This list contains the Minor Characters that don't need a full page

                                                                                    (Note:This Article contains multiple characters)

The Lind Family

Richard Lind

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Richard Richard Lind is the father of Henry Lind, Riley Lind and Nina Lind. Not much is known about him but he trained Riley how to wield an Iai Blade. He died back in 2012. He was part of Abdul's Brotherhood.

Maria Lind

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Maria Lind is the mother of Henry, Riley and Nina. Not much is known about her. She wasn't a trained fighter and usually lacked skill so she sticked to doing household chores instead. She died back in 2012.

The Collins Family

Jenny Collins

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Jenny Collins is the mother of Helen Collins and died from severe injuries from the cursed sword, Soul Edge back in 2012. She passed down her sword to her only child in memory of her. She was part of Abdul's Brotherhood.

The Orphanage

Melinda Smith

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Melinda is Riley's adoptive mother. She is mentioned in Riley Lind's story. She is a lot younger than Riley's Biological Parents and understood what Riley had in mind.

Elizabeth Smith

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Liza Liza was a little younger than Riley. She was Melinda's only child and always wanted to have an older brother.

(She might become a more important character in the future)

The Crew

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