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Yuuko is a character who appears in Soul Calibur V as a custom made character (Create-A-Soul ). She has Natsu 's fighting style.


Yuuko is a member of the same clan as characters Taki and Natsu (Fu-Ma Ninja Clan). Like most of the clan, Yuuko has her fears of Arahabaki, the demon that symbolizes rebellion, which is something Yuuko avoided at all costs. She remains extremly loyal to her clan and their customs. Although Yuuko knew of Natsu and the fact that the demon was now sealed within her, she did not hold a grude against her or shun her. However, she also did not consider her more than an acquaintance. She can be considered quite the opposite of Natsu, being obedient as opposed to rebellious. While Natsu makes the point not to "look" or "act" like her master Taki, Yuuko bears a somewhat similar resemblance to Taki 's appearance, yet not quite so in personality. She does admire Taki 's accomplishments and dreams of being a worthy ninja like her one day.

When Natsu leaves the clan in order to search for Taki due to her longer than expected absence, Yuuko, along with other fellow clan members, are ordered to track down Natsu once it is realized that she had left by the clan's leader, Chie. Although clan members certainly did not mind the absence of Arahabaki 's presence, Yuuko's master (name currently unknown), under the name of their leader, ordered several ninjas to follow Natsu 's tracks in fear of Arahabaki possibly being released again, as well as Natsu 's safety. Yuuko's master feared that the name of the clan would ultimately be at fault should such a thing happen.

Although several ninja were assigned this task, Yuuko initially decided to work alone, as she often did. Most missions that she would be assigned in the past only required her to simply gather information and not neccessairly fight or assassinate targets. In this case however, Yuuko's master had lectured his pupils/apprentinces to use any means necessary should Arahabaki cause chaos, even if it meant taking Natsu 's life. This part of the mission was not told to Chie . Otherwise, she was instructed to follow Natsu until she returned home. Despite the uneasy feeling Yuuko felt after being told this, she did not dare disappoint her master, and proceeded onward. She would later be accompanied by Maiku, a fellow ninja who gained her attention through his great leadership skills and his reputation. Maiku's reasoning for assisting her in the mission apparently involved reason to believe that Toki, the clan's previous leader, was somehow possessing Yuuko's master. Although she was skeptical at this theory, she saw no harm in working together for the time being.

This also meant the duo would eventually be following Natsu's new companions Leixia, Xiba, and Maxi as well...


Yuuko, while seemingly not of Japanese descent, wears the typical outfit one would expect a ninja to wear, her main colors consisting of black and red, with tribal patterns. She has rather pale skin, and wears heavy eye makeup. She has jet black hair that is often styled in a high ponytail, and dark brown eyes.

The scar on her face remains to be mystery. Some assume she earned it from a mission, others an accident from friendly sparring, or perhaps it traces back from Arahabaki...regardless, she herself does not recall how she received it.


Yuuko is most known for her obidence and loyalty to her master and her clan. She doesn't like to brag about her skills. She also fears rejection and of being shunned, after witnessing how Natsu is oftened treated. Yuuko tends to question her missions often, resulting in questioning her morals, but has yet to rebel against her clan or master's wishes. She is quiet and observant, and like any average ninja, a mystery. She only opens up to very few people, including her master and Maiku, due to her infuation for him.


Maiku - Partner and love interest

Natsu - Acquaintance, mission target in Soul Calibur V. No real interaction was made between them until Yuuko and several other ninjas are sent out to find her.

Admires Taki and looks up to her, though did not train under her unlike Natsu and Maiku.


Let's get this fight started!

Trust me. You won't be disappointed.

Tomorrow's victory starts with a heart of steel.

Doubts and fears will sabotage one's victory.

A splendid show of skill!

You only realize what you have once it's gone.


Child's play is over!

I'm not holding back!

Let's start

And strike true!

Your heart's...just not in it.

I won't let you!

You're good...

I'll end this!- spoken before Critical Edge

Brace yourself!- spoken during Critical Edge

My specialty!




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