Arie Striker is a character that appears on the Soul series of fighting games. She made her first appearance on Soul Calibur III as well as Soul Calibur IV and reappears on Soul Calibur V. She is the younger sister of Chad Striker, the leader of the Striker pirates who helps him and his crew to find and destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Arie also aids him in defeating Grandall Emperor Strife to free the world from his tyranny.

In Soul Calibur III, what lies in her soul is Concernment.

In Soul Calibur IV, what lies in her soul is Faithfulness.

In Soul Calibur V's Promotional Material, she is referred as The Devoted Pirate.


Arie Striker is the younger sister of Striker pirates leader Chad Striker who is born of both Mexican and Chinese descent, she serves her older brother as a strategist in numerous of battles against invading armies that attack the borders of China, Korea and Japan. One day, the warlord Ieyasu Tokugawa ordered the Striker pirates to destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur to prevent any chaos that ensues on the continent of Asia. With any sense of justice in her heart, Arie along the rest of her family heads out on perilous journey to destroy the two swords.
Arie striker

Arie Striker

In Soulcalibur III, during their journey to destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, the striker pirates were attacked by Dalkia forces led by Luna and the Klessirpemdo which caught them off guard, causing the disappearance of Noel Striker and Jake, Erin, Carol, and Mary which causes Arie to blackout and faint, allowing the Dalkia elite to capture her. However, she was rescued by the Grandall forces along with Gail, Cory and Chad and was brought to Parousia Castle. After Arie recovered from her injuries, she underwent training in the grandall military school along with her brothers Chad and Cory and sister Gail and when they defeated Girardot in the final exam, the striker pirates graduated with Chad as their commander. Throughout the following battles against Dalkia and Maletta, the Grandall forces managed to pull off each victory with the help of Arie's strategies which led to the capture of both Luna and Queen Aurelia. One year later, when Girardot rebelled against the Grandall Empire, Emperor Strife appointed Chad Striker as the commander of the anti-rebellion forces with Arie as his second in command. Feeling uneasy about the upcoming onslaught, Arie decided to aid her brother in numerous battles against the rebel army which led to the final showdown against their mentor, causing her and Chad to defeat him in the process. Arie and Chad are having a heart warming moment with Girardot until Strife appeared and killed him with Soul Edge right in front of the Striker siblings, his death infuriated Chad and screamed out in fit of rage. Afterwards, the Striker pirates formed the Arthias Rebels army and began to attack the Grandall forces at Dalvia Port which launched an all out riot battle that killed both Kagami and Aeolos and rescuing their brainwashed friends from Soul Edge in the process. They later encounter Abelia, who berrated at the striker pirates for betraying Grandall, Arie tries to stop her brother from killing her with his Soul Calibur infused katana which caused him to regain his sanity and they marched to Parousia Castle, only to find Chester launching an ambush on the rebels. Arie and Gail managed to calm the troops down and they pressed the attack, giving the Striker pirates enough time to defeat and route Chester which caused him to flee. The Arthias Rebels quickly stormed the castle and encountered Strife's personal knights, they defeated them one by one while Chad marched upstairs and encountered the Grandall Emperor which had the battle last many blows until castle was set on fire. The palace of Parousia was collapsing and the Striker pirates and Arthias rebels were forced to escape the burning castle, what happened to Arie, Gail, and Cory after their escape was unknown.

In Soulcalibur IV, Arie, Gail and Cory are out search for their brother after the fall of the Grandall Empire. During their search, they came across the castle of Ostrheinsburg and went inside to check it out.

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