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Chae Seo-yun (チェ・ソユン, Che Soyun, Hanja: 採書閏, Hangul: 채서윤) is a fictional character in the Soul series of fighting games.

What lies in her soul is Liberation.



Early life



Soulcalibur V


Fighting Style

Critical Finish


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Seo-yun fights with a mubuchae, a Korean martial arts fan, and a hwandudaedo, an ancient Korean sword from the country's Three Kingdoms era.

  • Ganghwangi (강환기) & Leuncheondung (른천둥)



  • The family name Chae is a feminine name derived from 彩 meaning "colour, hue".
  • Seo translates to "book", and yun is from Sino-Korean 允 "allow, consent" or 潤 "soft, sleek".

Series' Appearances


  • There are a few hints pointing towards Seo-yun's relation to Hwang Seong-gyeong, whether by blood or otherwise.
    • Although not a Chinese sword, in Korean, leuncheondung loosely translates to "other thunder", possibly referencing its relation to the Blue Thunder.
    • Seo-yun remarks being somewhat talented with the halberd, but not too well. Though this could easily reference Seong Mi-na's fighting style, there is one concept art depicting Hwang with a halberd, although he never actually uses one in-game.


Soulcalibur V

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