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"I can never turn back the hands of time... Even if it takes my life!"
— Spriggangirl

Ana Victoria Seise(アナビクトリア握りなさい, Anua Vitoriaru Sesi, Chinese:名言・維多利亞佔領) also known as Spriggangirl, is a cast member in the Soul series video games. She has appeared in Soulcalibur, Soulcalibur II, Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. Spriggangirl is returning in Soulcalibur V but only in cameo, thus considering it, incomplete. Since her first appearance, she has become one of the most recognizable and iconic cast members in the franchise.

What lies in her soul is Revelation. In Soulcalibur V's promotional material she is referred as A Young Child Who Discovered The Legendary Holy Sword From The Tragedy.


Born and raised in the dangerous, abandoned streets of the South Bronx, Ana Victoria Seise lived in a decent life along with her siblings in her childhood since growing up in New York City. Until one day, she felt an unsual power releasing out from her body that night after returning with her aunt, O'Mayra Cordova, from the movies. After a while, she woke up the next morning, as if nothing was there; like it was just a dream, but Ana's older sister, Virginia, felt the same power lingering around her as well as Ana did...

Neither one of them knew what their intentions of their unknown dreams could mean for them but it wasn't proven and therefore Ana, Virginia, Georgina and O'Mayra decided to wait until the time comes.

Five years later, Ana moved in with her mother, Carmen, to take care of her if she is left alone. Then suddenly, the same power began to appear in her dream once again as Ana was still resting in the night at her mother's home. An image of a king began to speak to her about the Prophecy and what was going to happen in the future.

"The prophecy shall be revealed to you and to your family, for I have chosen them to have possession of the Soul Weapons for an everlasting lifetime. And you shall possess the holy blade while your other family member shall possess the cursed blade for all eternity. Even though it will come to past, this prophecy shall come true."

He says to Ana about the beginning and the end of the prophecy, "The voice of a maiden will perish in the beginning, a mighty fortress will be destroyed in between and the discovery of Soul Edge shall be revealed in the end. Now brave daughter, be prepared and be ready."

He then disappeared from Ana's dream, without revealing his name to her.

Discovery Of The Krita-Yuga (Soulcalibur)

In Spriggangirl's story in Soulcalibur, Ana was deeply proned to understood about the R&B singer, Aaliyah, who had died in airplane crash in The Bahamas on August 25, 2001 along with eight people. Strangely however the evil aura took control almost half of her body before collapsing. Ana felt something that she never had before in her entire life, as her skin turns into a water/ice substance and her eyes shone blue as she stumbles onto the ground.

On that morning, on Sept. 11th, Ana was absent from school to take care of her mother while her siblings stood home. Until all of a sudden, the problem from fixing the T.V. was set to a special report from the news. The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the buildings. Both buildings collapsed within two hours, destroying nearby buildings and damaging others, to the point when the people of New York City saw a gruesome weapon with only one eye. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. as the fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania, after some of its passengers and flight crew attempted to retake control of the plane, which the hijackers' in whom they were under the given order of Inferno, had redirected toward Washington, D.C. to retrive the Soul Weapons which vanished four days later. There were no survivors.

That evening, U.S. President, George W. Bush, addressed the nation from the Oval Office, promising a strong response to the attacks but emphasizing the need for the nation to come together and comfort the families of the victims. But Ana was shocked to learned that the prophecy was real after all this time until four days later, Ana left to her grandmother's where she was greeted by her family upon her arrival. Her grandmother asked her if she could get her an old leather jacket that she had held for Ana, but instead, Ana founded the Krita-Yuga in the closet as all of the other Soul Weapons in the house. Surprised of wielding an ancient weapon, her family members held them after discovering the Soul Weapons.

By this time, the White House had realized that the three Ling Sheng-Su temple treasures, along with the Soul Weapons were missing, and found that someone had stolen them, unawared that the weapons had vanished by themselves. They searched into the entire country to look for them while asking people if they had seen anyone entering in the White House. Meanwhile, when guards from the White House came to New York City, searching for the missing weapons, all they found was Ana holding a battered tai chi jian, and they gave up the search a few days later after President Bush called it off. Only the The Hero King and Soul Edge had known that the jian Ana had been holding was actually the Krita-Yuga in disguise along with the Soul Weapons.

