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"I am the power of Winter!"
— Typhus Winterleaf

Typhus Winterleaf (発疹チフス 冬の葉, Hosshinchifusu fuyu no ha Literally, Typhus, Leaf of Winter) is a character in the Soul series.

He was originally from an upcoming book series, The Firebrand Legacies, and was created by the author as a template for character designs.

He has yet to appear in any other games in the Soul series.


Typhus Halrin, also known as Winterleaf, was born to a Goddess and a mortal Elf, Odysseus. After being stolen from his mother, the Goddess of Water, Typhus, along with his brother Cassius, fell to earth. They were raised by a native woman, and soon learned the ways of life in the snowy tundra.

When his village gets attacked by a Lizardman named Te'Chtsis, he finds his main weapons in the snow. Determined to get revenge on the men who killed the people of his home, he sets out with his brother to kill Acrillico, a mysterious Blood Wizard. On the trail, they stop at an inn, and are greeted by six mercenaries. Theseus, Vernilus, Julana, Belkor, Hollythorn, and Nistena. He manages to win their favor, and the sell-swords take him as a leader. Typhus is amazed at the small band's, the Resistance of Nierma, skill in battle. Theseus grows fond of Typhus, and decides to show him the art of war. Under the marksman's instruction, Typhus becomes a deadly warrior.

Julana slowly becomes infatuated with the young Elf, and catches the attention of him as well. The two hold a strong bond until their marriage, which fortifies it. Julana is also the mother of Tiberius Winterleaf and Lilitha Winterleaf.

Cassius betrays Typhus after Hollythorn's death, attempting to kill his brother and ends up starting a huge forest fire. Cassius unintentionally injures Julana, causing Typhus to fly into a rage. Typhus chops off two of Cassius' fingers, and brands him with the hilt of his sword, heated by the flame.

Typhus finally reaches Acrillico's Five Towers, a desolate waste of sand and fire. Taking his brother, Julana, and a squad of ten soldiers, Typhus enters the fortress, only to lose half his men on the way to the main tower. There, he engages in battle with Acrillico, losing the rest of his soldiers as well as Cassius, who ultimately deals the finishing blow. Typhus is injured severely, getting slashed multiple times with Acrillico's blade, also taking a small hook into his femoral artery, leading to his death.

Strangely, whatever ancient power laid in Shimmerstar saved Typhus' wandering spirit, taking him to the demon king, Shalius. The two dueled in the spirit world, neither besting the other in single combat. Eventually, with Shimmerstar now reborn as a sword named Firebrand, Typhus was able to kill Shalius by driving the blade through his heart. As Shalius disintegrated into spectral dust, Typhus noticed his sword glowing with the symbol of an eye. Shimmerstar was a shard of Soul Calibur.


Typhus fought against the power of Soul Edge, although it wanted to use him as a pawn. He had mastered the art of willpower, why would this be any different? Sheathing the demonic blade, he set out again to home, to finally relax and rest.


Typhus tries to hold himself to a code of honor, which can be hard do to his hot temper, and tends to rush into battles. He is very emotional towards his loved ones, easily going into rages or depression if they are hurt or killed. He cares deeply for Julana, his wife, and will practically do anything within his power if she commands it. Typhus is a highly skilled warrior, but doesn't think too much while in the midst of battle, despite his surprising intelligence. Acrillico, an equally (if not more) skilled fighter once brought him to the brink of death, but due to his willpower and the combined power of Shimmerstar and Soul Edge, he survived.

Fighting Styles

Typhus is one of the finest swordsmen in the world, and tends to use at least one during fights. He also likes to have a shield on his left arm, and can use it for deadly attacks. He is very strong, capable of lifting armored men with both arms. He is most lethal at close and medium range. His close-range arsenal is mostly quick slashes and thrusts with his sword, along with bashes from his shield. A few of his special close-range attacks use the dagger at his hip as a tertiary weapon. His medium-range attacks are composed mainly of heavy sweeps of his sword, but these attacks are slower. He also can combine spinning kicks to knock an enemy off-balance. Try chaining together close and medium range sword attacks and throws for an advantage. Typhus is also notable for his special moves, like "Blizzard", a fast succession of diagonal slashes and kicks. Blizzard can be combined with "Wintry Fury", which is a heavy sword attack that cuts an enemy from neck to groin. Although, Wintry Fury is escapable through Aerial Control. His long-range is limited and deals minimal damage, but will keep an enemy at a distance. He can throw his shield like a boomerang, and slide towards an enemy to knock them off-balance.

Critical Edge

Raging Snowstorm

Typhus throws his shield to stun the enemy, then proceeds to rush at them. He cuts them in a star pattern, and finishes with a kick to the chest.

Critical Finish

Icy Heart

Typhus bows and says, "You are good. But I am better," and bashes them across the face with his shield. He then sweeps their legs out and leaps into the air, driving his sword with two hands through their chest, and freezes them solid. Pulling his sword out, the ice cracks around their heart.



  • Prepare yourself!
  • I am the power of Winter!
  • I have faced worse.
  • What have I done to betray you? - spoken when facing Tiberius or Julana
  • We fight again, brother? - spoken when facing Cassius
  • I will slay you once again, demon. - spoken when facing Acrillico or Shalius
  • Wow, that was good exercise.
  • Thanks for the training of the day.
  • You put up more of a fight than I thought you would.
  • Go back to hell. - spoken when defeating Shalius or Acrillico
  • Forgive me. But you pushed me too far. - spoken when defeating Julana or Tiberius
  • Same as last time. - spoken when defeating Cassius
  • You're wasting my time. - spoken when losing a time out
  • You are good, but I am better. - spoken during his Critical Finish

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