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Kevtana is a character of the soul series and appears first in Soulcaliber III


Son of Harimoto, the leader of a family of shoguns, and Else, an English trader who fell in love with Harimoto and remained in Japan. Kevtana was born into the prominent family of Exquisit-win, that ruled over a small stretch of land in Japan. Although the Exquisit-win kingdom was small, the royal family had extensive influence, because some of the best samurai taught their art in their territory, and they had in years past, sent many samurai for the emperor of Japan. This changed when a rebellion among the leaders of the samurai began a war that tore at the very heart of the empire. The emperor, feared that the great number of samurai in the Exquisit-win region would rebel as well. From this fear of rebellion, the emperor sent his assassins to slay the family of Exquisit-win. The assassins were successful in slaying most of the family, but the assassin that was sent to slay Kevtana failed, and Kevtana escaped before the other assassins found him. Learning of who sent these assassins from a handful of spies that were still loyal to the Exquisit-win family, Kevtana was filled with hate and sadness. He left Japan, but swore to one day return and bring his families murderers to justice. He heard of Soul Edge, a sword with great power, that could give the user anything they desired, and the one thing that Kevtana wanted more than anything else was to be with his family again. So with grief in his heart, and nothing to louse, Kevtana set out his quest for Soul Edge.

Soulcalibur III

Kevtana left Japan on one of the few ships who's crew was still loyal to his family. He left to the mainland, and set out to find rumors, legend, or any information he could gain about Soul Edge. He found out that a group of guardians of China had several encounters with the sword, and one of its members, named Xianghu, was an expert on it. He traveled to the training grounds of the organization, and sought out this Xianghua. However he was attacked by more assassins upon arriving at the grounds. He killed his attackers, but fled the place immediately, not knowing who else would be out to kill him. He arrived at a secluded and distant temple, and spied a man with a long pole speaking with a woman of apparently high stature. He overheard one word, "Soul Edge", and he stayed to find out what the woman knew. He heard that she was looking for a method to destroy Soul Edge, which is something he could not allow, but he also assumed that she must know what this woman knew. He followed her out of the temple grounds, and shadowed her for miles, eating off the land and staying well out of hearing range. Then one day, the woman was attacked by a group of bandits, and was out numbered. Kevtana jumped into the fight, but it seemed that they might still be killed had not a knight, a ninja, and a lizardman come to their aid. Together they drove off the bandits, and Kevtana greeted the group. Apparently the knight knew the women, a princess no less. The other woman was not from the far east, but wore the robes of the eastern nations. The lizardman was appeared confused and daunted, but fought well to drive off the bandits. He made up the story that he was hired to track down and protect Elen, and offered to travel with the group to find out more on Soul Edge.

Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur III Ending

Soulcalibur IV Ending

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