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Ramiel(ラミエル, Ramieru) is an under-protective guardian of the Holy Blade, Soul Calibur, and he is also a part of the Soul series. A very noble servant to Spriggangirl, Ramiel wishes to undo the damage that the Evil Sword had left behind and since his first appearance, he is also a personality of the witch-hunter, Giles Redferne, created by Soul Calibur to protect the entire universe. Ramiel will return in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

What lies in his soul is Harmony.


Ramiel's origins began in Ostrheinsburg Castle, a place that he once admired in his childhood life where the soldiers, ruler and the people were like a family to him. Long ago, his sworn brother, Israfel, had spoken to Ramiel about an evil blade called Soul Edge: A weapon that has the ability to devour innocent souls, uttering the universe into darkness and bringing chaos, destruction and death to the world. He also spoken to him about a holy sword call Soul Calibur: A weapon that protects the world from Soul Edge and brings peace, happiness and prosperity to the universe. Ramiel, thought to himself if these weapons did exist, but it was later unknown to him.

However, Ramiel's peaceful existence didn't last forever. On the day before the succession ceremony, a powerful, pulsating force called the Evil Seed, rained down on the castle and everyone lost their sanity. Since madness combined Israfel with his great skills, Israfel killed many castle members as everyone fought one-another. Ramiel then realized the power of the holy blade and placed himself around Israfel's shoulder, causing him to regain his sanity as he prevented Soul Edge from controlling him. When Israfel had completely regained his senses, he realized that everyone in the fortress had slaughtered each other. As both Ramiel and Israfel tried to escape, their friends blocked their path and both of them were forced to kill their friends in self-defense.

Noticing that Israfel ran off with his equipment to find the evil cursed sword and destroy him in the battlefield, Ramiel set forth along with his weapons to fight against Soul Edge's monstrous army while continuing looking for his sworn brother, Israfel.

He tracked the sword to a central ruin plaza in the middle of the fortress. Ramiel arrived at the area to find a weakened Azure Knight standing over the body of an injured man, in whom was Israfel. In his mutated hand was the demonic sword Soul Edge: A sword that caused Ostrheinsburg to fall into destruction. Before the Azure Knight, Nightmare, could deliver the final strike, Ramiel called out to him and challenged him. Thus a battle like none Ramiel had ever fought before began. Although he had been improving his power source for years, it was designed for fighting the evil minions of Soul Edge and purifying the souls began to crack under the strain. His sealing abilities proved useless and his whip had lost nearly all of its power. However, Nightmare's battle with Israfel had left him severely depleted and Ramiel eventually struck him down with a fatal blow. The Azure Knight shrieked in pain, slumped to the ground and disappeared.

After the battle with Nightmare and exhausted from the ordeal, Ramiel still managed to carry the wounded Israfel away from the fortress. As they left, they heard an immense explosion of evil energy from behind them, which turned out to be the release of the evil seed and were able to run off from their home.

Thus, the entire castle was drifted into war with other nations and thus, the people were killed off, one after another, as Ostrheinsburg falls into destruction and lays in ruins.

Since then, time has passed since this proud, once-impregnable fortress that was once Ramiel's home with its four citadels, was reduced to ruins. The scars inflicted by giant siege engines several years ago tell the tale of the horror of war. This castle was now occupied by a terrible master known as the Azure Knight, Nightmare, in whom was resurrected by Soul Edge.

Having nowhere to live, Ramiel struggled to adapt to a new life in America and ruminated on the new freedoms that were provided, and decided that this new life could be something that he had when he was a child.

Amidst his travels, Ramiel learned the story of the Azure Knight's massacres, and started to have an unwindling hatred against the terrifying figure. He also learned that Soul Edge was nothing more than a sword made by human hands in ancient times and it is unknown how many souls he has devoured or possessed, but even now, he's still growing. Until one day, he felt a cold, strange sensation on his hand, looking down and saw a blue aura surrounding him from his hand to his entire body. It was something that Ramiel must do: Track down Soul Edge and destroy him at any cost, but he must find out about where this kind of power is coming from.

With the help of his sworn brother, Israfel, Ramiel was caught in a time-slip and traveled 500 years into the distant future.

Soulcalibur III

After landing into the ground and wounding himself from his long fall, a young girl named Ana Victoria Seise found Ramiel in an injured state and carried him on her shoulder to her grandmother's home in New York City, where her sister, Virginia, and her cousin, Ronnie, had been waiting for her.

While recovering from his wounds, Ramiel felt the same cold energy once again and was still trying to find out explaining his own predilection but then, as he stood up to confront Ana, his eyes began to shone in an ice-like substance and finally collapses into the floor.

