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Gaada SoulCalibur III History


Gaada in Soul Calibur IV


Before disowned:Gaada Domineck

After disowned: Gaada

in honor of Siegfried: Gaada Schtauffen

Birthplace Ice Village (no one knows where It is maybe Greenland) (looks like Ice Coffin of the Sleeping Ancient)
Birthdate March 2, 1572
Age 19
Height 5'5"
Weight idk
Blood type idk
Weapon Soul Calibur (Final Form)
Weapon name

Soul Calibur (Soulcalibur Ill)

Soul Calibur (Final Form) (Soulcalibur IV And Broken Destiny)

Fighting style

Taught by Siegfried


Siegfried-Main Mentor and a father figure

Zasalamel-Mentor (only for a short time)

Yoda-Mentor (only for a short time)

Yoshimitsu-Mentor (only for a short time)

Taki-Mentor (only for a short time)

father-disowned him after he failed the strength test

Mother-died well Gaada was 2 weeks old

Cassandra-Best friends

Dominick-Evil Counterpart

Tira-he loves her

Appears in Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

First game Soulcalibur Ill
What lies in his Soul pure good

Hair color


Eye Color Blue

Gaada is the or was the weakest in his village and the village was like Sparta in the way that they start training at age 5 and join the army at age 8 but only if you pass the Strength then you can do the Intelligence if you want (5-7 you are an Initiate) (pass the Strength test you are a Knight) (pass both you are a high rank or trainer determined by Intelligence score) and Gaada is 19 and an Initiate. Then a green haired girl (Tira) was seen to the outskirts of the village looking for Nightmare. Everyone ignored it but Gaada wanted to see who it was. When he found her she threatened him but even being threatened he still tried to talk to her saying in his head "that she is the most Beautiful thing he saw" she keeps on threatening him but oddly she does nothing and just leaves. 3 weeks later Siegfried came to the village witch is a big deal because they think he is the great warrior and he is looking for the true soul fighter when he gets there he is welcomed by Major Gallows and the first thing he see is three Knights beating on Gaada. Siegfried points to them Gallows call the three over and say "no the blue haired one" he walks over and helps him up then the major now mad says he is the weakest in the village Siegfried replies that its the teacher not the student after that they left the village Siegfried taught Gaada everything he needed to know and Gaada looked up to him as a father even taking the name Gaada Schtauffen. They were attack by nightmare and Tira. Tira ran and Gaada ran after her (because he loves her) he loses her and Siegfried. Then Cassandra shows up tells him she going after Soul Edge and looking her sister Sophitia so he goes with her saying he's look for someone to and that's where Soulcalibur III begins

Gaada Soulcalibur III

Gaada and Cassandra start on there way in search for Soul Edge well look for they meet Yoshimitsu who say that Gaada may have what it takes to kill Soul Edge and takes Gaada as his Student for a few weeks but Cassandra does not trust him telling Gaada "sleep with your eyes open".

Well after Yoshimitsu left (to kill Soul Edge himself) Gaada & Cassandra were siting by a fire talk she told him that her mom & dad wants her to be like her sister that when Gaada says "you're lucky you have a mom & dad" then going on to say "my mom died when I was a baby and my dad" he pauses then say "he disowned me when I was 8 saying that I was too week to be the high leaders son" he sits there staring at the fire then leaves Cassandra to go to bed and Cassandra starts crying (feeling sorry for him) the next day they continued the search then they heard a man say "I saw a odd looking fella with a big sword" knowing who it was they immediately followed in his direction and when they found Nightmare he was alone so Gaada and Cassandra thought it would be best to attack together well fighting, Nightmare pushes Gaada off a cliff, Gaada is found by Taki injured when he wakes he immediately went on the defensive and ask Taki "WHO ARE..." then grabs his injured shoulder and screams in pain Then Taki says "it was actually much worse you heal very fast" he then ask "what happen to Cassandra" Taki's only response was "who" then she tells him that if he wants to beat nightmare he'll have to train better, so the next day he was fine (which Taki thought was odd) and then Taki Trained him to the best of her abilities for 12 days then he went on his journey alone.

Gaada Soulcalibur III Destined Battle

Gaada runs up with Soul Calibur on his back (exactly like the SCVI intro for a created Character) he sees Sophitia with sword and shield in hand

Sophitia says "there is something odd about you, I want you to stay away from Cassandra"

Then as he's pulling out his sword he says "Whats your problem with me"

If he wins Sophitia says "stay away From her "

Then as he's leaving he says "Man you're annoying"

If she wins she says "did you understand me, stay away"

Then Gaada tells her to "Shut up!!!!!!"

