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Black Scorpion is a character that appears in the soul series.

What lies in his soul is corruption.


Born in Dresden, during the early reign of king Rimond, Black Scorpion was once one of the finest knights in all of Drache. One of the most skilled in war and conquest, he was also one of the most prone to vilonce, however, he never raised a sword agenst a friend. Scorpio gained his name, during a travailing expedition into the desert lands of the south, Scorpio was stung by a huge black scorpion, but did not die. The loals said to be stung by a scorpion and live, was a sine of great strength. Taking this to hart, Scorpio took the title of, The Black Scorpion. Sadly, during the rain of the evil seed, Scorpio was terribly effected by the dark energies, and because of his violent nature, went berserk, and slayed any around him who was not taken by the evil seed. Soon others like him gathered to him, and this small army marched on Dresden. A battle erupted, as those who were unaffected by the evil seed, and thouse driven mad by it, met in the streets of the city. The fighting was fierce, and indeed Black Scorpion managed to reach the thrown room of the king. But before he could do the royal family any harm, Erold, the kings adviser and the greatest knight of the time, blocked his path, and in the fight that followed, defeated the Black Scorpion. However, the Black Scorpion escaped the castle, along with many others, who would cause great troubles for the kingdom in later times. With his mind all but destroyed, Black Scorpion wandered the land, having no reasoning in his mind. Until he reached a remote castle that pulsed with the same evil energy that lay within him. He entered the castle, and there meet the Azure Knight. Nightmare saw some use in this broken and maddened human, and so cleared some of the madness, but left the evil energies to fester within him. As Black Scorpion was able to think once more, he looked up at the figure of the Azure Knight before him as he gave him an offer. "Serve me, in regaining the power of Soul Edge, or suffer as another soul to fed my hunger". Black Scorpion stood before Nightmare and said, "I pledge eternal service to you, lord Nightmare", but in his mind, Scorpio was already planing his new masters downfall. So Scorpio fell into the servace of Nightmare, and his entanglement in the story of the cursed sword began.

Soulcalibure III

(under construction)

Soulcalibure IV

(under construction)

Endings for Soulcalibure III:Black Scorpion Found He Was Over Indulged in the power he then bursted into a giant fireball that spread across the world

Ending for Soulcalibure IV

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