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Kék elv is a character in the soul series, and appears in Soulcaliber III and Soulcaliber IV.

What lies in his soul is: longing.


All of the following is taken from a journal found on a slain Fygul Cestemus member.

Once a knight of the Holy Roman Empire, Miklos of Bardium, left the empire to settle in Hungry for unknown reasons. In this new manor in Hungry, Miklos lived quietly, until the evil seed fell on his new home. The evil seed tormented his mind, and he became beastly, fleeing into the wilderness. Members of the Fygul Cestemus found Miklos in this decrepit state, and believed that he could be of service. Miklos was captured, and brought to their shrine, where Miklos was transformed by the cult into a lizardman. He was brain washed, his memories erased, and given the task of tracking down pieces of Soul Edge with the new name of Kék-elv. The records of the Fygul Cestemus do not contain what he did during this time, but when Astaroth invaded and destroyed the main shrine, Kék-elv escaped into the wilderness. What happened afterward is unknown to any member of the Fygul Cestemus.

The rest is Kék-elv's own memories.

He did not remember his name, his home, his birth, and at the time the lizardman known as Kék-elv did not care in the slightest. He ran through the wilderness, his mind completely given in to the beastly side. He had vague memories of being in the service of Nightmare, and searching for a sword called Soul Edge, but these were pointless memories to him. He settled into a particularly rough patch of land, wild and untamed. But soon after his settlement, humans began to hunt him from rumors of his terrorizing of the land. At first the hunters were poorly armed local people, some armed with pitchforks and wood axes, and were easily avoided or slain. But one day Kék-elv noticed a woman entering his lands, but this one was not from this land, and was better armed than previous intruders. Kék-elv decided to avoid the woman, but it soon became apparent that this one could track him, how this could be, Kék-elv neither knew nor cared. Since he could not avoid this hunter, Kék-elv decided to deal away with her. Laying in ambush deep in his lands, he pounced on the woman and came close to killing her, but the arrival of a knight made Kék-elv back off for a brief moment, and in that moment the woman regained her composure and he was quickly captured. The next thing he knew he was in a cage and a man in robes and carrying a staff was staring at him. He was uttering strange words, and his entire body shuddered and spasmed. Kék-elv fell unconscious, and when he awoke he saw the cage opened before him, but more importantly, his mind was once more opened to him. The two that had captured him began to question him, and he could understand them. He began to question himself, "Were am I, who am I?" The answer for the second question came to him, "My name is Kék-elv,". But what that meant, he could not find the answer to anywhere. Kék-elv answered the pair's questions and told them the last place that he had seen Soul Edge. But when they turned to leave, Kék-elv clung to the man, and pleaded that he could come with them, his mind terribly confused. So in confusion and desperation, Kék-elv unwittingly began his search for Soul Edge.

Soulcalibur III

following the knight and the woman, Kék-elv learned much of them. He learned the name of the knight is Kyle, and the name of the woman is Ivette, and that they both sought a weapon called Soul Edge, but when he asked them of this, they told him not to ask. In their path to Ostrheinsburg, the city that Kék-elv had terrifying dreams of, the group came across two other humans in battle with other humans. The two must have been important to his traveling companions, because at the sight of them they charged into battle. Soon after the human band was driven away, Kék-elv listened to his companions talk with them, something of kingdoms and royalty. He did not understand what they talked about, but when they finished they continued on to Ostrheinsburg. When they reached the cursed city, Kék-elv felt a shudder of fear, he remembered this place, and he did not like the memories. Kék-elv warned his companions to turn back, but when they said that they must continue, Kék-elv agreed to show them a way to get inside the city unnoticed, by the waterways. Once inside, the band was ambushed by the servants of Nightmare, and barely escaped with there lives. The group knew however that Nightmare had left the castle, and soon they decided to part ways. Kék-elv found that he began to have less and less interest in these travelers and their mysterious search for Soul Edge. He climbed a tall tree, and seeing the beauty of the land, he left his companions in their camp, and ran into the wilderness. The sounds, the sights, the smells made him forget his pain, his lack of memory. But when he felt sleep come upon him, the beauty of the land could not tame the nightmares of his dreams. He saw a dark place, chanting, the cold sense of fear swept over him. He looked up, and many men in robes stood before him, chanting, one on a high alter above him, in a black robe. He felt a sensation, his body burned, his mind was suffering. Escape, escape, escape, were his only thoughts, his mind began to burn, he screamed, and the next thing he knew he was back in the peaceful, safe wilderness. He slept the rest of the night well, but he could not forget the images, nor the feelings. He began to wonder, who was I? And again he felt that the answer to his question lies in the vague memory of the name, Soul Edge. He looked out to the lands around him, "Somewhere out there," he thought, "I will find my past, and" clutching his head, "My future".

