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This character is a character created by a user of this wiki, and as such is not part of the Soul series canon

Sir Leonard Ashdew of Arden is a character appearing in The Lion Knight's game SoulCalibur-Chains of Fate. What lies in his Soul is Devotion.


SoulCalibur-Chains of Fate

All of Europe was in turmoil, the return of the Azure Knight had sundered the short lived peace with widespread murder and fear. The kingdom of England was going through a difficult time, after the Evil Seed the queen had fallen ill, and many people were becoming insane. As the killings of the Azure Knight continued, the king had no choice but to take action. He sent for his most devoted knight, Sir Leonard, a young, yet determined knight from the humble village of Arden. When Leonard arrived the king was direct, "These are dark times my knight, you know that right?" "Yes" answered Leonard sternly. "My queen is but a wisp away from death's embrace, and it was all since that day when the skies were filled with light, I know there is a connection between those lights and the wrethced, cursed sword the Azure Knight wields." "Your Majesty... you want me to take the sword?" he asked hesitantly. "Yes, it's power's might hold the answer to our ordeals". "But your Higness..."-"Not another word, you've never been one to question me, you must trust me" interrupted the king. Then, with his mind full of doubt and fear, Leonard set out to The Dark Capital of Osthriensburg and the Azure Knight. On the way, he encountered a young man and a girl and overheard them talking of a sacred sword with the power to destroy Soul Edge. Upon hearing this, Leonard realized that was just what he needed, so instead set out to find that sword, even though his was defying orders. He would save England and his queen and he would destroy the sword and the monster who took his father...

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