Allaina (アゾーラ, Azora) is a minor character in the Soul series of fighting games. She was a discarded name and design for Leixia's alternate outfit in Soul Edge Allaina returned as a minor playable story mode only character in Soulcalibur IV.


Allaina Born In Nara, Japan. Allaina Found Soul Calibur Was Fake But Her Mother Didn't Want To Found That Out. When She Was 23 She Went To Soul Calibur IV To Write About It But The Soul Calibur Went To Alliana Brain To Ready To Fight Algol And Siegfried. The Nara People Found That Alliana Is Dead. Alliana Was About To Born In Sailor's Rest And She Talk To Her New Master Michella That Rhymes Boat.


Fighting Style

Her fighting style was always identical to Leixia's, both in her original conception as an alternate costume and in her actual

appearance in Soul Calibur IV.

Critical Finish

Allaina announces "Your Not Good Enough!!" before using it. Like all of her fighting style, her Critical Finish is identical to Leixia's.

Soul Calibur IV

  • "It appears I must teach you with pain."
  • "Who are you? What are you?!"
  • "Your fight ends here!"
  • "The time has come!"
  • "All talk, and no action!" (press X+O)

Creation Formula SCIV

1.Gender: Female

2.Fighting Style: Sophitia

Head: Ashigaru Headband

Undergarment: Hunter's Suit

Upper Body: Dancer's Breastplate

Arms: Snake Armlets

Lower Body: Belle Skirt

Feet: Scorpion Greaves

Physique: Muscle:

Voice: 6 Pitch: 0

Hair: Long

Face: 04





Weapon: Fire Blade


1.Strong Impact (CPU Only)








Series' Appearances

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