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Nero Anastasius Renaştere is a character appearing in The Lion Knight's game SoulCalibur-Chains of Fate. What lies in his soul is Pain.


Nero has a very grotesque appearance. Due to the curse inflicted upon him, he is immortal, but still ages, and the grave injuries he has sustained contribute even more to his horrible visage. He wears what appears to be remnants of standard Roman Gladiator Armor although cracked and rusted, and wears a black robe underneath. He uses a standard Gladiator Sword or Gladius named Răzbunare. His skin has a very pale tone, with a greenish shade due to the rotting flesh. His neck bears a slit mark which is the reason for his raspy voice. Many cuts and injuries can be seen in his head and the visible parts of his arms. His 2P costume depicts him wearing the Gladiator Armor intact and without the robe, his skin is a normal Caucasian shade and his neck lacks the slit mark, although other injuries can be seen.


Soul Calibur-Chains of Fate

Nero was a Roman Gladiator in the 14th Century (roughly 200 years before the start of SoulCalibur IV). He was the greatest and most renowned soldier of the empires army, said to never suffer pain from an injury, if how the people rumored, he could even be injured. He was said to rival the gods themselves in bravery and power. But his fame drew the envy of others, specially the former general of the army, whose position the emperor gave to Nero. Lusting for revenge, the general wanted to brand Nero as a fraud in front of the people, but he didn't know how. One night, while plotting revenge in the Colosseum, the General was approached by a scythe wielding man named Zasalamel, who had been cursed with immortality. Zasalamel wanting to end his own immortality and having gazed at the thoughts of the general, told him of a way of ending Nero's fame. Then came the day of a great battle, while battling enemy soldiers, Nero was ambushed from behind by the General, who was able to gravely slash his right left. Losing his footing, Nero fell to the ground, where the General continued to stab him and torture him. "Scream, show the pain you have so long hid!" yelled the General, but Nero held it in, even through the immense amount of pain, he never showed sings of anguish. "Yell when you are ready to die!!" he screamed as he continued brutally hurting Nero, "Your pride robs you of your desire, even though you wish to end the pain, you will not yell and call for me to end your life! Then I will bestow upon you pain eternal!!!" said the General as he slit Nero's throat with his sword, rendering him unable to yell. As he said that, Zasalamel appeared wielding The Cursed Sword. A dark aura seeped from it, invading Nero's body. As he twitched and shrieked with a voice as horrible as the sword itself, he was revitalized from the brink of the dead, his injuries still in his body, his blood now black. "My vengeance will be delivered, you will know my PAIN!!" he uttered to the General in a raspy voice as it if came from the lord of the dead itself. The general now horrified, turned to Zasalamel and said "This wasn't part of the deal!!!" as Nero pierced him with the very sword he had use torture him, bathed in his blood. Zasalamel vanished realizing he had not yet lost his immortality, that he also needed the The Spirit Sword as well. Nero lusting for revenge against Zasalamel sought out the Cursed Sword. Now two centuries later, after seeing a bright light in the sky his body surged with pain, knowing this to be Soul Edge he has set out to seek it, and make the world know his pain.


Nero is an extreme sadist, who only lives to make others feel pain and suffer. He is extremely savage and driven by vengeance. He can also be very arrogant, cocky and overconfident in his abilities, relying on his immortality to ensure victory in any battle.

Fighting Style

Nero fights very brutally, most of his attacks involve stabbing and maiming his opponents. Often forcefully driving his sword even deeper while it is already stabbed in an opponent's body. He also repeats the acts committed to himself to his opponents, such as his A + G grab, in which he grabs the opponent from behind and slits his or her throat. Nero also uses very powerful kicks, which either deliver one heavy hitting powerful knockback blows (pretty good for ring outs) or form a combo leading to successive heavier hitting kicks. Another trait of Nero's fighting style is that he uses intense shrieks to damage and/or paralyze opponents in front of him, while also using his B + G back grab to forcefully make the opponent breath his poisonous breath. His fighting style can be seen as a more brutal, savage, violent and gory version of a normal Gladiator fighting style. His Critical Finish called Thirst for Pain reflects this, in it he stabs the opponent, then removes the sword and brutally kicks the opponent to the ground them jumps up high and charges the sword with dark energy then lands on the foe, stabbing him or her in the stomach while the dark energy explodes violently.


All of Nero's weapons (except for his initial one) are named after Gods of Roman Mythology. They are the following

  • Răzbunare
  • Saturn's Vengeance
  • Mercury's Wit
  • Venus' Love
  • Gaia's Wrath
  • Mar's Anger
  • Charon's Deceit
  • Pluto's Treachery
  • Neptune's Strength
  • Jupiter's Might

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