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Night Devil (夜の悪魔, Yoru no akuma) is a character part of the Soul series. He made his first appearance in Soulcalibur IV and returned in Soulcalibur V. In his soul lie Chaos.


Night Devil is a character that never reveals his face to anyone. In Soulcalibur IV, he wore a Devil mask which only revealed his mouth. His 2p costume is similar to Renegade's tech armor but he still kept his mask on.

In Soulcalibur V, he is completely wrapped up in bandages but keeps the same Devil Mask. His 2p costume is a color swap just like Renegades costume color swap.


Soulcalibur IV

He was on the search for Soul Edge in 2008 and tried to bring it back to his master, Abdi. But since Nightmare defeated Night Devil, the mission for Soul Edge failed.


The Terror

Fighting Style

Night Devil originally wielded a Scythe. He lost his scythe in a battle against Nightmare on his hunt for Soul Edge during the events of Soulcalibur IV.

In Soulcalibur V, he was trained to wield weapons just like his brother Renegade.


Night Devil was a good character before he became part of The Agency. His quotes in Soulcalibur V, he is very chaotic and corrupt due to becoming malfested.


Soulcalibur IV

  • Shut up and come on!
  • Fight like your life depends on it.
  • Okay, okay, how mighty you are.
  • I wouldn't if I were you! (when attacking)
  • Shut up!
  • Effort does not equal victory, dumb ass!
  • I don't have time for corpses.
  • Have fun in the afterlife.
  • You better keep me amused.
  • Dumb Ass
  • Why?
  • Dang...I lost
  • You stink
  • You want me to apologise or something?
  • What are you, a crybaby?
  • I'll break your skull!
  • You irritate me!
  • Prepare for a funeral... (Critical Finish).



  • Abdi created Night Devil to be a night stalker to terrify enemies, but since Havok wanted him reborn and in his control, Night Devil is evil
  • Night Devil was human before he was reborn.
  • Unlike Renegade, Night Devil is considered an android according to Havok Cross. He might think that because his face isn't revealed and he has a strange robotic voice. His voice sound deformed due to his malfestation.


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