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Kyle is character of the soul series, appearing first in Soulcalibur III.

What lies in his soul is loyalty.

Family History

Jonathan Drake lived and grew up in Dresden, and in generations past his family line had served as knights for the kingdom of Drache for generations. The kingdom of Drache was once a dominant force in the region during the reign of its eighth king Enterich I (1501-1543). The prominence of this kingdom came to an end when the son of king Enterich, king Rimond, fought a disastrous war agents the kingdom of Wolfkrone, over a dispute over land claims. It was during this time that Kyle's father met his mother, after she left her kingdom to escape the ravages of the war and the rumors of evil in the west. Kyle's mother was a distant relative to the current rulers of the kingdom of Wolfkrone, giving Kyle a rich background, of being a distant relation to the royal family of Wolfkrone, and a father with a long and prestige history of knights. However, after the death of king Rimond and the succession of his son king Junta, the kingdom of Drache lost the war, and a great hatred agents the kingdom of Wolfkrone and it's royal family was felt for a time. Some time after the end of the war, Jonathan Drake was killed during an expedition at sea, by pirates. It was later discovered by the kings spies that Jonathan's killer was a pirate that was turned insane, from exposure to a sword that had unnatural corrupting powers. This knowledge later caused a great deal of anger and pain for Kyle. It was into this setting that Kyle was born.


Kyle was born into the life of a loyal knight, something he took to well. He proved himself an unwavering knight, and swore to stand by the side of the king through the hardest of times. He is also quite aware of the history of his kingdom, and their fall from power. Nor is he ignorant of the fact that the blood of the family that brought the kingdom to ruin runs in his veins, although he holds no personal grudge agents the kingdom of Wolfkrone or it's royal line, he will gladly raise his sword agents Wolfkrone if needed. He came to have several friends within the walls of his home, his knight trainer and mentor, the veteran knight Erold. The knight Harnal, his brother and rival, who Erold pits agents Kyle to keep his mind sharp. He also came to know the daughter of the king very well, princesses Elen, who he had known since childhood. When the evil seed rained down on the land, the kingdom of Drache fared better than most others, although it did not escape unmarred. The knight Scorpio, also known as the Black Scorpion, fell under the influences of the evil seed among others, and led a rebellion agents the king. Although the Black Scorpion was defeated, his rebellion weakened the already weak kingdom. It was during this time of hopelessness, that king Junta discovered that the sword Soul Edge, the same sword that took the life of Kyle's father, had reappeared in the hand of the Azure Knight. And worse yet, the Azure Knight had raised a great force of followers and launched devastating assaults agents the surrounding nations, including their old enemy of Wolfkrone. Because of the great number of nations between the Azure Knight's forces and the kingdom of Drache, the kingdom escaped the ravages of Soul Edge almost untouched. However, the kings sages and wise men told the king that the swords power was growing, and that soon it would overpower all in its way. So the king called his knights, and told them that he needed a brave and loyal knight to find Soul Edge, defeat the Azure Knight, and bring the sword back. Many knight volunteered, but in the end king Juant picked Kyle to lead the search. Kyle gladly accepted his duty, and king Juant choose Harnal to gather the kingdoms meager forces and march to the aid of the kingdoms to the west. So began Kyle's quest for the spirit sword.