He soon found that his search for the sword was easier than he anticipated, he sensed the sword far away, and his body pulsed and quivered with power as he drew nearer to the cursed sword. Kék-elv moved in the direction of the power, but he soon felt that there was a disturbance in his senses. Another source of power was disturbing his search. He became distorted, and followed the new source to discover the disturbance. He found a tower in a human city, derelict and empty. He entered the tower to discover the source of the energy, only to be attacked by a man in black robes, wielding a sickle. He fought with ferocity and drove the man off, but he turned as he fled, and said, "I know now that I have nothing to fear of you beast, I do not fear one who has no purpose." Kék-elv stopped when the man said this, did he have a purpose? After a moment he divided that yes, he did have a purpose, to find his memories, and then decide how to live his life. He left the man to run, and he turned towards the direction of the real power, now that the distraction had been removed. Kék-elv finally reached a citadel in the middle of the wilderness, the land seeming so peaceful despite the turmoil that lay within. Kék-elv heard sounds of battle inside, and rushed to the citadel, only to be blocked by a familiar figure, a man in robes, black and gold trimmed, and the symbol of the Fygul Cestemus around his neck. "Of all my creations, I never expected to encounter you," and the man revealed his face, it was the face of the man in his dreams. "You, what have you done to me? Why can I not remember anything?" Kék-elv said. "And you learned to speak as well. you have progressed much form the beast you once were. I just wish you had perished in the fall of the temple." and the man drew a sickle from his side. Kék-elv stood his ground and said, "You will not be the end of my quest. I will find my truth, with or without you." In the fight that followed Kék-elv defeated the Fygul Cestemus member, and he left his body broken but not slain. He raced to the upper levels, following the sound of fighting, as he reached the doorway, he steeled himself, and steeped through the door to his past, and future.

Soulcalibur IV

With the collision of the two swords, and the subsequent destruction that it caused, threw Kék-elv down, and the crumbling of the palace forced him to flee faraway. After licking his wounds, Kék-elv made his way back into the wilderness, and crawled into a dark corner and fell asleep. When he woke, he was in the mists of a band of lizardmen and was surrounded, but not harmed. When the lizardmen saw one of their own, they were relaxed, and not fearful, but when Kék-elv tried to talk with them, they simply turned their heads on their sides in curiosity. As Kék-elv tried to communicate with them, the group was raided by a band of solders. The lizardmen were scattered, but when Kék-elv stood his ground and held back the armored solders, the lizardmen took heart and rallied around him. Once the lizardmen but up a solid resistance, the solders simply gave up and retreated. As the solders fled, the lizardmen became excited with victory, and led Kék-elv back to their camp, were they celebrated their victory. Kék-elv realized that he now had a new calling, a new family to protect. But he knew full well that no matter how far they ran or were they hid there would be no sanctuary for monsters like himself. So he looked out and felt the power of the demon sword again. He swore to his new followers that he would return with there salvation. With this in his heart, Kék-elv set out on a new quest to capture the sword.

Soulcalibur III Ending

After Abyss fell before him, Kék-elv held Soul Calibur in his left, and Soul Edge in his right hand. He looked from one sword to the other, feeling the power in each but not knowing which to trust. He held both tightly and though...

Input Ending

Kék-elv opened his eyes, and raised Soul Calibur above Soul Edge, and smashed the cursed sword. As the evil that had penetrated his body dissipated, his memories returned. He remembered his name, his home, his family. He looked up to the sky and fell on his knees and thanked whatever power had led him their. The screen cuts to black, and the texts says that Kék-elv forever remained near his place of birth, hidden in shadows to watch his home, an ever watchful guardian.

No-Input Ending

Kék-elv slowly lowers Soul Calibur, and picks Soul Edge high above him, as if forces in his head are telling him to do so. A flash of red light dances across his body, and he screams in pain as the energy burns the last remnants of his mind to cinders. He looks back up to the sky, and his eyes are filled with the fire of Inferno. A following text only screen then says that Kék-elv was the catalyst for the rebirth of the Knight of Soul Edge, and spread a reign of terror and destruction from one end of the continent to the other.

Soulcalibur IV Ending

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