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Striker started fighting at the age of 17.He studied using guns.5 years later,he joined the Cold War.Striker was an awesome dude but when things got wrong,he retired from the army.Many years later,he heard about Soul Edge.He decided to make a new army.Then Striker found a time machine.He traveled to the 1590s and tries to destroy Soul Edge.He obtains Soul Calibur.But he lost the weapon.He searched for Abyss,but he saw a mysterious dark mansion.He saw a blade coming from nowhere,he was surprised to see a magical blade,which used by magic!The mysterious woman,wields the sword Valentine,she decided to shred him.He escaped and made a boat to sail faraway lands.He saw a ship called Adrian,and the pirate said,"Bring to me my child",but Striker noticed that he was holding Soul Edge and disagree.

Fighting Style

He always uses his gun,and sometimes he uses his hand.He uses his hand for short range and gun for long range.

Critical Finish

He shoot the enemy 50 times and punches the opponent.


  • Mini Gun
  • Worabba
  • Tilbia
  • Soul Edge
  • Tanegashima
  • Youvaila
  • Erduciucus
  • Pouvia
  • Tyripia
  • Yewavina
  • Ikallia
  • Yewana
  • Uina
  • Yot'vana
  • Araiza
  • Aurora


  • Armaggeddon-Battle and War
  • Armaggeddon-City Ruins


Soul Edge

  • Here,taste pain!
  • Run or feel pain!
  • Learn the meaning of fear.
  • You steal my discipline?How curious!
  • I shall give you!
  • I can punish you!

Soul Calibur

  • Give up your life!
  • It will be destroyed!
  • disobey me!
  • I command you!
  • Hey!
  • Scaredy cat!

​Soulcalibur II

  • Roar!
  • I will hear you...scream!
  • Fear me for I am a lion.
  • Heh.....scared for toys?
  • Urgghhhh.......why are you here?
  • Ahhhhhh......what are you doing??
  • Beware of this!
  • Roar!Fear me!
  • Argggghhh!Stop that!I am trying to work!
  • I....shall return to my time.
  • I am sorry.....
  • Scare me,i do fear nothing.
  • Noisy fool,you dare to shout to me?
  • Die....or feel the pain.
  • Escape or else you will get the meaning of......fear.
  • I shall make you a slave!
  • Go!
  • March!
  • Be careful!

Soulcalibur III

  • Humph......what the.....
  • Arrrryyyyahhh!Works well!
  • I shall make you a machine!
  • March!
  • Aaaah!!!What a grasshopper.
  • I got you!
  • More....pain,i shall give that!
  • I have the rights to punish you.
  • Weakling.
  • Hard,tough!Joke!It was easy and boring.
  • Riot!
  • started this!
  • Ouch!Who did that!
  • Owwwww......don't do this!
  • Pay for what you've done!
  • It is finished!
  • Is it fun?
  • Cool!
  • You dare to kill me?
  • How dare you.......
  • Aaahhhh......sorrrrryyyyyy.

​Soulcalibur IV

  • Here it comes!
  • Ah,nothing.
  • You think I am weaker?How foolish.
  • You're cute.
  • You are trying to distract me!
  • Wow,a nice hit!
  • I can now lose.
  • I'll never ever lose next time.
  • I'll try to do my best.
  • Aaaah!!!
  • I will scream through the valleys!!
  • Now,give me your body and your soul.
  • War comes to the world again.
  • Is this what you call a battle?
  • trap.
  • What shall we do?
  • Ha!March,i say,march!

​Soulcalibur V

  • I will perform the rights to be a human!
  • Can I go back to the future?
  • Hehhe....none.
  • Balance!
  • Do not...disturb me.
  • Do not move things that you do not know.
  • Hehehe.......I can do this on my own!
  • I believe on myself!
  • Hang yourself in a tree!
  • Raise your weapon!
  • It looks like,this is the Cold War!
  • My life is in....the future.
  • I made a machine to travel here.
  • Machines are engines.Engines,used by energy,then connected into wires,as I told you before.
  • Scoundrel!
  • for this in $ 2000000!
  • Your money is gold?
  • Fear me,I am a lion!
  • Am I cool and awesome?Thank you.
  • It is my time to die.
  • Very good,you know it.
  • I will give up!
  • Destroy me!

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