Let's get this show on the road!
   Isn't there anyone better to fight?
   Had enough?
   You jerk!
   You're mine!
   Stay on the ground.
   I don't care.
   Damn it!
   Critical hit!
   Don't insult me!
   Stay down!
   You're gonna pay!
   Okay! Here I come!
   That's enough!
   I've had. . . enough!
   Here we go!
   No mercy.
   Hurry up and die!
   How about this?
   Yeah, right.
   Suck up, jerk!
   I hoped for more.
   How's that? Totally awesome right?
   Looks like I won.
   You weren't that bad.
   Shut up!
   Too bad!
   Who do you think you are?
   Over here!
   I'll make you cry
   Fly away
   My....REAL POWER!
   You're not bad.


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