Soulcalibur III

After receiving his orders from the king, Kyle set out in search for Soul Edge, using rumors and the spies of the king to find the sword. But he discovers that he is not the only one after Soul Edge. In his travel, he heard of a lizard monster that was haunting the wilderness in Wolfkrone, and is rumored to poses a fragment of Soul Edge. Intending to slay the beast, he discovered a young woman in a fight with the beast. Jumping into the fray, they defeat the lizardman. When Kyle moves to slay the beast, the woman told him to spare him, that she knew of someone who could help him. Agreeing with the woman's request, the pair roped and caged the lizardman, and brought him to a nearby town in the strangest display any had seen. They came to a man who was named Kilik, who says that he can not bring the lizardman to his previous form, but he can calm his mind. During the proses of healing, Kyle and the woman talked, and he learned her name was Ivette, who came all the way from the far east. When he asked why she wanted the lizardman live, she answered vaguely, although Kyle guessed that it had something to do with the cursed sword. Apon the lizardman's cure, he was released, and when he blinked at the gathered people, he asked, "who are you?" and in the next moment asked, "who am I?". They questioned the lizardman of his past, and discovered that his name is Kék elv, and that the last thing he could remember was standing in the audience room in Osburg Castle, speaking with Nightmare. Hearing this, the two agreed to set out to Osburg, but Kék elv, desperately confused as to what he was, begged to continue with the group. Before reaching Osburg castle, the group found non other than Princesses Elen defending herself from bandits, with the aid of a man wielding a katana. The group drove off the bandits, and Kyle thanked the man that protected Elen. The man introduced himself as Kevtana, who was hired to find and make sure that the princess was safe. He also told them that he too was searching for Soul Edge, and the group agreed to go together to Osburg despite Kyle's protests for the princesses to return home. When the entered the city, they were ambushed by the servants of Nightmare, led by Tira. The group barelly managed to fight their way into the thrown room, but their they were attacked by the denizens of the castle. Kyle saw among the corrupt that bared their way Black Scorpion, the cursed and hated traitor, Ilian, Elen's caretaker and protector, and several other knights and people Kyle regonized. The group fought their way out, and escaped. They knew now that the Azure Knight was not in the castle, so when the group set camp Kyle packed his bags in the middle of the night and parted ways. He knew that should they come into confrontation over Soul Edge, they would become enemies, so he decied he needed a head start on getting to the sword. Kyle was convinced that Elen was doomed to die if she followed him, so he left her in the middle of the night too, and begain his quest for Souledge alone.

Further on his travels, one of the kings spies tells Kyle that he and his partner were watching a person who they believed owned a piece of Soul Edge. They tracked him to an old building, and followed him inside, only to be ambushed and his partner killed. As also tells Kyle that, he saw their attacker before he was forced to flee, it was the rouge knight, Black Scorpion. Rushing into the tower after hearing this, Kyle is likewise ambushed, but after a hard battle manages to defeat Black Scorpion. But before he can slay Scorpion, he flees and disappears into the tower, but before Kyle louses site of him, Black Scorpiopn calls out to him, "still a loyal and dependable servant I see, a shame that you will never be able to act for you're-self". Kyle pursued him, but lost him in the maze of the tower. The words of the Black Scorpion did not at first bother Kyle, but as he took the fragment of Soul Edge a thought came into his mind, never have you ever acted for you're self, always you are in service to another. The thought made Kyle shake with fear, he had never thought in such a way before. Then he looked at the ugly piece of metal in his hand, and realized, this must be the cause. From then on he realized Soul Edge was far more dangerous than any had anticipated. He put the fragment away, and pushed the dark thoughts to the back of his mind. After travailing and searching, Kyle found clues that led him on the trail of the Azure knight. After some time, he finds his way to a remote cathedral in the wilderness. But it soon becomes clear that he is not alone, as he spots several people converging on the cathedral. Apon entering the cathedral, he felt his fragment flash and emulate as if something evil was near.

He meet Kevtana and Ivette once again, and heard Kék elv behind him, and they all knew it would be a race to their prize. They were about to fight for the sword, but they hear the sound of battle further ahead, and they rushed into the cathedral, but they become separated in the huge place. Entering a large room, he saw Black Scorpion once again standing between him and his duty. "Once again, the loyal servant comes to do the biding of his master." Black Scorpion said, and Kyle responded, "It is you who is a wretched servant to the dark powers that consume you. But the difference is, I serve willingly". And a great fight ensued, but Kyle once again emerged victorious, but as he stood ready to slay Scorpion, he heard sounds of battle ring ahead, and Black Scorpion said "Go, be a good servant". Kyle left Black Scorpion were he was, and rushed into the fray.

