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William Curtis (ウィッィア・具チ) is a character that is part of the Soul series. He made his first appearance in Soulcalibur V. He is a Mayor of a Town and a Commander in Chief of The Pact n hopes of overthrowing The Agency and reviving Government Power.

What lies in his soul is Leadership.

In his Soulcalibur V promotional material, he is titled He Who Brought Back The Past



William is wearing an office suit.

His 2p costume is armor similar to his soldiers part of The Pact similar to the overseers armor with the exception of gold armor and a unique symbol on his breastplate.

Fighting Style

Unlike his group of mercenaries, William wields no weapon but fights with his fists. His attacks aren't very strong and lacks range with his fists but he can deal an insane amount of attacks to his opponent. He also has the ability to fly and shoot laser beams out of his eyes. He is a Mid-Tier Character to a High-Tier if played with correctly. He has the same moveset as Devil Jin.


He is weaponless, he relies on his fists as his weapon.


Free Imperial City Center
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Background music Sword of Resolution or Midnight Mystique
Home to Helen Collins & William Curtis (SCV)
"If life is a battle, then a duel is the epitome of one's life"
— Narrator

This is Helen's home stage.

This stage is a beautiful city that preserved its appearance as best as it could. It still keeps the same appearance as it did four centuries ago. This stage has a courthouse in the front of it where he lives.

This stage has three sides for a possible ring out.


William is a very determined leader, though he is questioned by others due to The Pact. People believe that going back to old methods with the use of melee weaponry is unnecessary, but he is positive that this plan will work to stop The Agency from causing more damage. He is a lawful good character.


The Pact

The Pact is a police system that contains soldiers that have converted to simpler times using melee weapons instead of firearms. They are an order against The Agency after overthrowing the workforce and are fighting back to bring back power to The Government.

This Section contains multiple characters in it.


General Gresh

Image Description

Gresh is the captain of The Elite Soldiers. He is half android due to losing his left side of his body including his left eye. His left side of his body was replaced with metal plates and an artificial yellow eye to match his irises. He wields a short sword and has control over a blue wolf minion.

He is known as The First Mechanized Soldier.


Image Description
Linda Linda is one of William's most skilled warriors. she carries a short sword and a long lance with a flag.


Common Soldiers

These are the most common soldiers seen in The Pact.


Image Description
The Spy is usually a light weight fighter that sends messages to enemies. They are either unarmed or wield small weapons.


Image Description

Foot Soldier

Image Description
The Foot Soldier is made up of both male and female fighters. Males wield a two handed sword, as females wield a snake sword.

Heavy Weight

Elite Soldiers

Elite Soldiers have a similar appearance but have minor differences in their armor. They also have a symbol on their chest and have more accessories such as capes or scarves on their armor. They have a more warrior like appearance.

Elite Soldier

Image Description
Elite Soldiers have a slightly different appearance to the standard foot soldiers. They wield a large Zweihänder.

Elite Captain

Image Description
The Elite Caption has full control of The Elite Soldiers. The Caption usually walks with a group of Elite Soldiers and one Overseer. The Elite Captain However, wields a Short Sword with a Wolf Creature. The Captains are Mid-Tier Characters.


Image Description
Overseer The Overseer is one of the strongest soldiers that are completely masked up. They are usually out on most dangerous missions. They wield a Sword and Shield and are the most well balanced fighters despite their lack of reach.


  • William Curtis has demon like powers though he is a Good Aligned Character.
  • The Agency is still overpowered compared to The Pact.
  • Williams is usually criticized on how he is trying to revive the Government Power because of The Pact.
  • The Overseers have a similar appearance to the Overseers in the Assassins Creed Series, since they are the strongest soldiers and also conceal their entire face.


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