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Johnny is wearing a hood and reveals his hairy chest. He is wearing mostly torn up clothing too. His outfit contains mostly Cervantes' gear with the exception of his hood, spaulders, and his trousers. His outfit also has a lot of striped colors and skull pattern designs.

In his 2p costume, he is wearing a thief's outfit.


Not much is known about Johnny but he was known to be an ex criminal. He was also a victim of being held captive of The Gladiator Pact before Redneck broke him out of it. That was when he built up a friendship with Redneck.

Still Alive

After Johnny came back to the Hideout, He is looking for answers of what happened to his friend, Redneck.

Read the rest of the story Here.

Fighting Style

Johnny wields two large hidden daggers, sort of like hidden blades. Unlike any of the other members, he is the most clumsy character. Johnny also doesn't have a good range of attacks and isn't very strong either. He usually stabs and kicks pretending that he gets hurt just so he can jump on top of his opponent. He has very short range and is considered a Low-Tier Character making him having the worst moveset in Soulcalibur V. He shares the same move set as Dampierre.


Johnny is usually very stubborn and mouths off a lot which puts him in a bad situation all of the time. He is also a try hard and tries to impress everybody despite his clumsiness.




Redneck's parter


  • Just like Redneck, Johnny also has a high pitched voice.
  • Johnny is an ex criminal according to Arkus.
  • Johnny is the closest character that looks like an assassin.
  • Johnny was friends with Redneck because they both escaped from the illegal gladiators.
  • Johnny is an odd character in The Brotherhood.


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