As Ramiel awoke, Ana unveiled herself as the holy sword's human counterpart and told Ramiel that the Soul Weapons were placed by themselves to her family and for them to become the eternal wielders of all time. Shocked by the truth, Ramiel had learned that Soul Edge was evil and vowed to destroy him but then he couldn't handle the point that her cousin, Bubba, was also the wicked sword's human counterpart.

Thus, Israfel knew that his sworn brother had the bloodline of Soul Calibur inside himself as well and he spoke to Soul Edge's human counterpart.

"If Ramiel is the guardian of Soul Calibur...Am I the guardian of Soul Edge?" He thought to himself.

"Yes. You are a part of us, Israfel. And as long as the good and evil presence still exist in this world, we can help those who are in need and defeat those that will stand against us. Thus the entire universe shall not cease to exist."

After this acceptance, Ramiel and his sworn brother, Israfel, were granted three important missions: One is to find their ancestor, defeat them, and transform them into their descendants. Another is to recruit Cristian Cessolini, a human counterpart of Soul Embrace and the last mission is to face off against The Hero King.

The words of the Soul Swords left him with an important quest to accomplish once again to restore the universe, hoping to return.

Soulcalibur IV

Ramiel continued on his pursuit of The Hero King and at last he arrived in his former homeland and now Soul Edge's dominion, Ostrheinsburg. There he learned a shocking truth. His ancestor, Tira, had served the cursed sword for a long time and had murdered many innocent people for joy. Upset by her brutal crime, Ramiel traveled to Ostrheinsburg Casle, in which the entire fortress was covered in darkness.

From the darkness emerged his ancestor with a large ring blade named Tira. Tira casually told Ramiel that Soul Edge was not in the castle and she also told him that she wanted to kill him instantly with a smile that was nothing but a cold feeling. Tira lunged at Ramiel and fought against him in a murderous rage, but he easily defeated her, and disappeared into the darkness.

After the battle, Tira noticed an unknown look from Ramiel other than justice. She realized that Ramiel had never trusted an evil being. With a look of hatred in his eyes, Ramiel simply defeated Tira and left, leaving behind these words before departing: "How many more victims are you willing to kill with your bare hands? If you desire this kind of life, then you have only a few days left for being a servant for the evil blade...And when the time comes...You will become my descendant, forever."

He knew that both swords were still alive, but it is most likely that they will clash against The Hero King. Ramiel then learned that Soul Edge, Israfel, and Ronnie were already in Ostrheinsburg, and Spriggangirl was heading there with Soul Calibur along with Cristian. Ramiel realized that Soul Calibur and Soul Edge came to fight against The Hero King and their ancestors are trying to destroy them.

Now Ramiel must find a way to put an end to its destruction and so must bring balance between the two swords and the world.


Soulcalibur III

Wielding his weapons from the holy sword and walking towards the evil sword, Ramiel stands in front of him and asks: "For the many lives that you have taken... And the painful suffering that you have bought into this world... shall end here!!!"

Input: Ramiel smashes Soul Edge with Soul Calibur, in a whip form, and stares down. "The journey is done for now." As Ramiel spokened these words, he begins to travel back home along with Israfel at his side and heading back to Boston, Massachusettes.

No Input: His attack comes to a halt when Tira appears to Ramiel in anger. Confronting against Ramiel for defeating her and trying to destroy Soul Edge, Ramiel then made up his mind. He was going to fight Tira and destroy Soul Edge for the sake of the universe.

Soulcalibur IV

After a long, victorius battle against Algol, a flashback sequence initiates Ramiel's childhood life in Ostrheinsburg and shows how everyone from that place were very cheerful and kind. Until the images of death, chaos and turmoil drove him in tears; just to believe that why did Soul Edge destroyed all of Ramiel's love ones.

Ramiel then looks up at Algol in the tower after thinking about what he knew what was going on.

"Ramiel, you must never let the past conquer you... But for the new sovereign of this world, you must not look back. Even with all of this power inside of you, no one will ever overthrow you for all through the ages."

Algol sends Ramiel back to the 21st Century, where he will be reunited by his friends for all time.

The small description is said: "His name shall be encrypted into history and will be remembered, forever."


Soul Embrace

Soul Embrace

Soul Embrace in Soulcalibur III.

A combination of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, they are known to be as Ramiel's main treasure. Since then, each one of Ramiel's weapons such as a dagger and a ring blade are transform into Soul Edge and the other part such as a whip and a weathervane are also transform into Soul Calibur as well as Ramiel's backpack. The only two weapons that fuse themselves into Soul Embrace are his hammer, nails and his witch compass. Ramiel also carries them with him throughout his storyline in Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV and thus, uses them to transform Tira into himself.