On her journey, she encountered a member of the Ling-Sheng Su Temple from China, Kilik, a Japanese pirate of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, Maxi, in whom she once fell in love along with Kilik, and a member of the Chinese Imperial Guard, Xianghua. Told of the Soul Edge's evil nature by Kilik, she agreed to aid the three of them in their journey to destroy the evil blade, not knowing all the while that her adopted cousin, Ronnie Everett, had became the eternal wielder of Soul Edge as he had been chosen by the same man on the night of the notorious Evil Seed on September, 11th.

Quite suddenly, her second cousin, Domingo Morales knew about her intentions of destroying the cursed blade and greeted himself to the travelers. He approached to Spriggangirl and told her that something was wrong with Ronnie Everett, his brother; unknown to him becoming the cursed blade, himself. Now realizing the truth, they agreed to help.

With Kilik, Maxi, and Xianghua's help, they stormed Ostrheinsburg Castle. Maxi stayed behind and defeated the castle's guard, Astaroth, and disappeared soon after. Domingo and Ana together slayed the enemy hordes and reached Nightmare. Domingo used his holy bo staff Kali-Yuga (A weapon given to him by Kilik.) to defeat the Azure Knight, but immediately afterward, the combatants were pulled into an ethereal void where they stood opposed to both Ronnie and Inferno. His prior battle had left Domingo, and Xianghua too weary to fight. As Ana readied herself, the Krita-Yuga unveiled herself as the holy sword, Soul Calibur. After a fierce struggle, Ana defeated her opponent with Soul Calibur's protective power. As the void started to collapse, she carried Ronnie and Domingo out of it, though Soul Calibur was left behind.

When the three of them had returned home, Ana had attempted to bond a shard from Soul Edge into herself in order to restore Soul Calibur's power. However, they were resistant to each other and would not join properly. But, when she told Ronnie to bond with the shard, the two were immediately united and began to emit a dark aura. The aura was so dark that Domingo could sense him, so Spriggangirl, Domingo and Ronnie tried to close it in its sheath and sealed it with their magic aura. It's power still shone through the magical seal which led Inferno right to Spriggangirl, Domingo and Ronnie.

However, Inferno, the evil will of the blade, took the trio and Soul Calibur and plunged them with him into an abyss of his own making.

Soulcalibur II

After being exposed to the poisonous evil of Soul Edge for an extended period of time, Soul Calibur, Spriggangirl and Domingo were eventually taken over by the cursed sword.

Although it is not clear if it is canon or not, if the Evil Soul Calibur ever existed, she would have been created in the void of Chaos, shortly after Inferno's defeat at Spriggangirl's hands, when the sword of light is lost in the abyss created by Soul Edge. Surrounded and consumed with the ambience of evil from the Soul Edge and Inferno's flames, Soul Calibur eventually succumbs to the darkness and bonds with Inferno along with Ana and Domingo, who went berserk after being consumed by Soul Edge.

However, when Ronnie and Nightmare had almost completed Soul Edge, Raphael appeared and pierced the eye of Soul Edge during his battle against the Azure Knight. He was weakened considerably. Soul Calibur was freed from the darkness and so was Ana, Domingo, Siegfried, and Ronnie, who regains their sanity. Soul Calibur appears from where she was trapped within the cursed blade, and Siegfried drives her into the core of Soul Edge.

Now both of the Soul blades are silent, seemingly powerless, locked in a fateful embrace while their eternal wielders, Ronnie and Ana rest asure from their battle.

Soulcalibur III

"It has been six years since I first encountered you, Soul Calibur. I shall never forget the time when you revealed yourself to me...But now, a new kind of evil will destroy both you and the entire universe, and will henceforth shall bring an eternal darkness among the world." The pain of defeat clutched at Ana's heart.

