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"I keep the promises I make, Siegfried! Now come on, let's put an end to this nightmare! Right here, RIGHT NOW!"
— Ferris to Siegfried just prior to the final battle with Nightmare.

Ferris Schtauffen is the younger brother of Siegfried Schtauffen and a main protagonist of the Soul series. He first appeared in flashback scenes in Soul Edge and made his first debut in its sequel, Soulcalibur. He's played a vital role in the following sequels until his son takes over in Soulcalibur V, but he still plays a vital role in the story by aiding his children alongside his beloved wife, Serenity.

What lies within his soul is Determination.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, he is referred to as The One who balances Light and Darkness.



Early life

Ferris was born on June 4, 1571 to Frederick and Margaret Schtauffen after being conceived out of accidental circumstances after Frederick returned from a second tour of duty after the end of the Italian Wars. Early in his life, Ferris was very timid and quiet, yet he had a strong heart and was not afraid to speak his mind if he needed to. When he turned five, Frederick began teaching him and his older brother Siegfried how to wield a sword, despite the protests of their mother. When Ferris was 13, his father embarked on a foreign crusade, leaving Ferris and Siegfried to watch out for their mother. Siegfriend, being young and ambitious, began hanging out with a group of thieves known as Schwarzwind, meaning "black wind". Despite Ferris's protests on his brother's actions, Siegfried eventually became the leader of the band of thieves, however Siegfried tried his best to make sure that his brother and mother were kept out of the groups affairs. One day after a training session with Siegfried, Ferris was told by his brother of a plan to ambush a group of knights from the crusades in order to restore some honor to Germany. Ferris was concerned about this, worrying that Siegfried's group would be tried and hung for such a vigilante act. Ferris wouldn't see Siegfried for three years after that day. Even in the absence of his father and brother, Ferris continued to practice with the skills he learned from his father and brother, mastering them with devotion and patience.


When Ferris turned 16, a former member of Schwarzwind approached his mother. As he listened in on the conversation, he heard that the ambush Siegfried told him about had gone horribly wrong, and that Siegfried, upon beheading the leader of the knights, who was his and Siegfried's own father, ran into a nearby forest, screaming in horror of what he had done. Later that night, upon hearing his mother sobbing in her bed, Ferris made the decision to search for Siegfried, making a secret promise to his mother to bring him home, no matter what it took.

Soulcalibur II

Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV Part I

Soulcalibur IV Part II - Broken Destiny

Soul Calibur V

After Soul Calibur V

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