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Lucius Becker (ゥシウ・べけ) is a character that made his first appearance in Soulcalibur V.

What lies in his Soul is Anger.


Redneck has greasy hair and is shown wearing snake peel gloves and boots and reveals his hairy chest. He is also wearing a tiger pelt around his waist.

In his 2p costume, he is wearing worn out denim clothing from the Modern Costumes 3 DLC.


Fighting Style

Redneck wields two hand axes. He is very destructive and aggressive when facing an opponent. He also has strange, inhuman powers such as growing wings and spitting fireballs. This is because he has the same moveset as Aeon Calcos.


Redneck is a very rude, and stubborn character. He is also very aggressive and taunting just based off of his fighting style. He is a very intimidating character.


Was once part of The Gladiator Pact


  • Redneck has an unusually high pitched distorted voice

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