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A character in the soul series, she appears in Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur VI.

What lies in her soul is: compassion


Born in the island on Lemnos to Alec (who was born in Lemnos), and Adonia (who was born in Japan) and the oldest of her siblings. Ivette left to Japan when her parents moved because her mother was called back on important duties by her former clan. The family moved into their new home with surprising ease, Ivette in particular made powerful friends in a local temple, also called the Sanctuary. Soon Ivette along with her brother and sister were accepted into the Sanctuary, which was a god send for them, as the Sanctuary provides both protection and education. But the peaceful times came to an end, when rebellions and wars caused the land to fall into chaos. In the midst of this chaos, Markim appeared. None at the Sanctuary knows where he came from, but he came with the determination to take control of the lands, and take up the crown as ruler. There was one obstacle in his way, the Sanctuary. This temple was the training ground for the local ruler's guards, and as long as the temple stood, his rule would be opposed. So he himself, along with several of his supporters, sneaked into the temple, and began to wreak havoc. But the temples defenders proved to be worth the trust placed upon them by the king, and the Sanctuary's defenders drove off their attackers, Ivette even encountered and defeated Markim, showing great skill despite her young age. But Markim would not be so easily defeated, and the humiliation of defeat at the hands of a young member of the Sanctuary created a spark of anger that powered his search to gain power. He heard from a traveler from the west, of a sword with great power. If this sword held half the power that the rumors said it had, he alone could destroy the Sanctuary, and eliminate the last true obstacle in his way. The Sanctuary's mystics, sensed Markim's move to take Soul Edge. The leader of the temple called upon Ivette, because of her skill shown in defeating Markim, to prevent Markim from gaining Soul Edge, either by slaying Markim, or destroying Soul Edge. So with determination and hope, Ivette set out on her quest to find Soul Edge.

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