Soulcalibur IV

He found Soul Edge, and even saw the wielder of the Cursed Sword and Soul Calibur locked in combat, he had been so close. But the destruction caused by the collision of the two blades forced Kyle to flee, indeed he would have perished had not Elen and a band of the kings spies been carried him off to safety. After his wounds healed, Kyle was once again traveling the land in search of Soul Edge, but this time Elen would not leave his side. Kyle and Elen find there way to Osburg castle, the home of the Azure Knight. He finds both Harnal's army and the army of Wolfkrone, led by Hilde, besieging the city. Kyle meets with both Harnal and Hilde, and discovers that the Azure Knight was last seen in the castle. Kyle agrees to a plan of Hilde and Harnal's forces laying siege to the castle, while Kyle and Elen enters the thrown room to slay the Azure Knight, but Hilde warns Kyle that if he should try to take the sword for his kingdom, he will make an enemy of her. Upon entering the thrown room, Kyle and Elen find that someone had come before him, as there are dead followers of Soul Edge throughout the castle. Once inside, Kyle finds that some of the sword's followers had survived, and among them was Black Scorpion. "This ends here. I will have my revenge, and you will be the first to suffer" said Black Scorpion. Hilde and Harnal break in, the knights fought hard and long, but at last the enemy of the kingdom of Drache was finally slain, but Haranl was badly injured, and was forced to leave to be healed. However, before Black Scorpion breathed his last breath, he asks Kyle, "is it not ironic, that the great enemy of the world will be better remembered, than the brave and loyal knight that was too loyal to ever be anything beyond a servant". At first Kyle did not find the words disturbing, but as the victorious army cleared the castle of its dark inhabitants, he began to question if he ever will be remembered as anything other than the servant of the king. Or that if he had ever acted or spoke for anything other than for the whims of others. The thought then appeared in his head that with Soul Edge, he could conquer all the lands around Drache, securing his name in history. Then the dark thought took one more steep, what if he could rule all the lands, from his capitol in Drache, as king. Kyle rid himself of the thought as soon as it appeared, but there was a nagging sense in the back of his mind, urging him to act for himself for once, and take his rightful place in history. As Kyle watched the army clear the castle, a huge tower appears on the horizon, and all present knew that the Azure knight must be there. Kyle spoke to Harnal, Kyle left discreetly, leaving Harnal to recover. But Hilde had already left, and they crossed paths before they reached the tower. Agreeing to watch each other, the pair marched on the tower. As they approached the tower, the knights came under attack by others who desired the sword for themselves. But as the they reached the door to the tower, Kyle saw that his traveling companions had arrived as well (This battle is randomized between Elen, Kevtana, Ivette, and Kék-elv), after they are defeated, a short cut-sean appears for each character (look at unique cut-seans). After Kyle defeats his competition, he and Hilde made there way up the tower, but as they proceeded up the tower distrust grew between them. Hilde's words flashed in Kyle's mind, and Hilde wondered when the confrontation would come. At last they reached the near top of the tower, and they looked at one another, knowing what was to come. "For my kingdom", Kyle said as he redyed him-self. "For my people" said Hilde. Kyle knew very well that there was no going back after this, Soul Edge was in his reach once more, and he had no intention to back down.

Soulcalibur III Ending

After defeating Abyss Kyle stands before Soul Edge deciding on what should be done,

Input Ending: Kyle sees Soul Caliber laying on the floor, and picks it up, using it to smash Soul Edge. The screen then moves to the thrown room of the king, as Kyle kneels before the king and his knights, with Soul Caliber in hand. The king takes Soul Caliber, and says "With the power of the holy sword, we will bring our kingdom to greatness once again, rise knight Kyle, greatest of all the knights, you’re name will be remembered for all time".

No Input Ending: Kyle takes Soul Edge in hand, and the moment that he dose the corrupting power of the sword consumes him. The screen then shifts to a battle field, were Kyle stands beneath the banner of his kingdom, with a crown on his head, Soul Edge in hand, and an army at his back. Kyle raises his sword and yells "Death to our foes, may there souls feed the great sword", and his army gives a great cry as they charge to battle.

