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"A brazen and wild soul, intent upon defending her beloved homeland from anything that dares to threaten the peace it has enjoyed for years..."

Sheona is a Soulcalibur fan-character created by just another guy on the internet. Several things incurred the creation of this character: Part inspired by my Scottish heritage yet unrepresented in-game, part inspired by the conflict that Scotland went under in history, part inspired by just how awesome Nightmare's gigantic fuck-off sword is, part inspired by how I've not seen anyone use the feather beret yet. Also, bagpipe music is really nice.

Sheona MacCulloch is a patriot who desperately wants to do her country right and is willing to put everything on the line for it. Scotland has suffered for many, many, many years for the sake of its freedom, and she is not willing to simply stand aside idly while her people perish. Even if she is only a pair of hands and a large blade, she will do what she can to ensure that everyone lives the life they deserve.

Her primary weapon is a Scottish claymore called the Deireadh, and was created using Nightmare's style.

What lies in her soul is Passion.


The highlands of Scotland are a beautiful place.
Open air, large mountains that stare down to the sea below, lengthy plains that encompass as far as the eye can see, and an unmistakable scent on the wind that carries with it the promise of the wild. It's a land that has equal parts mystique and beauty, boasting innumerable tales and glory to those who seek it out.
Unfortunately, it is also a land in constant strife.

Born in independence, Scotland has had that freedom constantly challenged by its close brother—Great Britain. The two hold rather different philosophies and cultures, but they share the same common ancestor; much like an annoying sibling that the other desperately wants under control, both have constantly tried to push their banner on the other.
Scotland has constantly tried to herald its ideals of freedom and independence, while British Empire has been pushing the tenents of order and law upon Scotland. Many times, these conflicts have turned to outright wars, and much blood has been shed on both sides for their causes.
Wild and vicious, Scotland has needed to constantly fight to keep their freedom and independence...and their overwhelming force may well provide it someday.

Sheona was a woman who was born in a war-torn family. Her father was a veteran of many battles, and at a young age she lost her mother to Briton spies. As she grew up, she was constantly ingrained with two concepts: One, to maintain pride in herself and everything that she does, and two, to never compromise with something that she knew was wrong.
As time went on, Scotland fought many more battles, and Sheona went through her young years and teen years on the battlefield learning to defend herself. As she went from a child to a woman, she would learn about the strategies of war and methods of combat. She would fight along the frontlines with soldiers, and would head to the camps to watch the generals strategize. She became acquainted with friends and foes of different kinds, and would supplement the teaching that her father had given her with practical experience. She carried both strength and intellect in spades, and could back up her overwhelming strength with the knowledge of how to use it.

In all of the years, though, one thing has never changed: War. Sheona has constantly been at war for one reason or another, and over the years the price has only grown higher. Scotland is only a small nation compared to the giant that is the British Empire, and over time the fabled "immovable willpower" of Scotland has started to crack.
Currently, Scotland is enjoying a rare era of peace. For the past five years, there's been no fighting, and there are actually rumors in the wind of a truce. A truce with the nation that has constantly been trying to take their freedom? No. Never. All that Sheona wants is for her home to be left alone and to live in peace, away from oppression and away from Briton rule.

But the wind brings more than just also brings tales. Tales of a holy sword, made of crystal and ice, that can end all conflict and bring eternal peace. All that's needed is for her to seek it, and eventually she'll find it.
How could she refuse such an offer?


Ostrheinsburg Castle - Twilight (Soulcalibur IV)

A raft that sails in a large circle around the Ostrheinsburg Castle. Even now, despite the wear and tear of time, the cursed castle stands tall. Long, long ago, this place was a fortress. Perhaps it was a fortress used for good, a sanctum for someone who wanted to reside peacefully within. Or perhaps, like now, it hosted nothing more than evil and darkness. Either way, what matters now is that all who approach it will find their mettle tested. The deepest depths of their soul will be searched, and their fighting ability will be pushed to the limit.

Highland Plains (Original)

If there's one thing that could be said about Scotland, it's that it's big. Very big. The vast plains have served as battlegrounds for countless years in the wars that have plagued it. Even now is no exception, as combatants allied to no army will skirmish on the oceans of grass that blanket the countryside.

The Highland Plains live up to the name in three lands. One, it is plain—the entire arena is mostly flat, forming a large circular formation. Two, it is land—the grassy knolls provide wonderful land that can either give way to blade or comfort a body upon being knocked around. Three, it is high—very, very high. On all the ends of the arena except one, a cliff awaits them, overseeing a long drop to other cliffs below. Those that get knocked off will plummet tens and hundreds of feet until landing on another cliff, where the opponent will leap down and then the battle will continue. Eventually at the bottom is an ocean waiting to swallow up whatever hapless combatant makes a mis-step, but how many miles down is it?



The Deireadh is an incredible sword as big as Sheona herself, long and broad and with a sharp edge that spells doom for all that come underneath it. A weapon with power reminiscent of a thousand men, this claymore is an extension of Sheona's blazing heart as she pursues her mission. This weapon is particularly special to Sheona as it is her ancestral weapon, a blade that was made long ago by her great-great-great-grandfather and then passed down from generation to generation to the firstborn who proved themselves in battle. While originally just a common arming sword, each wielder has made their own customization to it for their own use and now it stands tall as a terrifying claymore.