Gaada Soulcalibur III Ending

After beating Abyss he appears at the lost Cathedral he breathes in deep with success then he hears nightmare say "if you're the ultimate soul creation........." Gaada turns around and sees nightmare with Tira right behind him then nightmare finishes "....then I must kill you" then Gaada says "no you're Siegfried's fight" then nightmare looks over at Tira and says "fine if you wont fight me then" he turned around slashed Tira down then Gaada screams "Tira" then his voice Changes (it sounds like Gaada and Dominick's voice saying the same thing at the same time) he says "I'm going to kill you" he floats in the air (like at the end of the Soulcalibur VI) he charges Nightmare smacks Soul Edge out of his hand and Does his flash slash move then slashes him out of the Cathedral then he floats back down his voice goes back to normal he drops Soul Calibur and runs over to Tira. He feel down on his knees and hen he picked her up in a hug and keeps saying things like "don't go please don't leave me I love you, please DON'T DIE"

And he starts to cry and repeating "don't leave"

(he has three in-put endings, Right, Left. And down)

Right:Cassandra shows up and tell him shes gone. He gets up off the floor she tells him tells him that he can come home with her they leave and then Tira gets up and say to herself "I'm sorry Gaada but she deserve you more then I do"

Left:Talim and Yun-Seong show up Talim tell him that she can heal Tira Yun-seong ask her if she is Crazy and that Tira is evil but Talim does it any way when Tira come back and she is in Gaada's arms. she ask him to put her down he says "Talim told me you would not be able to walk for 24 hours" Tira ask "Gaada, were are you taking me" he tells her "far FAR away from the evil sword"

Down:No one shows up he lets go of her and gets up. He say "everyone hate her, (next few line he says in Gaada's and Dominick's voice again) the world wanted me to fail, god made me a failure and now I (he turns into Dominick and picks up Soul Edge says next few lines in Dominick's Voice) I shall kill every one and every thing that lives on this earth"

He leaves then Tira gets up says "he's kind of cute now but I have more important things to do"

Dominick History


Dominick Soul Calibur 4

Birthplace from Inside Gaada
Birthdate March 2, 1572
Age 19
Height 5'5"
Weight idk
Blood type idk
Weapon Soul Edge (Final Form)
Weapon name

Soul Edge (Final Form)

Fighting style learn through Gaada
Family Gaada-Good Counterpart everyone-Extreme Hatred
Appears in

Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

First game Soulcalibur III (only at the end of Gaada no-input story)
'What lies in his Soul' pure Evil
'Hair 'color' orange / red
Eye Color red

When Gaada let go to his inner Demon (aka Soul edge) then the Perfect soul edge creation Dominick showed up,a man that loves,likes respects Nothing (He is more evil than nightmare) he only drives on Hatred and the need to kill. He fought almost everyone who has ever went after soul edge but when ever he goes to finish them of something happens (like when he fought Yun-Seong he was going to kill him but he was attacked by Hwang and Hwang told Seong Mina to get Yun-Seong out of here) he got so bad that everyone thought about ambushing him at Ostrheinsburg even Siegfried and Nightmare were in on it and the deal was they would stop him and they would go there separate ways the people in on this was (everyone in Soul calibur 4 but Algol) they all attacked him at the Throne Room but they couldn't beat him until Dominick went to kill a badly beaten Tira but Soul calibur (final form) blocked it then Dominick says "you" and to everyones surprise Gaada was the one holding soul calibur then Gaada says "i finally broke free from your body and now i'll you from hurting people" Gaada and Dominick fought each other until Dominick ran away knowing he could not beat him

Dominick Soulcalibur IV

fleeing in defeat Dominick was thinking of how to kill Gaada but could not find anything then he remembered something that was told to Gaada about a man named Algol then he went in search for him knowing that he was weaker now that him and Gaada were not one he decided that it would be safe to get some servants named rip,fang and edger (they are not that important) and when he gets to Tower of Remembrance he kills Rip,Fang and Edger and absorbs them to be stronger for the fight against Algol

Dominick Soulcalibur IV Destined Battle

when he get to the top he see that Gaada is there waiting for him

Dominick Soulcalibur IV Ending

Gaada SoulCalibur IV History

Gaada Soulcalibur IV

Gaada Soulcalibur IV Destined Battle

Gaada Soulcalibur IV Ending



soulcalibur III

Before fight

  • you're gonna burn in my light
  • now, its time to shine!!
  • ALL RIGHT! this exciting
  • I'm going to have to make this quick
  • ummm this could get bad
  • I wont fail I can't fail
  • WOW! your kind of........big- when Fighting Astaroth
  • master Siegfried I must save her- when Fighting Siegfried
  • your Siegfried's fight-when Fighting Nightmare
  • there is no way i'll lose to you Cassandra-When Fighting Cassandra
  • Whats your problem with me-When Fighting Sophitia
  • You look like fun fight- When fighting Yun-Seong
  • Hey i'm a good guy- When fighting good Characters
  • please i don't want to hurt you- when fighting Tira
  • your a long way from the Desert- when fighting Lizardman
  • Wow!.........this sucks- when fighting Abyss
  • Ok,I'll Catch you this time- when fighting Yoshimitsu
  • i'm not child,so quit treat me like one- when fighting Seong Mi-Na
  • ok, gotta think if i'm going to beat you- when fighting Taki
  • do you really think your strong enough to protect her- when fighting Draco