Soulcalibur IV Ending

After defeating Hilde, Kyle confronts Nightmare in the final confrontation. When the long battle ends, Kyle is victorious, but as Nightmare falls in defeat Soul Edge appears. Soul Edge flashes before Kyle's eyes, and he grasps the sword in victory, but the sword begins corrupting him. Kevtanta, Ivette, Hilde, and Kék-elv who had survived there battles arrived. They urge Kyle to release the sword, but the corruption was too strong, until Elen appeared, calling him to release the sword. With one last great effort, Kyle throws the sword away, and Elen stabs Soul Edge with her enchanted weapon, finally destroying Soul Edge. Kyle clutches Elen closely and thanks his companions.  Kék-elv says that his days of wandering are over, he intends to settle in Drache to live the rest of his life in peace "the past is behind me". Kevtana accepts his fate, but agrees to the aid of Drache in recovering his home. Ivette said that her work is done, and departs homeward, neither her nor her order are ever herd from again. Kyle and Hilde agree that the time for distrust and anger between their kingdoms should end, and they agree to make a peace between their nations, that will last a hundred years. Kyle then turned to Elen, neeled, and said "It is about time I acted without someone telling me to act. Elen will you take me as husband and king?" Elen heartly agreed, and they held each other tightly as the sun rose.

The text only screen states that Kyle married the Elen, and through his line of warrior kings, his name would be remembered for ages to come.

Unique Videos

SoulCaliber 4

  • First encountering Kevtana before the tower: When Kyle reached the tower, he saw Kevtana coming from the east. He told Hilde to continue, and faced Kevtana. "Stand aside knight, I have suffered much to reach this place, I will suffer no longer," said Kevtana. Kyle shook his head and said, "The sword you seek will do you no good, for Elen was right, it can only bring evil not good." Kevtana's face hardened and he said, My suffering will end, one way or another." And the two warriors readied themselves.
  • First encounter with Elen before the tower: Kyle approaches the tower, but he hears Elen come towards him from behind. Kyle turns to face Elen, and said, "Elen, you have more bravery than me, my love. But I would die to see you come to harm, pleas remain where it is safe." Elen answers, "I can not be safe as long as my heart is in peril, you will die, please let me face this fate." "Death would be a sweeter fate," Kyle said, and he stood before the doorway of the tower.
  • First encountering Ivette before the tower:
  • First encountering Kék-elv before the tower: Kyle and Hilde approach the Tower of Remembrance, but the Kék-elv approaches them. Kyle signals Hilde to continue onto the tower, and Hilde leaves. Kyle turns to the lizardman, and Kék-elv said "I cannot let you have Soul Edge, my memories and sanity, lie in it". "Then you should pepair yourself, for I will let none stand in my way". Kék-elv nodded, and both redyed themselves for combat.
  • After defeating Kevtana before the tower:
  • After defeating Elen before the tower:
  • After defeating Ivette before the tower:
  • After defeating Kék-elv: After Kék-elv falls in defeat, Kyle stands over him, reading his final blow. But Kék-elv said, "If I am to die, please, let me die knowing who I am". Kyle hesitates, and he lowers his sword, and said, "you have suffered much, and I pity you for you're fate, I will spare you, and I hope that you do discover who you are one day". Kyle turns around, and walks towards the tower.

Unique Quotes

Most of the time Kyle has the default character creation voice, but he has some unique quotes.

Battle Beginning

  • against Hild: You will fall before the might of Drache.
  • against Nightmare:Your reign of terror will end here
  • against Elen:Elen, what are you doing here?
  • against Black Scorpion:You will pay for you're treachery!
  • against Kevtana:Let us see if you're skills match you're words
  • against Ivette:You're quest is noble, but I must complete my own quest

In Fight

After Fight

  • after defeating Hilde:Drache will be great once more
  • after being defeated by Hilde:You are loyal, but I can not let you stand in my way
  • defeating Black Scorpion:At last, you're crimes are punished
  • defeating Nightmare:You shall trouble the lands no more
  • defeating Elen:I am sorry, but I must continue my quest


Harrnal:Brother, strong kinship.

Elen:Friend, love.

Kevtana:Allie, respect and pity, sees him as a rival.

Ivette:Allie, respect, but competing against.

Kék-elv:Allie, pity and respect for what he suffers.

Erold:Mentor, respect.

Black Scorpion:Enemy, hate.

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