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Make and Model

Alice is a fan character based on a fan-made story based on Tira's second costume item, the Raven Hat. In Soul Calibur III, She and a group of girls from an orphanage were kidnapped and trained by Tira, each given training and a fragment of Soul Edge. The group was called Raven Watchers. Alice herself excelled in Dual Swords.

Soul Calibur 3

Alice didn't like the orphanage at all, they were abusive and slave-drivers. But she was no mere innocence herself. The last whip had done it, Alice snapped and took a kitchen knife to everyone she could find until they stopped her and beat her into submission. That same night, she was haunted by visions of a feathered winged demon. It was burning the world...She wanted to burn the world. She awoke to the orphanage on fire and her being hauled off by a girl in green, Tira. Tira told them that she was their new leader and she would teach them how to make the world pay. Alice learned to wield dual swords very well due to her piece of Soul Edge previously being with Cerevantes. She was sent on a number of assassination missions to kill and reclaim pieces of Soul Edge. She quickly became the best out of the group that Tira abducted.

SC3 Final Battle

She was not present, however, for the final battle between Siegfried and Nightmare, but was there for Zasalamel's ritual. As she tended to a half crazed Tira, Alice watched as Zasalamel preformed the ritual. In that instant, Alice saw the demon that she dreamed of, Night Terror. She took Tira with her and fled the area, as it was being consumed into Abyss.

Soul Calibur IV

Tira sent Alice and the rest of the watchers out to gather information and various pieces of Soul Edge while Tira tried to pull herself ogether and come up with a plan. Upon her travels she met with an enemy that became a rival. This man was looking for Soul Calibur, thinking it could purify the demon inside him (later revealed that he WAS the demon.) Oni Mashu fought a defeated Alice, but did not kill her, telling her that her path was misguided. Alice returned and watched as Tira's plan came together. In the process, Alice's piece of Soul Edge was removed from her, threatening her life. Tira didn't care and watched as Alice and the rest of the Raven Watchers slowly died. Alice would not be denied, for she had a dream to watch the world burn. She fought her way to the Tower of Rememberance and climbed to the top.

SCIV Final Battle

Alice reached the top just as the battle had finished. Nightmare and Siegfried were nowhere to be found, but the swords in their final forms lay before her. She picked up Soul Edge, all the power rushing into her body. She had felt more than alive, she felt all powerful. (Since no picture can be provided, the next part will say armor was donned on her, its the full gorgan armor.) The armor bits around the fighting stage pulled together, and she became Alistar, a new Nightmare.

Portal to Skyrim

Alistar let her power roar, but was stopped short by Oni Mashu. He had followed her to the top of the tower, and in his demons form, wielded Soul Calibur. To test his power, he attacked Alistar. In an epic battle, neither could win. With the last of each of their power, they swung. Not only did both swords shatter, but it caused dimensional rift. Alice felt her power fade and dove in without thinking to collect the shards...for 17 years she was never heard of.


Not many know what happened to Alice, but in the scripts of Skyrim, it speaks of a Daedric Queen known as the Jagged Queen Alice, who wielded a sword that devoured souls. She took the souls of many strong men and a good number of dragons. Her closest worshiper and playmate, Hroki, had records that stated the Jagged Queen sought to return to the world from which she came. It said she required the swords from her world to open a portal. Hroki stated that until "the other sword was found, the Jagged Queen would continue to set fire to the world."

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