Eleanoire is a character in the Soul series, who debuted in SoulCalibur IV. In SoulCalibur IV, what lies in her heart is: Loyalty.


Eleanoire is a girl of absolutely no known origins. The "noire" of her name (meaning "black") suggests a French background. At the age of 15, she broke all her ties and ran away into the surrounding lands, becoming a nomad. Eventually, she turned to thievery, in order to survive. As such, she was found by the Volesirke, a syndicate of professional thieves. Eleanoire quickly became a popular thief, due to her ability to defend herself, and impeccable speed. Lariatku, the leader of the Volesirke, eventually found ground favour in Eleanoire, after her great success rate became increasingly apparent.


Eleanoire is a very cocky fighter, who shows frequent displeasure of her opponent, sometimes labelling them a "worthless piece of trash", or calling them a "wretched insect" in battle. Despite her ruthlessness in battle, Eleanoire is good at heart, and never truly fights to kill.

Surprisingly, in SoulCalibur V, Eleanoire seems calmer than in her previous appearance. She is here teasing, and acts as something of a femme fatale. She asks her opponent upon entering a battle "Care to dance with me?" This is interesting, as she now fights in a style known as "Dance of Death". However, she retains some of her basic ruthlessness in battle.

SoulCalibur IV

Leader, Lariatku, eventually heard of the great powers of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, and greed quickly began to overtake his senses. Originally planned to compete for it, himself, when he realised who else intended to join the multiple campaigns for the swords, he instead decided to dispatch Eleanoire, who he felt was strong enough to win the tournament. It seemed at first that he was correct; Eleanoire sailed through most of the rounds, but she finally came up against Rebecca Nightfall, in the penultimate round. Rebecca explained to Eleanoire the situation, and why it was vital that she went on. Although Eleanoire laughed off Rebecca's explanation as a plea of mercy, Eleanoire still chose to allow herself to be defeated by Rebecca, thus allowing her to advance. After Rebecca won the tournament, Eleanoire returned to the Volesirke, only to find that the group had been slain by an unknown assailant. In a rage, she ran from the compound, and out into the surrounding lands again.

SoulCalibur V

Travelling through many lands while in hiding, Eleanoire began to hunger for her revenge against the one who killed her comrades. Although without clear evidence, she was told that a young girl had slain them, and so, working from a near-photographic memory, Eleanoire began to learn to fight anew. After seventeen years, however, she came to realise that she had not changed in any way throughout all the years; her aging had been completely halted. Now with a new weapon, she ventured out into the lands again, eventually coming to China, where former companion, Canaan, was residing. Seeing that he too had ceased to age, she asked him to accompany her to find the reason why; starting with the evil sword.

Fighting Style

Despite her height, Eleanoire is a very agile and capable fighter, who is better as a close-range fighter. She possesses surprising strength, and with her speed and agility, she can very quickly reduce an opponent to a danger zone. However, she frequently leaves herself open to counterattack, meaning that another experienced fighter could also quickly diminish her own health points.

Physical Appearance

Eleanoire has teal-blue eyes and raven black hair, that comes down in jagged waves. She is tall, compared to some other female characters of the series, and is very thin, with no visible muscles. Her 1P costume is primarily light brown, and is in a typical thief style, while her 2P costume plays to her unknown heritage; an elegant red qipao, with matching boots.

Critical Finish

Eleanoire make a series of hits and slashes to her opponent, before spinning into a fetal position. As Eleanoire expands into an upright position, a gust of wind sweeps her opponent into the air. As she lands on her feet again, she turns away from her opponent, as they fall from the sky.


Despite frequently mocking and insulting her opponents, and seeking Soul Edge, Eleanoire is only bound to this by the orders of her boss. Despite her quest, Eleanoire is regulated as being one of the "good" characters, and it is likely that she will remain good if she returns in SoulCalibur V.


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