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Although most of his past is very foggy, the veteran warrior's story begins in his family home. He was born amongst a  wealthy family of warriors, and soon became one himself. But after his father and two brothers went out on an expedition of war, they were slain by voldo after a risky encounter. Fuelled by his rage, the VW (veteran warrior) set out on hunt for his family's murderer.

He soon became very familiar with magical combat, learning skills from Z.W.E.I. and the Edge master. 

When the VW finally found voldo, he did not kill him. But only asked him to join him in the epic quest for the soul calibur and soul edge swords. Voldo agreed and together they went for the swords. Although halfway through the competition, voldo left the VW to pursue his own goals. Leaving his former ally to fend for himself. This was not a problem for the VW and for a year he possessed the edge swords.

He was named the grand champion.

But after a memerable battle with Yoshimitsu the second, he lost his left eye. Fuelled by anger once again, he swore he would seek vengeance upon the ninja one day.


  • The VW was a master of magical combat, known for his incredible strength and his use of magic attacks. He also had a trail of purple light behind his weapon, gryffon.
  • He had a warrior temple once high in the Chinese hills where he trained fighters including the young champion.
  • The veteran warrioir is a fictional 'create' character for soul calibur V. he is not an original game character.

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