Ana's journey by searching for her cousin, Ronnie came to a halt when Sophitia traveled from the 16th century to the 21st century by a time warp, asking if Ana could protect her family from danger. She agreed to protect them while Sophitia went away. Sophitia's journey took her to Ostrheinsburg Castle, which was blanketed by a thick fog. From the fog emerged a small girl in green clothing with a large ring-like blade named Tira. Tira casually told Sophitia that Soul Edge was not in the castle and she also told her that she wanted to play with her children with a smile that was neither gentle nor heartwarming. Sophitia lunged at Tira, but she easily dodged her, and disappeared into the fog. Sophitia quickly returned back to USA and was relieved to see that her family was safe with Ana but she was unsure whether or not for Ana to continue her search for Ronnie.

During her adventure, Ana and Domingo were once again reunited with their traveling companions, Kilik, Maxi and Xianghua. While on their journey, the four of them ran afoul of a "man with a scythe" named Zasalamel, who wished to eliminate people who had the potential to destroy Soul Edge. Zasalamel attacked and defeated Kilik, along with Domingo. Afterwards, Ana, Domingo, Maxi and Xianghua took the gravely injured Kilik back to her grandmother's home, where they heard that Kilik would make full recovery by Edge Master. After leaving a letter for Kilik and leaving both Xianghua and Domingo, she departed, seeking an Sula general from the Mydlands whom Soul Calibur had arranged for her to meet. Training with the Sula general, now known as Dar the BeastMaster, Ana's skills improved significantly.

Dar then ordered Ana to begin training. She surrounded herself in a light aura, similar to a person affected by the Evil Seed. Armed with only Soul Calibur, Ana realized that her target should be the evil energy within the BeastMaster. Within three months, Ana managed to strike Dar with a purifying blow, enough to free her teacher's mind, but at the same time, seriously injuring him.

Soul Calibur told herself that even though she still lacked skill, and that a pure spirit strikes only at evil without harming the body, she noted that Ana had made good progress in a short time. She felt that she was ready and bid farewell to the BeastMaster, beginning her journey anew.

Soulcalibur IV

While living amongst the tall skyscrapers of New York City, Ana, began to search for a way to finding Ronnie Everett.

Spriggangirl looked up into the night sky, remembering about a young man named Kenneth Thorton Travis also known as Kenny by others, who ignored her warnings about the cursed blade. He was too interested to take Soul Edge; thinking that he was able to defend the universe from the hands of Warlock, but Kenny's theory was far from saving the world. After destroying Warlock with Soul Edge, Kenny walked up to Spriggangirl and collapsed. His final words were spoken to her before he died...

"This is the end of the line for both me and my family. I should have known that the Sword Of Salvation was evil all this time...And I should have listened to you, Ann. Please remember me and no matter what the circumstances are, you will never forget day."

Remembering the tragical moment, she recalled the memories that he had spoken onto her after he died on her arms and decided to continue her journey.

While traveling west in Philadelphia, Spriggangirl found both Xianghua and Kilik and reuniting with them. The three of them traveled across the pacific ocean to India in order to find Maxi. However, something strange was beginning to happen inside Spriggangirl's thoughts, as en evil presence began to surround her from Kilik & Xianghua. Soul Calibur appeared to Spriggangirl, while telling her a tragic aftermath after finding Maxi, who just visited the Indian Port to pay homage to his fallen comrades.

"The evil aura that is placed in by Soul Edge, has taken control over these humans: for both you and I can no longer be surrounded by them... It is time for you to find and create a new alliance, for they are the new recruits for our quest. It will be a hard task; thus I shall accompany you in the time being."

Spriggangirl asks Soul Calibur, "But Why...?"

She tells her she could not travel with them anymore because Maxi had a fragment of Soul Edge within his body, and Kilik had a piece of the Dvapara-Yuga but has the evil seed inside him, thus Soul Edge's evil energies are connecting with them.

As Maxi steps forward to greet Spriggangirl, her power force accidentally injures Maxi and lands on the ground with a loud thud. Sensing the evil within them, Spriggangirl convinced them that they're not an alliance for her anymore and informs Kilik, Maxi and Xianghua that the only way for them to move on is to work seperatly without her; thus for Spriggangirl to find a new alliance. Shocked by her words, confused and in surprised, Kilik and his friends turn around slowly as they were saddened and forced themselves to leave her behind.

