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"I have to go on. I have to find her."
— Tialys

Tialys Önder is a fan-made character created through the Create-A-Soul system, appearing in Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V of the Soul series.

What lies in her Soul is Dedication.


To be completed...


Soulcalibur III

Tialys was born to a peasant woman and lived the early years of her life as a street urchin, begging for and stealing food in order to survive, as well as to care for her increasingly ill mother. When Tialys was five years old, a sultan visited the town and came to the streets where she resided. The child, driven by hunger and desperation, approached the sultan and asked for some food. Upon meeting her eyes, the sultan's was instantly taken aback. After composing himself, he ordered his entourage to gather together some food, and implored of Tialys to tell him of her life so far. The conversation led to the meeting of the sultan and Tialys' mother, who had started to show signs of illness. The sultan explained himself to the pair of his situation – the birth of his daughter, the death of his beloved soul mate and, tragically, the loss of his only child; a girl of five years, bearing a striking resemblance to the one who sat before him. After his tale, the sultan made an offer: to take on Tialys as his adopted daughter and raise her as his own, and in exchange her mother would be looked after by his workers until her final moments came. The woman agreed, with the incentive of a better life for her daughter. Over the next twelve years, Tialys lived a life of luxury. The sultan cared for her and taught her all he knew; a world of knowledge in a number of matters, including the yatagan swordplay style passed down through his ancestry. She became a skilled and formidable fighter, as well as a respected noble. She also remained close to her mother, now greatly succumbed to illness and being cared for by the sultan's physicians and Tialys herself. One evening whilst the whole palace slept, a great furore broke the quiet. Tialys woke to screams and chaos coming one of the compounds – her mother's quarters. Sword in hand, she raced to the source of the commotion, only to find fire and destruction, with her mother nowhere to be found. Searching amongst her ruins, she came across a satchel containing a shard of metal oozing with an evil aura. Tialys convinced herself that this shard was connected to her mother's disappearance, and immediately made plans to find her. Upon learning of her plans, the sultan tried to calm her, offering to send his personal army to find her mother, but Tialys was adamant - this was her burden to bear. Seeing the determination in her eyes, the sultan gave her a gift – a sword passed down through his generations. Named 'Tengri', the blade was said to have been blessed by the deity it was named after. With her sword to guide her in her calling, and the satchel to remind her of it, she began her journey.

Soulcalibur IV

After months of searching, her resolve weakened and Tialys sorrowful started to accept the fact that her mother may never be found. However, whilst resting in a small port town she heard a tale of two swords of great power, and their wielders who sought to destroy each other. From there, whispers of the same stories became a regular occurrence as she passed through scores of towns. In a Greek settlement, a man approached her claiming to know information relating to the two warriors and their blades. However, in exchange for the information, he required payment - a shard of metal from the evil sword. Suddenly realising what resided in her mother's satchel, Tialys handed it over. The man stayed true to his word, regaling her with tales of the swords' eternal struggle. He also revealed to her that it was said that while one sword had the power to consume souls, the other could bring souls back from the dead. Upon hearing this, Tialys set herself a new task – to take control of Soul Calibur, the spirit sword, and to use its power to bring her mother back to her.


Tialys is strong-willed, sharp-minded and self-aware. Despite her regal upbringing, she upholds a philosophy of selflessness and generosity, but also of justice against those do commit wrongdoings. Tending to her sick mother whilst being raised by her adoptive father, Tialys became a respectful and caring young woman who sought to help those in need. In Soulcalibur IV, her personality became more solemn due to the strain of her fruitess journey.

Fighting Style

Passed down through the Önder family, the swordplay technique taught to Tialys is primarily a visual art, incorporating elegant movements and dances that flow into each other. The art can also be used offensively, using the sword with grace and style to confuse opponents and fluidly change strategy in battle.


  • Tengri
  • Soul Calibur


To be completed...


To be completed...


The surname "Önder" originates from the Turkish word "önder", meaning "leader", and from the Dutch word "onder", meaning "below" or "beneath", representing Tialys' background as a peaseant child as well as her adoption by a sultan.


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