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Elen is a character of the soul series. She appears in Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV

What lies in her soul is compassion.


The daughter, and only child of the king and queen of the Kingdom of Drache, Elen was given unbroken attention and care. Because the royal line depended on her Elen was also taught the basics of swordplay and was taught by several knights, who were assigned the dual duties to protect and train Elen, among which was Erold, the kingdom's greatest knight. Elen's childhood was free of fear and strife, and it was in this time that meet Kyle, a young up and coming knight who become Elen's best friend. The king and queen also knew the necessity of friends in hiding, so they hired a guard to watch and protect the princesses from the shadows. This person was Elen's caretaker and nurse, Ilian, who was also a survivor of one of Soul Edges rampages. Ilian was not the most caring of individuals, but she did care and watch over Elen well enough for her to befriend Elen. However, despite all her care and protection, she was not protected during the rain of the evil seed. Along with many others Ilian was driven mad by the evil seed, more effected because of her past trauma. Ilian was so maddened, that she attacked Elen on sight. Had Erold not come an fought Ilian off, Elen would have surely died. After the rain of the evil seed, Elen feared that any who would try to confront the source of the evil that rained down on their kingdom, was doomed to a painful death. The ravages created in the following days further made her fear for all she held dear. So when Kyle was chosen to bring Soul Edge, Elen strongly objected to Kyle's quest. But her pleads were overruled and Kyle, along with many other knights, marched of, to what Elen believed was their doom. As she stayed in the castle consumed by fear for all who had left, Elen heard of a rumor of a wise mage who knew many things of Soul Edge. She traveled to a remote temple, far from any city, or land of humans. There she found a young man by the name of Kelik, who indeed did know a great deal of Soul Edge. She bargained to pay him for any thing to help in defeating Soul Edge. He told her that the knights that had left were doomed to death, if they did not wield a weapon that had powers to combat the evil sword. Elen did know of one such weapon in her families possession, and when she arrived back in the palace, she took an old sword that had been in the keeping of the royal line for generations, and had a strange aura that, she hoped, would help in bringing the defeat of Soul Edge. Sneaking away from the palace, Elen embarked on a quest to save the lives of the knights and all those that Soul Edge threatened.

Soul Calibur III

After departing the castle, Elen travels to find the Kyle. Following his tracks and from rumors of his passage from locals. But during her travels she was ambushed by bandits, but her sword skills kept her alive, until a man wielding a katana came and lent her aid in the fight. They group looked as if they might still be killed by the bandits, but Kyle, a woman, and most surprising a lizardman, came and drove off the bandits. Thanking all gathered for saving her life, Elen was introduced to each in turn. The man with the katana was named Kevtana, the woman that came with Kyle was named Ivette, and the lizardman's name was Kék-elv. The strange group said they were traveling to the castle of the dark knight, and she insisted on going with them. Although Kyle at first argued against it, she won out and the other's did not seem to have a problem with it. As they traveled to the castle, Elen was forced to become accustomed to not being pampered and protected, although she did not mind the latter. She talked with Ivette and Kevtana enough to call them friends, and she became especially close to Ivette. She came to pity Kék-elv, but he did not seem to either notice or care, he did not pity himself. As they approached the castle Kék-elv warned them not to enter, but they insisted and he led them into a secret water passage into the castle. However they were ambushed and barely were able to fight their way to the thrown room. When they arrived inside Elen recognized Ilian, her former maid and protector, standing side by side with the other servants of Soul Edge, Black Scorpion, Tia, and others had trapped them in the room.

The group managed to fight their way out, but Elen did not forget the maddened but calm look on Ilian's face. As the group camped for the night, Elen fell into a deep sleep and did not wake until the sun was high in the sky. When she woke she found herself alone, in an empty camp. She stood in furious silence for a few moments, and screamed in frustration for a while before she could calm herself down. At last she but her thoughts together and decided the only way to deal with Soul Edge would be to destroy it herself, and she set out to do so. She had all the kings spies she had influence over bring her news of Kyle's movements, and for any news on the AzurKinght's movements. She set out to learn sword play, and traveled the land to find a master to teach her.

Elen tracked down knights to teach her, and spent much of her carried fortune on their training. However the process was worthwhile, and she returned on her quest after Soul Edge. After hearing reports of Kyle, Ivette, Kevtana, and Kék-elv had all traveled through a small town with an abandoned tower she went into the building to find out what had drawn them their. She entered the tower, but was attacked by non other than her former protector Ilian.

Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur III ending

Elen defeats Nightmare, and Soul Edge falls from his hand. But when Kyle arrives and picks up Soul Edge, the sword begins to corrupt him. Elen moves to help Kyle and

Input Ending

Elen reaches Kyle in time, and in one swift stroke pierces Soul Edge and destroys it. The next scene shows Kyle and Elen walking down a road to the kingdom, hand in hand.

No Input Ending

Elen fails to reach Kyle in time, and Kyle turns on Elen and tries to kill her. But Elen doges, and pierces Kyle's armor. In the next scene, Elen kneels over Kyle's fallen body, while Soul Edge glows ominously red in the back.

Soul Calibur IV ending

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