While Spriggangirl took shelter from a storm in Miami while disguising herself as a boy, three unknown shadows emerged from the light as they walked towards the halls. As they were finally revealed, their beautiness made Spriggangirl eventually fall in love with them. As they saw her, they smiled at both her and Soul Calibur while they approached at both the holy sword and her human counterpart.

Soul Calibur then said to Spriggangirl: "This is the alliance that I have chosen... Yet, their power serves only for good intentions and no evil is found in them. Now, they shall become your allies in order to restore balance to the world and the universe."

The three men revealed themselves as Buzz, Ty & Kato, a group of professional fighters who are on a quest to put an end to an evil syndicate, run by an unknown mask fighter. She agreed to aid them while secretly having a crush on the leader, Ty, and when she arrived, in there she learned a shocking truth. The syndicate were placing pit fights illegally, so they can control the streets. However, Spriggangirl placed herself in many Pit Fighting competitions and fought against many pit fighters, not knowing that Ty, Kato & Buzz were waiting to challenge her. She won in every fight until her opponent was Ty. Spriggangirl fought against Ty with all of her strength, but was defeated by him and decided to lend Ty her power. Thus the new alliance put a stop to it with Spriggangirl's mighty energetic force.

After taking down the syndicate, Ana retreated to an abandoned locker room located in the old subway route and took her clothes off while placing Krita-Yuga on the side of the locker until Spriggangirl began to hear voices coming from outside. She tried to dress up as quickly as she could, but it was too late. To her surprise, the three pit fighters accidentally walked in and saw her true gender; not knowing that Spriggangirl was a girl all this time.

Ty finally approaches her with Buzz and Kato and gives her a passionate kiss, while Kato fondles her breasts and Buzz pressing himself on her as they mate and began making love.

After the mating ritual, Soul Calibur revealed herself to the Pit Fighters by glowing a blue aura around herself and Spriggangirl, surprising Buzz, Ty & Kato and spoke:

"There is a new evil presence surrounding the world in darkness... You have been chosen by me to end this battle and once it is over, all peace shall be restored."

Ty and his love-interests, Buzz, Kato and now Spriggangirl knew now what they must do. They would brush aside the outstretched hands that tried to help Ronnie. Once, not so long ago, she had stood at the center of the terror that Nightmare wrought. The enemy they now faced was the king, who once ruled a powerful civilization and lost his son to Soul Edge. Awaiting them was the maelstrom of destruction unleashed at the cathedral.

Spriggangirl shone with a cold light with her eternal weapon. Ana made up her mind to become like herself. No one would touch her heart, no man or woman would sway her from her path, until the creator of the Soul swords was defeated for all time. An image of a king, now named Algol, who told her about the prophecy, her sisters, her teammates, Redferne & Warlock, her love-interests, Buzz, Ty, Kato & Cristian, and her family, are reflected one by one through her mind. She wasn't alone, and she had no choice but to team up with Buzz, Ty & Kato, for she would never again let Algol's power harm those she loved.

With her new alliance, Buzz, Ty & Kato on her side, Ana vows to face off against The Hero King, in an epic battle that shall never be turned back to history.

Soulcalibur V


Photograph Of Spriggangirl & Jessie

After ending her journey, Spriggangirl realized that during the aftermath of September, 11th, Soul Calibur was an entity that was no different from Soul Edge. Their powers had to be balanced so they could eliminate each other. At that time, Ana couldn't understand why some people would consider Soul Calibur an evil weapon until she was told by the holy blade of her true origin.

As several years went by, Spriggangirl now bears a son named Elijah. Though, even when wielding the Krita-Yuga for so many years, it was time for her to travel in time once again to finding out why she was granted Soul Calibur.

After some time of searching, Spriggangirl is sent back in time 11 years to when The September 11th tragedy had occurred to her discovery of Soul Calibur in her grandmother's home. When the Krita-Yuga was founded by her, Ana stated that she didn't know how to wield the sword before at that time, but to practice her sword-fighting skills. Soul Calibur & Soul Edge deemed her worthy of their protection, along with Ronnie, Domingo, and the rest of their family.

