Aria is a character in the soul series making her first debut appearance in Soul Calibur IV and will return in Soul Calibur V.


Aria is one of the S Class wizard in the phantom lord guild, she is the strongest wizard after master Jose, making her become the leader of the element four,the group of the S Class wizard, Aria has the ability to control wind, she is called as "Aria of the heavens", she also revere as "The Mysterious Woman" because she never show her face, one day when the magic of all wizards are gone, Aria is one the few people that can hold her power from disappearance, she and the other member of element four are command to find the cure sword soul edge, Jose know that the sword is the one who cause this and want to use it for himself, Aria and the others go to a journey to find Soul Edge and destroy the Lamia Scale guild who want to destroyed Soul Edge.

In Soul Calibur V, Aria changed her tonfa with a sword and use a forbidden magic to command a wolf-like minion.

Aria in Soul Calibur IV

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