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'Raghnall Aesgir' is a character appearing in The Lion Knight's game SoulCalibur-Chains of Fate. What lies in his Soul is Willpower.


SoulCalibur-Chains of Fate

In the eleventh century, the Viking Raiders from Scandinavia were commonplace. Among one of them was a proud warrior named Raghnall. Raghnall never turned down a fair fight, especially if it provided him a good challenge. One night, while raiding a small European village, Raghnall came across a warrior wielding a strange sword. Sensing his power, Raghnall plunged into combat without much of a thought. He provided a good fight, but the warrior eventually gained the lead. Knocking him to the ground, the warrior raised his blade, which appeared to be alive, and as he was going to strike him down, Raghnall held it with his bare hands, the blade cutting his flesh and it's foul energy entering his blood. He fell and was left there, as he lifelessly gazed at the skies he saw them, two valkiries, the angels who scouted the world for those who died and honorable death in battle. They took him to Valhalla, where he met another who had fallen to the blade. "All is not over, you must seek the other sword if you wish to return to the world of battle". The words left Raghnall puzzled, he could not search for the sword, as he was in Valhalla, the Hall of the Dead. But one day, a bright light shined and the grounds of Asgard shook, and after the light cleared, he was there once again, the place where he had been struck down, now a decimated, ruined village. Now five centuries later, it had seened that a massive shower of light had brought him back. Lusting for a battle, he began searching for the swords...


Raghnall never gives up, always headstrong and looking for the thrill of battle, he still retains a warrior's honor.

Fighting Style

Raghnall fights using the traditional style of a Viking. Armed with an Axe-Hammer (Hammer with an axe shaped backside) he lands slow, heavy blows. Similar to Rock's fighting style, but a little faster and with less reach.

His Critical Finisher, Valkirie Pillager has him brutally beating the foe with his weapon than charging it up with lightning to deal one final, heavy blow.


The concept of the Axe-Hammer was inspired by the Marvel Comics character Thor, who in the Ultimate Universe (one of the many shared universe of the company) wields a Hammer named Mjolnir (also based on Norse Mythology) similar in design to the axe hammer, although the "axe" part is seldom used, if, even used at all.

All of Raghnall's weapons are named after concepts of Norse Mythology:

  • Valhalla
  • Valkirie's Requiem
  • Yggdrasil Branch
  • Niflheim Breaker
  • Midgar Pillager
  • Hammer of Asgard
  • Freya's Gift
  • Blow of Odin
  • Yormungand Hammer
  • Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)

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