The Krita-Yuga, she knew, was to be given to her son when her journey would almost come to an end; for when the time was for Elijah to inherit the sword.

Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

Spriggangirl and her baby sister, Jessie, have traveled around the timelines in search of finding a way to destroy the cursed blade and to seal away Soul Calibur's corruptive energy.


Ana is considered as a brave character, since she is also known to wield Soul Calibur as her main weapon. Although she very well understands that after discovering the Krita-Yuga, the holy sword teaches her the Hei Sheng Jian Shu fighting style along with Soul Edge after the September, 11th tragedy. Within hours of the attacks, Soul Edge's image was seen by local bystanders in Manhattan and vanished to her grandmother's home, in order to find her cousin so Ana can fight against him. She was able to determine the power of Soul Calibur thus, she never gives up and is faithful to her family as well. Spriggangirl also wields Soul Edge to make sure that no one will use him for their own selfish reasons, in which, her cousin, Ronnie, wields Soul Calibur for the same thing.

As for Ty, Spriggangirl is very shy when she's around him, Buzz & Kato; in which her feelings towards the trio are much stronger. However, she loves them but has a more convenient crush on Ty than anyone else. Overall, Spriggangirl is known as a good-aligned character.



The Krita-Yuga that she held in her possession, revealed her true form as the Holy Sword, Soul Calibur, as if heeded the call of Ana's true honorable wisdom. The Holy Sword gave in her powerful strength and in return, Soul Calibur channeled in her pure spirit through Ana as preparing her for the final battle against Inferno. The interminable battle came to an end with Ana's victory.

The firmament black clouds that once have covered the entire world in darkness, finally broke apart as the beautiful sunlight shined brightly amongst the tall, gigantic skyscrapers of Manhattan towards the bridges.

Spriggangirl: "My lord...Was this the prophecy that I was chosen to fulfill...along with my own wisdom?

She looked on to the beautiful landscape, smiling as the sunlight shines around her on her grandmother's home.

Soulcalibur II

After Inferno's defeat at Spriggangirl's hands and recovering from Soul Edge's poisonous evil, Spriggangirl retrives the spiritual sacred part of Soul Calibur and returning her darkside back to normal. Spriggangirl vows and promises to never leave her family and friends again as she journeys back home to rest.

Soulcalibur III

Durning the confrontation against Soul Edge in the Clock Tower, Ana walks up to the blade until Kilik, Xianghua & Maxi stormed up from the doorway in the cathedral, trying to stop her. She convinces them that she will handle her cousin's weapon counterpart by using her weapon counterpart in order to save him. Then suddenly, Spriggangirl stabs him with her sword.

Input Ending The screen fades to white and shows Ana walking around the streets of Times Square with Ronnie. "Hey, Bubba. How are you feeling now that Soul Edge is defeated?" she asks. Ronnie replies by saying that he is feeling much better after his weapon counterpart became silent. Ana says it would be a good idea to travel together with their counterparts. Xianghua catches up to them and says that there is somebody she's interested in, hinting to both that that "somebody" is them. "Oh." Ronnie replies, and then gets back to his traveling with Ana.

"Do you understand what I'm trying to say to you guys?" Xianghua asks. "Huh? No." both of them answered.

With a sigh, Xianghua lays back and says "You're hopeless." As they turn back, Xianghua jumps into their arms playfully and exclaims "I won't give up on you that easily!" All three of them laughed on their way back home.

No Input Ending Spriggangirl forces herself through Ronnie's chest and rescues him from letting Soul Edge destroy his own counterpart. Mercifully, Ana shatters Soul Edge with a fierce strike, leaving Ronnie wounded after the destruction. Redferne looks at the top of the shrine and smiles, gladly on Spriggangirl. "I guess I'll have to face off against my adversary before she destroys her." Redferne says.

Maxi walks up to her and kisses her in front of everyone, making her blush. Maxi said that both, he and Kilik already knew that Spriggangirl was a girl after they saw her naked in her room, sleeping. She tells him to shut up as the two eternal wielders then walk away.

