1111 Gene

Gene Wallpaper from God Hand

"Time to low fun!"


Gene is the Main Protagonist of God Hand Series, and is will a dream accomplished if he participate of Soul Calibur VI.

BirthPlace EUA
BirthDate unknown
Age 23
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Bloodtype unknown
Weapon His Right Arm
Weapon Name God Hand
Fightting Style God Hand Style

Olivia (GirlFriend)


Appears in

Soul Calibur VI

God Hand Series

First Game Soul Calibur VI
English Voice Actor
Japonese Voice Actor


Gene was a normal guy like everyone else. One day he saw a woman being attacked by Bruce and Felix would cut her arm. Gene saves the girl in question but can not save himself that the end has his arm cut off by two. After Gene discovers that the woman he saved was Olivia, then she gives an Gene from God Hand. Thus begins his adventure The first adventure of Gene is in Ghost Town where he discovers a quartet of villains called the Four Devas are aimed at robbing your God Hand. In addition he finds that a member of the Four Devas Shannon is doing Chihuahua dogs become poisonous and thus transmit the poison to whom they bite. in the end he ran into a member of the Four Deva: Elvis. After defeating him, he flees. So Gene continues his adventure. After defeating more enemies and demons Gene stumbles into the hideout of Bruce and Felix, so the memories of the day he lost his arm back and he decides to face them in quest for vengeance. But the two are in the company of Conchita and now this trio is called The Three Evil Stooges. After defeating them as they flee Elvis. Gene is again facing Elvis and Gene wins again this time and "Fat Boy" runs. The gene is the third adventure in a circus where the owner is Shannon. After defeating a wrestler gorilla and a group of dwarves doing a cheap imitation of the Power Rangers, the Magnificent Five Gene confronts the owner of Circus and after much magic he can beat her but she does a bus out of a portal and as it enters the bus and flees. the same portal The fourth adventure takes place in a Mechanical Crab the "Kilo Crab", where the enemies are robots now. In a battle more difficult to defeat him again the Devils The Three Stooges fleeing but did not give much luck as they give away with one of the Four Deva, best known as Azel Devil Hand that with just one hit kills three. In this adventure Gene discovers the existence of a demon stronger than he had ever seen a giant demon with a trident. After more challenges he comes face-to-face with Azel and Azel into battle without winning runs and tells Gene: "Take good care of my bride." In the main room he finds the strongest Dr.Ion robots that can be called the "Fifth Deva" due to its connection with the Four Devas. Gene defeats him and leaves him unconscious, without enough energy to get up Now Gene travels to Cuba for the land of Elvis' final battle with fat. Gene goes in this town ship and face a rock band with instruments that they use as a weapon. Then his meeting with Elvis happens. At this meeting Gene discovers that all the Devas (Except Azel) has habililidade to become a powerful demon. And after defeating Elvis in his demonic form, kills Elvis and Gene continues his adventure. Gene then goes to a place called Bald Mountains where he defeated several times an apprentice Samurai and a Chinese fighter named Tiger Joe. Then he finds again the Magnificent Five, and this time he kills members of that team. After defeating a magician and quietly mad, Gene Shannon faces in his demonic form and defeat, and when it is fallen powerless to lift the appearance of her slaves with weapons and kills. Gene returns home and finds Olivia, and then he decides to go after the Belz leader of the Four Deva In another adventure Gene travels to Egypt and to kill the Samurai Apprentice, wanting revenge, and it appears to the mast but can not kill Gene and who is eventually killed him. So Gene is face to face with Belzer that turns into a monster very semalhante a spider and that after a certain time during the battle, he takes wing and is resemblance to a mosquito. Then after Gene kills him, the leader should disappear. In his last adventure, Gene goes to the Tower of Angra where he intends to find the devil with the same name of the tower, which is the most powerful demon of all. He finds Azel at the top of the tower and then the two begin to meet the God Hand, and Gene wins. Creek then manifests in the body of Azel and while the devil is born of the Devil himself plays his Hand to God Hand Gene Gene and then with the two decided to face God Hand Creek. After the most difficult of his battles, Gene destroys the demon seal forever. So with two God Hands, Gene and Olivia saves a new adventure begins again for now Gene has two God Hands to defend.


Gene is a young man with courage and sense of justice. In a way he won emgraçado and displayed the charisma of God Hand fans and invited them to try to close the game in more than once. One of Capcom's biggest mistakes was not to continue the series, because with the gameplay would be very successful. When use the Azels Costume the Personality is the opposity

Fighting Style

Because of his weapon be your arm, Gene is a fast and good character in the next attacks. His Unblokeable Attacks draw attention because they are Roullet game God Hand. Gene has Unblokeable Attacks 3: La Bomba, Shockwave and God Stomp. Divine Smash, Kung Fu Tango, Samba Kung Fu, Kick Typhoon, 100 Fists and Face Runner is his grapples moves. Break their Guard Attacks are the same as the game God Hand.

Critical Edge

The Gene's Critical Edge, is the same of Shaolin Blast Roullete of God Hand. Gene charges all of his power into his God Hand and unleashes an energy hand that heads straight toward his nearest foe.


God Hand

God Hand Tattoo

God Hand Dragon

God Hand Demon Spirit

God Hand Unleashed

Soul Edge (Complete)

Double God Hands

Carnival Gloves


The Ghost Town

The Tower of Angra - Azel Costume

Threme Music


Soul Calibur VI

"Time to Low fun!"

"Lets go!"

"Let's Fun"

"Can defeat me little guy?"

"What? A weak oponent?"

"Come on Little Doll"

"Boring!" - Taunt

"Ahhhhhhh Heiiii" - Critical Egde

"Azel is you?" - Before the Battle with Azel (Gene Costumes)

"Yes, is I Gene" - Before the Battle with Gene (Azel Costume)

"Lose Again?" - After the Battle with Azel (Gene Costume)

"You've defeat Gene" - After the Battle with Gene (Azel Costume)



"I can't.... I can't ... lose"

"Failed?" - When loses a mission

"Argh" - When break his defense

"Owuun" - When receive an unblokeable attack


  • The Gene and Azel have the same ability on God Hand Game too
  • Olivia is the fiancee of Azel and Girlfriend of Gene
  • When Gene has the two God Hands his both arms stay in tattoo mode
  • Gene personality is similar to Dante from Devil May Cry
  • God hand is one of more hard games of Capcom in PS2
  • Gene and Azel have same Height and Weight
  • God Hand Ghost Town is a reference to the ancient Far Oest times


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