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A Sad Beginning.

Newborn, Kevin Morton was born into the world on September 11, 2001. His father, Ryan Morton was still at work at the World Trade Center and wasn't able to make it to the hospital to see his newborn son, then the planes hit. As the doctors informed Carla that the Twin Towers were hit, Carla was in a state of shock. Then moments later the first tower fell. She realized that he worked in the first tower. Carla started to give up on hope and lost her will of living with herself. A week later, she decided to put her son up for adoption due to herself having a hard time thinking about her deceased husband that wasn't able to come home. After that hard decision, she left and was never heard from again. Her fate is unknown


Kevin has is wearing a long jacket with a belt in between it. He is also wearing gauntlets and spaulders with his outfit.

Fighting Style

Kevin fights with a yellow cross handled sword. He also has the ability to spawn a minion at anytime during his fight. Kevin has a lot of close range attacks with his sword. Since he is a close range character, he doesn't have a lot of powerful attacks. He is a Low-Tier to Mid-Tier Character if he is played properly. He has the same moveset as Z.W.E.I..


Kevin is always looking forward to a fight. He is usually talking about training and always wonders if he is good enough to fight. He is a neutrally aligned character.



Part of The Pact. (Unofficial name)

Alliance with The Brotherhood

More About Kevin Morton

(Note: This section is about other appearances other than the Soul series)
  • Kevin appears in my brick film series, Kevin and Riley
  • Kevin's last name is McBrick because he is a Minifigure character


  • Kevin is trying to find the truth of his mother's fate since he was abandoned at birth and was never heard of again.


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