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Israfel(イスラフェル, Isuraferu) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games and was known to be a loyal guardian of the evil Soul Edge. However, Israfel was nearly as ruthless and sadistic as his master, having some qualms with claiming the lives of his victims in his two hands. But with the help of Soul Calibur and her counterpart, Spriggangirl, he plans to destroy Soul Edge once and for all. He will return in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

What lies in his soul is Bravery.


Born and raised from a foreign crusade of noble knights, Israfel was an orphan at an early age after the death of his mother and father by an unknown plague. He was trained in the ways of the noble knight by the lord and being blessed with supernatural powers of his own, Israfel decided to live among with the knights along with a young man named Ramiel, in whom he looked up to as a brother, throughout Germany to conquer the evil forces who threaten both their land and their people.

One day, Israfel's sworn brother, Ramiel, visited him as he was deep in thought but he also divulged the details of a conversation he had overheard recenly; that a new army was heading into their homeland, because an unknown adversary will betray the king and will bring suffering among both the civilians and the kingdom. Upon listening to Ramiel, He speaks to him about the cursed blade and the holy blade; about their true existence and what they opposing powers represent.

However, the night before the succession ceremony, the Evil Seed rained down on the castle, and an evil presence overwhelmed the inhabitants. Sensing the evil, the noble knights who were preparing for the ceremony immediately transferred ownership of the holy artifacts to Ramiel and Israfel. Minutes later, everyone in the castle lost their sanity except Ramiel. With madness combined with his great skills, Israfel killed many castle members as everyone fought one-another. Ramiel realized the power of the holy blade and placed himself around Israfel's shoulder, causing him to regain his sanity as he prevented Soul Edge. When Israfel had completely regained his senses, he realized that everyone in the fortress had slaughtered each other. He and Ramiel tried to leave, but their friends, now corrupted with the evil presence of Soul Edge, blocked their way and attacked them. He tried to avoid hurting them, but was forced to kill his friends in self-defense. After that, the Ostrheinsburg fortress began to fall into utter chaos, death, and destruction as many people fell to their deaths, being slaugthered one by one in front of Israfel and Ramiel.

Hearing screams and tears of the civilians being killed by the evil blade Soul Edge, Israfel felt certain that this was the source of the evil and thus set out to find the sword and destroy him.

Upon gaining his equipment, he ventured forward into the battlefield and did eventually track down Soul Edge; as he fought against his possessor, the Azure Knight, Nightmare, destroying a part of the evil blade. However, shards of the evil sword charged with a great force from Israfel's powerful blow wounding him too greatly to finish the fight. Just as Nightmare was about to deliver a finishing blow to the badly wounded Israfel, his sworn brother, Ramiel, saved him from death and proceeded to defeat the evil demonic knight with a powerful energy that was too strong for Nightmare to resist. However, Nightmare's battle with Ramiel had left him severely depleted and a dark power surrounding Israfel's body eventually struck a fatal blow. The evil demon shrieked in pain, slumped to the ground and vanished.

After the battle, Ramiel carried Israfel on his shoulder to escape from the horrorfying nightmarish war that Soul Edge brought into the once impregniate stronghold fortress. As they finally left, they heard an immense explosion of evil energy from behind them, which turned out to be the release of the evil seed.

Having nowhere to settle and live, the sworn brothers journeyed to the New World in order to survive. But before they could land, Israfel created a time vortex along with Ramiel; trying to retrack the timeline but instead, they were accidently caught in the timeslip and hurled 500 years into the distant future.

Soulcalibur III

After landing into the ground with his sworn brother in 21st century America, Israfel was greeted by a young girl named Spriggangirl and a young boy named Ronnie Everett who eventually took them in their grandmother's home. Having been treated of Ramiel's wounds and given a meal to feast on, he felt relieved at first, but then an evil aura that devoured everything in his path surged into his body, causing him to lose consciousness for days until a shard came out of his chest.

He eventually now learned that the source of the evil energy was an evil sword called Soul Edge: A weapon that he fought off against and defeated him with Ramiel and Soul Calibur. Because of this, he agreed to summoned dark magic in a mysterious ceremony, unaware that a human counterpart of the cursed sword was present at the time and oblivious to the fact that he was also part of Soul Edge's plan.

When trying to find out truth from the cursed blade's power, Tao's brother, Kim, appeared from beneath the road to tell Israfel, revealing to him that the sword Nightmare was battling against him at that time had been Soul Edge all along and the only reason he had been allowed to be placed in this timeline was because the sword's human counterpart, Ronnie Everett had instructed Nightmare to keep him nearby in case anything would happen to him, so that he might be a spare host for Ronnie's evil intentions.

On his way back, he stopped at an academic university in Manhattan to borrow texts and books of secret arts from around the world; and he read over them extensively upon his return, especially one volume that was of particular interest to him. It was much older than the other books, and contained detailed descriptions and accounts regarding the nature and the true origin of the Soul Edge. This was the deepest information written about the sword he had ever known about a prophecy that happened long ago and the cursed sword's human counterpart. But within the texts he learned of a legendary spirit sword, the holy blade Soul Calibur, which restrained the power of the evil sword and lent her power to fight against him along with her human counterpart. The story was hard to believe to his, but the description was so precise that Israfel eventually accepted it as truth.

