Beelzebumon Blast Mode
Birthplace The 2nd Deepest Hell
Birthdate 1000 BC
Age It Does Not Matter
Height 1,89 meters.
Blood type Flames Of Hell
Weapon Two Pistols And A Motorcycle Named Behemoth
Weapon name Lilith, Noah, And Behemoth
Fighting style Based From Kratos

God, Cocodaemon, Lucifer

Appears in SoulCalibur VI Myths
Beelzebub Is The Youngest Of All Demons, Yet, He Is Just One Rank Below


What Lies In His Soul "Path".


He Wears A Jet-Black Jacket With Straps On Each Side, A Jet Black Jeans And A Purple Mask Covering His Entire Upper Face. He Also Has Wings Contrsicted By His


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