Victory Quotes

  • i'm (pant) The Greatest (panting) in the world
  • you beat me ya right no way NO WAY
  • for some reason you lost
  • Gotta move on
  • you were this close (he holds up 2 fingers making an inch)
  • ok Gaada don't let it go to your head
  • you tried to hold me under, i held my breath
  • I guess I don't know my own strength
  • Big does not mean strong, i guess- Astaroth
  • forgive me- Siegfried
  • go fight Siegfried- Nightmare 
  • I told you- Cassandra
  • Man your annoying- Sophitia 
  • I was right that was fun- Yun-Seong
  • don't worry i'll fight for you- Good Characters
  • are u......ok- Tira
  • go back to the Desert- Lizardman
  • I got lucky- Abyss
  • your geting slow Yoshi- Yoshimitsu
  • I told to you stop- Seong Mi-na
  • That was hard, but I did it- Taki
  • Tira needs someone Strong to protect her,(says this next line Arrogantly) do u understand what i'm saying to you right now -Draco
  • ummm are you going to be O.K.- perfect

Lost Quotes

  • did.....did I fail
  • Gotta.......get...up
  • you win i'm done
  • what did i do wrong
  • your good
  • no more i'm done
  • gotta........keep moving
  • no fair you were to big- Astaroth
  • please don't hurt her- Siegfried
  • fine you beat me now what- Nightmare
  • noway!! your going to brag now aren't you- Cassandra
  • Shut up!!!!!!!!- Seong Mi-na and Sophitia
  • well i lost but it was fun- Yun-Seong
  • your going to stop soul edge?- Good Character
  • Please.....Don't leave- Tira
  • OK............Lizardboy is good- Lizardman
  • i knew i'd lose- Abyss
  • your to fast- Yoshimitsu
  • ok you have to be cheating, no one can win that much- Taki
  • Maybe you are better for her,I'm to weak- Draco
  • Maybe Siegfried picked the wrong guy- Lost by Perfect

Soulcalibur IV

Before fight

  • So damn easy to say that life’s so hard
  • do I have to fight you
  • why
  • I can't do this
  • i'm sorry but i need to pass
  • what do you fight for- Good character
  • no!! you can't use Tira as your pawn- Nightmare
  • ok Cassandra lets see if you can beat me this time- Cassandra
  • How could you be so heartless- Bad Character
  • i'm sorry but can let you pass- Sophitia
  • the force?- Yoda
  • Zasalamel are ever sins forgiven- Zasalamel
  • I wish I could be as happy as you- Yun-Seong
  • Taki let me fight my sin- Taki
  • are you better for her?- Draco

Victory Quotes

  • don't fallow me
  • you live
  • I did want to do this
  • Great another thing on my conscious
  • sorry but i have to keep moving
  • I'm still look for something to fight for- good Character
  • please try not to be so evil- Bad Character
  • please just protect Cassandra- Sophitia
  • your wise but i have to end this myself- Yoda
  • i have to fight him- Taki
  • I'm sorry but i love you to much to let you do this- Tira
  • now i don't have any more guilt- Dominick
  • .......sorry but my sin still lives- Algol
  • Never mind- Draco
  • go home you can't die- Perfect

Lost Quotes

  • I guess i'm just a failure
  • I......Lost
  • I.......can't
  • no
  • why
  • go on leave me- good Character
  • i guess i don't got it-Yoda
  • is my way really wrong- Taki
  • no i can't let you win- Dominick
  • no i must keep moving- Algol
  • Maybe i'm to week for her- Draco
  • Maybe Siegfried picked the wrong guy- Lost by Perfect


Before fight

  • Well are you strong
  • time to some have fun
  • Join me or die the choice is yours
  • this looks fun

Victory Quotes

  • Ha HA HA HA HA!!!!!! now die
  • Time for you to die
  • die
  • Good bye
  • hmm that did not Amusing
  • i hate the Hero- Siegfried
  • what are Nightmares like HA HA HA- Nightmare
  • now it time for him to suffer- Cassandra
  • now i'll send you to the Dark side- Darth Vader and The Apprentice
  • die clown- Yoshimitsu
  • now i shall finish you- Yun-Seong
  • die now- Taki
  • so sad HA HA HA HA- Tira
  • just lay there and die like a dog- Gaada
  • your no match- Algol
  • don't worry she'll be with you soon- Draco
  • it seems like you wanted to die- Perfect

Lost Quotes

  • why wont you just die
  • just die
  • you can'
  • I'm only.........toying with.....
  • Shut up
  • o all mighty Hero- Siegfried & Draco
  • you.......Couldn't...Be- Nightmare
  • no if you live he wont suffer- Cassandra & Tira
  • no i'm..........the dark side- Darth Vader & The Apprentice
  • to lose to a Joker- Yoshimitsu
  • no...............I'm not done- Yun-Seong
  • disgusting- Taki
  • I hate you so much- Gaada
  • wow you are strong- Algol
  • i let you win- lost Perfect


  • Gaada's first Victory Quote is a tribute to Muhammad Ali
  • Draco is Nightmare76 Fan:char
  • Gaada's name come from the Naruto characters Gaara just Change the r with a d
  • in soulcalibur III in-put endings it Right and Down it was Nightmare's and Tira's plan to fake Tira's Death


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