Drusilla is an antagonist in the Soul series, debuting in SoulCalibur V.


Born to a rich, land-owning family, Drusilla and her many sisters grew up in a very happy state, and had almost guaranteed riches in the future. However, one day, while Drusilla was just 14 years old, there was a shocking incident. The cattle of a family who rented land from her parents were all wiped out due to unforeseen disease. At first, there was sympathy, but when it was learned that the family had been unable to pay their rent, sympathy turned to shock. Suddenly, the death of the cattle was blamed on witchcraft; and Drusilla's parents were accused. With no other real choice, the King of Wolfkrone was forced to decree their execution for sorcery. The young Drusilla came to the execution of her parents; she knew they were innocent, but fear prevented her from speaking out. However, as the job was done, Drusilla's rage overtook her. She screamed aloud as her parents died, and as the people parted around her, she let out a rampant tyrade on the king;

"You call these actions justice? They are nothing of the sort! You and your courts have condemned two innocents to death, and all yourselves to Hell! I stand here baring witness to the innocence of these two! It was not they who brought disease upon that family's livestock; it was I! Oh, I may never be able to take from you what you have taken from me, but I swear on my name that I will exact a revenge far, far worse! For the parents you took from me, I shall take your very own daughter! On the name Drusilla Schtaken, I swear my revenge!"

And with that, Drusilla vanished into air. The people cried and panicked at the idea, and the name Drusilla Schtaken was forever amended. From that day on, she became known as Drusilla, The Witch of Wolfkrone.

Fighting style

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