Boasting a deep triangular point at the end of a straight double-edged blade, the Deireadh is capable of cutting on both ends and can give one hell of an thrust. With a bastard-sword handle, the blade can be wielded with just one hand or two, and can give incredible range to someone's strikes even without any technique to back it up. With its wide body, the weapon is beyond sturdy and can act as a makeshift shield to hide behind as well as being a weapon. While not the strongest weapon, the fastest, or even the work of a grandmaster smith, the Deireadh has been a vital part of Sheona's life and family history, and she has absolutely no desire to discard it in favor of something else.


A gigantic Chinese sword designed for use against cavalry—transliterated as "horse chopping saber", it was a sword that could cleave directly through horse and rider in a single blow. With its gigantic size, it was favored not only for its practicality but also the fact that it could be taught how to use in such a short period of time. It was a fearsome weapon that were wielded by small squads, designed to combine the speed of single-handed weapons with the power of two-handed weapons. It succeeded gloriously, lasting all the way from 1072 all the way to the advent of gunpowder—it is even said to be the inspiration for the Japanese zanbatou and European zweihander.

One especially notable point about the design is how large the handle is in comparison to the blade. This adds additional leverage to the swing and allows people to swap up their hand position to accommodate different types of slashes. Perhaps more reminiscent of a polearm than an actual blade, it boasts amazing range along with additional power. However, as mentioned before, it was wielded by small squadrons—while it can cleave through flesh, armor, and bone in a single swipe, hefting it (much less swinging it) is incredibly tiring for any single person.


A long-lost weapon used by the ancient Aztecs, often called by the name of sword-club...and no other name is more appropriate for it. A gigantic hunk of wood with prismatic obsidian spikes protruding from the sides, with one single swing it could tear apart a human body worse than any other blade. When the Spaniards conquered the Aztec empire, this was the weapon they feared the most—just a couple swings could take a horse's head clean off. A weapon like this was the pride and joy of any Aztec soldier, and was responsible for hundreds of deaths.

While the obsidian is easy enough to tear off with just a couple hits, before then it's sharper than any metal that was ever made and over ten times as painful. Offense is the definite focus of the macuahuitl, and any person hit with it will be suffering days, or perhaps even weeks, after the initial blow. Though the brittle obsidian is useless against any armor, shield, or any sort of defense whatsoever, the sheer offense more than makes up for it. Another particular problem is the range of the weapon—so as to keep lightweight enough for swinging, the weapon clocks in at only four feet, which is a pitiful range as compared to a sword. With the ability to cause suffering long after any wound, however...perhaps that disadvantage could be overlooked.


The Polish-Lithuanian renaissance had gone overlooked by a lot of the world. While the British, Italian, and Spanish renaissance ushered in a whole new era for their livelihood, in the Polish-Lithuanian empire it was a period of war. Territories were squabbled over and nobles constantly funded private wars to try and claim each other's lands, and in these battles new tactics and new weapons ignored by the rest of the world came forth. The Koncerz was among them.

At first glance, the Koncerz does not seem to be that well-designed a weapon. An incredibly thick rapier with an extremely oversized blade and a tiny one-handed grip, it was badly weighted and strangely designed. Without a cutting edge, all someone could do was utilize it as a lance or a spear, or bludgeon people with the weight. This one has been modified for a longer handle and a hastily-sharpened single-sided edge, turning it into a rapier-saber hybrid. While it is still primarily designed for thrusting, and thus is absolutely horrible on any offense other than thrusts, its sheer range, lengthier than any other sword and many polearms on the field, still allow it to contend somewhat. ...somewhat.

Wallace Sword (Ultimate)

The Wallace Sword was the sword used by William Wallace, the Scottish Claymore before Scottish Claymores were invented. While there is dispute about the type of sword William Wallace used in his rebellion against the English rule, simply holding this blade seems to imbue any Scotsman or Scotswoman with the same fury that guided Wallace.

There was a reason Wallace grew to the stature of legend. He was a man that truly would accept no compromise, and would refuse any quarter or any negotiation from the people that had wronged him. He was a demon to the English nobles and knights that sought to conquer the plains, but to the common man...he was a god. He was always the first one in combat, and would never be deterred by any defense that was put up. That, too, is reflected in this sword—those who wield it find their attacks much faster, as well as easily penetrating any guard. Any problem with range is quickly offset in sheer fury.

With such a blade in their hand, it's not hard to believe that a common man or woman could rise up against inconceivable odds and come out a champion as well. William Wallace was a figure of great legend who inspired Scotsmen in his day...and perhaps until the end of time.

Uprooted Tree (Joke)

Ironwood is a common name for any number of trees that have a reputation for extreme hardness. Lignum vitae is considered among the hardest types of wood, requiring roughly 4500 pounds to even put a dent into it. Trees of lignum vitae are notoriously difficult to cut through, and their hardness is at such a level where they can even act as a mortar and pestle—or even foundation to use for cutting gems.

