Canaan is a character in the Soul series, debuting in SoulCalibur IV.


Canaan was born the youngest child and only son of the Ericard family; a family of wanderers, originally from Italy, who named their children after the land they were born in. His eldest sister, Athena, was born in Athens, and the younger, Persia, in Persia. As wanderers, the family were rarely subject to attack, and so had little need to fight. However, one day, when Canaan was just a child, a group of men attacked the family. They brutally beat them, ultimately killing his father and two sisters. However, Canaan and his mother survived, and despite being just twelve years of age, he took a nearby sword and defended the woman from the evil men. As soon as they had the chance, the two escaped back into the lands, and were taken in and nursed in Chinese lands. However, as his mother grew older, she became a constant target for attack. Eventually, he began looking for means to protect his ailing mother.


Canaan is a very humble fighter, who still holds care for his opponents. No matter what crime they commit against him, he will never take a life. His quotes in SoulCalibur IV present him as a very heroic figure, with a sole focus of protection.

Soulcalibur IV

Canaan eventually learned of the Soul swords; Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. Learning of their power, he soon began to see the swords as a way of protecting his mother, since soon, she would be unable. Taking the very sword he defended her with before, Canaan set out in search of the swords, and came across the battles of SoulCalibur IV.

There, Canaan defended as he did his mother. He saved many fighters from serious injury, or death, including Rebecca Nightfall and Eleanoire. While saving Eleanoire, he fell deeply in love with her, and began to follow her blindly, pledging himself her bodyguard. However, he could not protect her always; he was defeated and knocked unconscious during battle. Although pitying, the ruthlessness in Eleanoire led her to continue on without him; she merely moved him to a safer place to rest. When he awoke, Eleanoire was nowhere to be found, and the battles had ceased. He then returned home, to learn his mother was now dying of illness.

SoulCalibur V

Canaan will return in SoulCalibur V, alongside Eleanoire and Rebecca Nightfall. Similar to Eleanoire, Canaan has not aged since SoulCalibur IV, and is looking for answers as to why this is. His fighting style in SoulCalibur V is not yet known.

Fighting Style

Canaan is very quick a fighter, and greatly utilizes powerful sword attacks to weaken his opponent. He can perform very devastating combos, and shows a level of acrobatics in his kicks. However, he tends to be somewhat repetitive, so when an opponent gains knowledge of his moveset, he instantly becomes weaker, and easily defeated.

Physical Appearance

Canaan is a very young boy, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is very thin and wiry, rather than muscular. In his 1P costume, he wears an embroidered, Chinese-style shirt, with white trousers and Asura boots. In his 2P costume, he wears a white Paladin's curass and fauld, now with crested greaves.

Critical Finish

Canaan knocks his opponent into the air, then attacks with repeated kicks to the front and back of the opponent's body. At the conclusion, he stands before them, as they fall to the ground behind him.


Canaan seeks both swords at first, but later chooses specifically Soul Calibur. However, after hearing Rebecca Nightfall's speech about the evils of both swords, he joins her crusade to destroy them both.


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