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Soul Calibur IV

Princess Taaria born in Egypt with her father, mother, brother and sister. In July 18 1579, there parents were kill my Ostrheinsburg Castle - Battlement by Siegfried. When she found out about here mother ring, she was so upest and the soul toke her the path to kill soul calibur.

Soul Calibur V

Princess Taaria stopped going to kill Soul calibur but the path took her the wrong way and she killed by Nightmare. Princess Yalvina and Prince Geroge entered soul calibur v to get back Taaria

Critial Finish

Princess's Blazing Heaven's Wheel: In Taaria's Critical Finish, she throws her opponent into the air using her weapon, twirls them up high with flames then throws them back down and pushes her weapon through her opponent's heart. However when performing this critical finisher on Yoda she performs her unblockable attack on him as her finisher.


Taaria means a Little Star, And her last name is Atlantis. Atlantis means Thermal Protection System tiles sustained unusually severe damage during the flight. Ablative insulating material from the right-hand solid rocket booster nose cap had hit the orbiter about 85 seconds into the flight, as seen in footage of the ascent.


Soul Calibur IV

  • "It appears I must teach you with pain."
  • "Who are you? What are you?!"
  • "Your fight ends here!"
  • "The time has come!"
  • "All talk, and no action!" (press X+O)

Creation Formula SCIV

1.Gender: Female

2.Fighting Style: Seong Mi-na


Undergarment: Sarashi

Upper Body: Spy Robe

Arms: Atalanta's Gloves

Lower Body:

Feet: Atalanta's Boots

Physique: Muscle:

Voice: 6 Pitch: +28

Hair: Ponytail

Face: 03

Haircolor: Black



Skin: White

Weapon: Scarlet Thunder


1.Soul Gauge Rate Up

2. Shave Damage C






Appears Game

Soul Calibur IV


Egyptian Temple - Sacred Flame


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