Basically, where we're going with this is...when you see a young lignum vitae sapling in the hand of a woman who pulled it out of the ground in a fit of fury? Perhaps, say, to arm herself in an upcoming bout of combat?

Might be a good idea to run.

Greatsword (The Ancient)

A greatsword is a sword that is great, much as the name implies. Invented by German infantries and wielded only by the elite soldiers on the front lines, they were blades that could do devastation on a level never before seen. While they were for warriors who saw twice the danger, in return they got twice the pay and the permission to wield the most devastating weapon a soldier could have at the time. Initially designed for breaking up pikemen formations and then pikemen themselves, they then moved on to actual heavy artillery, acting as one-sword engine of war. They could not only cleave through formations, but also through actual walls and chariots—whoever wielded them became an icon of despair for their opponents, as their every step spelled doom.

The design couldn't possibly be simpler. Take an arming sword and make it larger. They were notable for reaching lengths of up to six feet, with a double-handed grip and a sharp blade. The weight only added to the force of the swings, providing ample momentum to cleave as well as being able to stab and slash. It was the basis of all large blades that would follow, and thus acts as the bar to measure them all by.

Critical Finish


Sheona lifts up her claymore, holding it high above her head with one hand and screaming loudly.


Sheona swings the claymore high and jams the hilt into their face, causing the opponent to stumble back in pain. She spins around, swinging it low and swiping it at their knees, cutting them deeply and forcing them to the ground.

She continues swinging, hefting above her head and gaining momentum, before turning back around once more and delivering a devastating cleave to their torso. They flop over helplessly to the side while Sheona continues swinging, building up more and more momentum until the claymore catches on fire.

She leaps up high and lets out one final scream of fury, hefting the blazing blade up above her head. She comes down and swings with both hands, bringing it down for one final blow that devastates the opponent.

Win Pose

Her claymore is hefted high over her head and swung around, before being driven into the ground forcefully. Sheona pounds at her chest with her fists for a bit before lifting her arms high and screaming once more in victory. "AND THAT'S HOW YE DO IT!"


Fight Quotes

  • "Ye worthless piece o' trash."
  • "I'll remove all obstacles in me path, startin' wi' YE!"
  • "Nice tae meet ye, coffin-dodger. Cannae say it'll be mutual, though, aye!"
  • "Whass tha wee li'l pup want wi' me, aye?"
  • "Ye've got a bloomin' daft mind tae try an' face me, dog!"
  • "Feisty, ain't ye? Let's see if'n yer all talk an' nae action!"

Victory Quotes

  • "Whass wrong, ya cur? Crawl tae yer feet!"
  • "Yer worthless, numpty dog. Away wi' ye an' boil yer head!"
  • "There's nae need for yer 'justice'; I forge me own path!"
  • "Challenge me an' mae blade again, if ye dare!"
  • "I carry this sword fer a reason, lummox! Did ye think t'was fer SHOW?!"
  • "Oooohh ayyye, allae them namby-pamby fancy moves and trainin' reeeally paid off fer ye..."




  • Enjoys just about any sort of fried food. If it exists as a food, she will try to fry it, and then will enjoy it. This has not at all helped her weight, much to her chagrin.
  • Despite that, is a surprisingly excellent chef. Because of Scotland's frequent usage of common supplies for meals, she is more than familiar with how to make a glorious meal out of even scrimps and scraps of food.
  • She loves studying military strategy. She idolizes William Wallace and wants to someday become a great commander like he was.
  • Even though she is a Nightmare character, her Gallery uses shots from Siegfried using his Greatsword weapon. Why? Well, quite frankly, Nightmare's poses suck.
  • Despite being possibly the least "foreign" characters to Modern American English among all of my chars, she is the only one who speaks with an accent. I'm not entirely sure why. Either way, I'm sure the Association Against Apostrophe Abuse will be contacting me very shortly.
  • Spoiler alert for those that didn't study Scottish history: In the very early 1700s, Scotland is formally merged with the United Kingdom via a treaty. In short? Scotland loses. Like most brothers, though, eventually they get over their differences and live a happy co-existence. Well, except for all the death. That sucks.


  • Soulcalibur IV screenshots provided by Kristof.
  • Briefcase No. 1 music composed by Tartanic.
  • Scottish Highlands stage picture taken from Wikitravel.
  • Deireadh created in Neverwinter Nights, modified heavily in Photoshop.
  • Zhanmadao found on Photobucket. No copyright information found. If you believe it infringes on any copyrights, please tell me and I will take it down.
  • Macuahuitl picture taken from I Fucking Hate Horses, modified in Photoshop. I do not endorse the claims or practices of this blog.
  • Koncerz picture taken from the Muzeum Wojska Polskiego website, modified in Photoshop.
  • Wallace Sword picture taken from Blades & Bows, inspired by the movie Braveheart.
  • Uprooted tree taken from Presenter Media's clipart section. Modified in Photoshop.
  • Greatsword conglamerated together from various bits of concept art from Final Fantasy XII, taken from the Final Fantasy Wiki.

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