Other Weapons


Ostrheinsburg Castle - Battlement (SCIII)

Formerly known as Ramiel's birthplace, much time has passed since this proud, once-impregnable fortress, with its four citadels, was reduced to ruin. The scars inflicted by giant siege engines several years ago tell the tale of the horror of war. After losing its first and only lord and falling into ruin, this castle was occupied by a terrible master known as the Azure Knight, Nightmare.

The chaos of war, and then the Azure Knight, filled this land with bitter hatred. A miasmal fog still lingers over the castle even after the knight has left.

It is said that this land, avoided even by wild beasts, feels like home to those who have accepted evil into their hearts. Those who visit this place will surely see the dark birds that gather at the top of the tower of this crumbling castle.

Tower of Remembrance - Degradation (SCIV)


Soulcalibur III

  • Here we go!
  • You will suffer for all of this.
  • Is there no other way for me to handle it?
  • I feel no happiness inside you. - Speaking to Ivy
  • So you are servant of the cursed blade that is planning to liberate him from Soul Calibur. - Against Tira
  • The painful expieriance inside of too much for me to bear.
  • Determination shall not be tolerated!
  • Give up!
  • fall!
  • Stay down.
  • Silence!
  • Wasn't it too much?
  • Victory shall be mine!
  • Anytime.
  • Return to your place, for your people are waiting...
  • Step!
  • You're in a painful situation... it's painful, isn't it?
  • Get lost.
  • Perish!
  • Heh, heh, heh...I must be happy.
  • Lord, give me strength!
  • My Lord, what is this power?
  • Soul Calibur, lend me your strength!
  • Is this the final battle? - Against Zasalamel
  • There.
  • Hyah!
  • Aayahh!!
  • Take that!!
  • No Mercy!!
  • This is... it!
  • Stop it!
  • There!
  • Take this!
  • That's it!
  • Now!
  • Are you okay?
  • How's that?
  • Like this!
  • How's this?
  • I will end this at once! - Speaking to Nightmare
  • I don't want a fight!
  • Are you sure this is what you want?
  • Anytime you're ready!
  • I've heard enough from you. - Speaking to Taki
  • May your soul rest peacefully.
  • Please, think these things over one more time. - Against Siegfried
  • Your existence shall be destroyed by the power of the Holy Sword!! - Against Soul Edge
  • Soul Calibur...Thank you for bringing me to this world. - Speaking to Soul Calibur

Soulcalibur IV

  • Restrain yourself from the darkness, Sophitia! - Against Sophitia
  • I have made my decision.
  • You will surrender my father to me.
  • Mother, I must protect you. - Speaking to Soul Calibur
  • Master...
  • How dare you say that my mother is still evil and twisted!!! - Against Taki
  • I'm here to take back for what you have stolen from me. - Against Astaroth
  • Surrender!
  • Foolish warrior.
  • Quiet.
  • Silence!
  • Here I come.
  • Fall!
  • Perish!
  • Now!
  • Time to let it all go.
  • You fiend!
  • Rest in peace.
  • I am your worst nightmare!
  • Where are you?
  • Father, why must you kill everything in your path? - Against Nightmare
  • Your life as a servant of my Father shall come to an end. - Transforming Tira into Giles Redferne
  • I must protect my master.
  • As long as Spriggangirl is safe, that is all that matters.
  • This power is my father's power that is inside you. - Against Ivy
  • Miriam...Is that really you? - Speaking to Valentine
  • A man with the holy sword...I must be careful.
  • Evil can never overcome good.
  • Hope. Protection. Faith. Are the things that matter to me, Israfel. - Speaking to Israfel


  • Even though Ramiel was born in Germany, he truly considers himself American because of his noble respect towards the Boston clergy, he was given into a high-ranking position of the church.
  • In Soulcalibur IV, he travels with Spriggangirl throughout the rest of the storyline.
  • Ramiel's color theme is blue while his sworn brother, Israfel's color theme is red.
  • In Soulcalibur II, Ramiel also hold possession of the Evil Soul Calibur.
  • In SCIV, it is revealed that Ramiel has a fond of the 21st Century, because of the things that are seen, in which the 16th Century doesn't have. Ramiel also states that the food in the 21st Century "puts the 16th Century food to shame.", in which is the many reasons why Ramiel, Israfel and Miriam decide to remain in the 21st Century.
  • In Soulcalibur V, Ramiel speaks to Elysium until she reveals herself to him as his mother, Soul Calibur.


  • Son of the holy sword, Soul Calibur, in whom he loves the most.
  • Guardian of Spriggangirl.
  • Has a gruesome hatred towards his father, Soul Edge.
  • Defeated Tira and transforming her into himself.
  • Fought Taki to a draw because he has no trust to her.
  • Defeated Nightmare in order to save his sworn brother, Israfel.
  • Fought countless enemies in the battlefield and saved Israfel from Soul Edge.