Eronoru is an antagonist of the Soul series, debuting in SoulCalibur IV.


Eronoru's origins are not totally clear, as part of her recent past. When Eronoru was born, her parents; both deeply psychic, felt great unease around her. They soon found that their new daughter would ultimately bring great misery to the world, if allowed to nurture and grow a deep evil inside her. As such, they elected to allow her to grow in the convent of a cult. The cult worshipped a series of moons as their gods. Although she never knew the day, she found she was born under the "Frozen Moon." (usually lasting between early April to late May.) Eronoru's evil was sated in the convent, and she began to go up in ranks, eventually becoming a High Priestess of the cult. As such, Eronoru became embroiled in the cults' secret plots; one of which included Soul Edge.

SoulCalibur IV

When the subject of Soul Edge was brought up by a fellow High Priest of the cult, Eronoru became enthralled. She heavily investigated the rumours and legends that surrounded it, until she found carvings and paintings depicting the evil sword. The mere sight seemed to call to Eronoru, and entice her to take it. Soon, she began to hunger for it. When the cult discovered the tournament for the sword, Eronoru insisted she should represent them. This was not quite accepted, however, and Eronoru was forced to fight for it. The power of Soul Edge - the power she wanted - pushed Eronoru to destroy the members of the cult, and she coldly slaughtered them, and went to join the tournament.

Eronoru battled through the tournament. During the tournament, the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, was damaged, and a shard of the sword was broken off. Seeing a change to give her greater strength, Eronoru attached the shard to her weapons, and battled on with Soul Calibur in her hand. She ultimately came to the final three. She first battled a young rogue, named Ashe, who had had little fortune previously. However, he soundly defeated her, and went on to win the tournament. Eronoru was enraged that she should be defeated, and in pure rage, as Ashe managed to wield both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, Eronoru ran onto the arena in which he now stood, and took the Soul Edge from his hands. After she did, the sword quickly began to nurture and exacerbate the evil in her soul, leading to a horrific transformation.

This created a number of events outside the tournament. Now a Nightmare-ish creature, (even called "The Nightmare Lady" by some) Eronoru awaited the wielder of Soul Calibur. She was never able to meet him, however. Hiding atop the Tower of Rememberance, she set up a line of defence outside the Tower, and many warriors came to battle against her. However, only Rebecca Nightfall was successful in battling against Eronoru. The exorcist Rebecca was eventually able to expel the evil influence on her soul, but doing this ultimately cost Eronoru her life. The Eronoru who had entered the tournament was crushed out of her own body by the evil swords' influence, thus meaning the only soul that remained in her body was one tainted too entirely by Soul Edge. After winning the tournament, Rebecca took the swords, and had them destroyed.

Fighting Style

In her first form, Eronoru generally optimizes on her ability for long-range attacks and the strength of her weapon. Her unblockable attacks are also deeply powerful. However, her linear attacks make it easy to evade and sidestep her, and leave her greatly vulnerable to attack.

In her second, she becomes solely aggressive, with a multitude of explosive attacks, most of which being extremely powerful. However, she is greatly slower than she was before, leaving her very vulnerable to counterattacks. However, she attacks are easily learned, and if well-utilized, she can be deeply lethal.

Physical Appearance

In her first form, Eronoru's costumes both reflect her status as a High Priestess. Her 1P costume shows a mix of warrior and priestess, an all white ensemble, with gold embroidery. Her 2P costume shows her wearing a white kimono, with her hair tied back. Her hair is brown, with bright green eyes, and a light complexion.

In her second, she becomes far more demonic; only 1 costume is used for her demonic appearance. She then wears spiked "gorgon" body armour, with horns coming from her head. Her skin becomes black, her eyes become red and her hair grows longer and turns black. She also carries the final form of Soul Edge.

Critical Finish

For her first form, Eronoru knocks her opponent into the air, then throws them back down into the ground. She then dives from the air, and drives her sword into her opponent's heart. She usually mocks her opponent, post attack.

In her second, she disorientates her opponent with a punch, before uppercutting them into the air. She then drives her sword into the ground, and creates a large ball of red energy, which explodes as her opponent falls back to the ground, draining away their soul.


In both forms, Eronoru is devoted to evil. She is devoted to capturing Soul Edge, in order to optimise her own power and strength. She is so devoted to gaining the power of Soul Edge, she even takes the sword from the hand of the victor of SoulCalibur IV. Her devotion to evil is so great that she is eventually transformed into a demon figure by the sword.


  • Primary cause of a series of matches at the end of SoulCalibur IV
  • Killed many of her own servants, including a princess, named Morga, and a half-demon woman, Seda.
  • Defeated and killed by Rebecca Nightfall.

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