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Soul Calibur IV

Heaven born Ottoman Place with her mom. Her mom died of soul edge by Nightmare. Heaven Entered Soul Calibur Tournament To Destroy The Two Swords. She Saw Maxi And Sophitia, She Made Friends. When Heaven Find Tira, Heaven Was So Mad And How To Destroy Soul Edge. She Went To Tower of Remembrance - Degradation To Get Her Daughter Back.

Soul Calibur V

Heaven Ask Novella To Entered Soul Calibur To Destroy Nightmare.



Thesmophoros' Imperial Garden

Heaven's Soulcalibur IV stage, in which she shares with Sophitia and Cassandra. This stage is a shrine. It shows some similarities with the Eurydice Shrine (Sophitia's stage in the Soul series), except this one is surrounded with a tropical setting, and the statue of Hephaestus is missing. Also, what appears to be either a mountain or a volcano can be seen at a distance. In Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, Heaven's variation of the stage is day, while Sophitia's is sunset, and are both set in autumn.

Theme Music

  • "Immaculate Pledge"


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