Having collected many of the historical text, he had managed to decipher every single detail concerning the Soul Calibur's true description, and was very convinced she existed. He fell into a hypnotic state of thought, interrupted by the sound of the library door opening. Startled and surprised, Israfel looked to the entrance, where an enigmatic dark-skinned man was standing by. He firmly demanded his identification, but he quietly answered him only with another question as to whether or not he had read the book and it's description of the holy sword's human counterpart. Israfel grabbed the book and, taking his distance, drew his weapon. From seemingly nowhere, the man had possess a large scythe. They began their fierce combat immediately, each deflecting every deadly, powerful strikes that the other had produced. But his sword's instability began to show itself, leaving a slight opening in his defense; and he was struck down with a heavy blow. He managed to regain his distance, but the book was no longer in his hand. The man, now known as Zasalamel, had picked it up, calling it nothing more but a mistake from his past, and then proceeded to set it on fire. He dropped the burning book on the floor, and the flames spread with unusual fervor, separating Israfel from him. As he turned to leave, he called for him to stop. He only turned around to tell her that if she wished to know everything about the swords, she must seek out the knight she knows so well. Zasalamel disappeared behind the curtain of flames. The fire destroyed Israfel's research and damaged the university into ruins. He cursed the man for the way he treated him, but strangely felt that everything he had said was true all this time.

Israfel was finally determined to find the truth. If he would be able to face off against Soul Edge once more, he will bring the world into a utopia of peace and used his power to travel in time, thus began his journey anew.

Soulcalibur IV

Israfel came to the Lost Cathedral back in time and was shock to finally see Ronnie Everett and Spriggangirl with the Soul Swords. He witnessed the battle between Nightmare against Spriggangirl and Siegfried Schtauffen against Ronnie Everett. He expected the two swords to destroy each other, but the opposite happened. They unleashed a powerful cataclysm, which destroyed the cathedral. Israfel barely escaped himself.

Israfel knew that both swords were still alive, but it is most likely that they will clash with each other again. But with the power of the evil blade running through his veins, he must determined to put a stop to it at any cost.


Soulcalibur III

Israfel run towards Soul Edge, jumps up and uses his sword and shield to demolish the cursed sword. But before he could destroy him, a darkside version of himself blocks Israfel's attack, throws him into the ground and prepares to deliver the final blow.

Input Israfel blocks the attack by using Soul Edge as a shield; thus placing him in front of his evil part and with one mighty slash, the evil ghost destroys both itself and Soul Edge simultaneously. Before leaving, Israfel looks down on the remaining part of the cursed sword and says "Now you'll never harm anyone...Ever again, Soul Edge."

No Input Israfel moves towards from the ghost's attack and tries evading Soul Edge's power, but his evil part successfully grabs him and places a shard of Soul Edge inside Israfel's body. Israfel falls into the ground, in pain, saying "Is there no other way for me to break away from the cursed blade?"

Soulcalibur IV

Algol trembles into the ground while Israfel stood victoriously. A flashback from Israfel's past began to torture him. As the scorching flames begin to encase Israfel's flashbacks, he is suddenly stricken with pain.

Israfel: "So these memories...Are the memories of my battle with Soul Edge?"

Israfel makes no effort to fight back or escape as stumbles on the floor, while flames start to consume his body from the feet up by Soul Edge.

Soul Edge: "Why do you try to hesitate against me, since you had fought me? Your soul shall be mine, forever!!!

Israfel: "Since my enemy's blood runs in my veins...And the countless lives that I have taken...I shall die in an honorable death."

Right as the blazing inferno are about to burn Israfel while struggling to destroy the sword, Algol walks up to him, grabs the sword, and turns him to stone with ease.

Israfel: "You...Saved my life."

Algol: "You have fought well, young man. For over a millenia has past, mankind has turn himself from the powers of light and have forced to follow in the evil ways of life. However, since my weapon's blood is inside you, only you can be able to overthrow his malfestation and shall make the universe a better place for you and everyone.

Israfel: "I will...Thank you."

As Israfel becomes the new sovereign of the world, Algol suddenly disappears with both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge in his hands, leaving behind these words...

Algol: Now, brave soul, return to your home.

The light shining from the Soul Swords fades as Ramiel and Miriam find Israfel and create a time vortex to return to the 21st Century.

The text epilogue reads: "He has severed the memories of his past and lives in a utopia of peace and happines for all time.



Ostrheinsburg Chapel SCIII

The broken wall of the chapel reveals a somber of the castle ruin looming in the distance. The ruin is what remains of Ostrheinsburg Castle that bore witness to the clash between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur four years previous.

This chapel was the epicenter of the events surrounding Nightmare that transpired a few years before then. No one has dared to visit this chapel over since, but mysteriously, some say that the chapel bell can be heard once in a while. Rumors say that the bell rings itself in honor of the chosen warriors.

But for Israfel, it was the same place where his comrades were killed, one by one in this devastated chapel.

Tower of Remembrance - Degradation SCIV


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