Soulcalibur IV

Algol falls to the ground and is defeated by Ana, along with Buzz, Ty & Kato. He then stumbles upon them and says, "You have fought very well. And I'm impressmlmled that you became a truthful warrior for an everlasting lifetime...Thus, there is a secret that I shall tell you."

Spriggangirl replies, "And what is this secret that you speak of, my lord?"

The Hero King revealed the shocking truth: "You are the spirit sword, Soul Calibur."

Spriggangirl: "What? No, this can't be..."

Horrified by Algol's words, Ana stood quietly as her teammates stared at her with an unusual look on their faces, only to realize that she was the Holy Blade all this time.

Algol: "You had been in my possession long ago...I rememebered holding a fragment of yourself when I lost my son to the wicked sword in the same way that your friend did in the hands of your cousin. For over a millenia has past...And through the ages, I took care of you as my child...Though I can no longer undo the damage from the evil blade, only you can reach out to those people that would be misguided in their beliefs. All they will do is to bring only destruction to the entire universe."

Ana replied, "So I must protect my family?"

Algol: "Yes, but promise me for one thing..."

Spriggangirl: "And what is that...My lord?"

Algol: "You must bond with me and use your Powers to save the world!"

Spriggangirl: "...Okay then..."

And with that, Spriggangirl used her powers and transformed into Soul Calibur and together with Algol, they both shot a blue gleamering beam towards the sky and then the sky and trees and flowers became once again normal!

In the end, the subtitle says: "They both vanished together in the brightened sky, hoping to form a new, safe world together..."




A keepsake weapon that was once held in Xianghua's possession. It was discovered by Ana in her grandmother's home where the all of the other Soul Weapons were placed. Every time she gazed at the sword, her reflection touches through the blade and remembers the prophecy that was spoken to her by Algol. What Spriggangirl didn't know was that Krita-Yuga, alongside Kali-Yuga and Dvapara-Yuga, formed the sacred trinity that was once protected by the Ling-Sheng Su Temple and now, placed in the White House, only to realize that the guards from Washington D.C., came to New York City to retrive the Soul Weapons, but were unsuccessful and gave up the search a few days after President George Bush called it off. The sword, at the pulsing force of the evil Soul Edge, revealed her true form as Soul Calibur, the polar opposite of Soul Edge. After defeating Inferno, Spriggangirl's weapon counterpart, Soul Calibur was trapped inside of it for the next four years, and after Siegfried freed both Ronnie and himself from Soul Edge's control, she was freed from the Tartaros. Siegfried then rescued Ronnie and Spriggangirl from their entrapment, and Spriggangirl retrived herself amongst the destruction.

Soul Calibur

SoulCalibur SC2

The spirit sword created to combat against Soul Edge. Spriggangirl obtained her after revealing her true form while witnessing Soul Edge's pulsing force. Spriggangirl used her against Inferno in her last battle and eventually she defeated him. Later, she would wield herself in order to defeat Soul Edge, wielded by her cousin, Ronnie Everett, in which Ana hoped would make a difference in her next confrontation against Ronnie.

Other Weapons


Bethesda Terrace - Central Park (SC)

Bethesda Terrace overlooks The Lake in New York City's Central Park. It is on two levels, united by two grand staircases and a lesser one that passes under Terrace Drive to provide passage southward to the Elkan Naumburg bandshell and The Mall, of which this is the architectural culmination, the theatrical set-piece at the center of the park.

Bethesda Fountain is the central feature on the lower level of the terrace. The pool is centered by a fountain sculpture designed by Emma Stebbins in 1868 and unveiled in 1873. Stebbins was the first woman to receive a public commission for a major work of art in New York City. The bronze, eight-foot statue depicts a female winged angel touching down upon the top of the fountain, where water spouts and cascades into an upper basin and into the surrounding pool. It was the only statue in the park called for in the original design. Beneath her are four four-foot cherubs representing Temperance, Purity, Health, and Peace. Also called the Angel of the Waters, the statue refers to the Gospel of John, Chapter 5 where there is a description of an angel blessing the Pool of Bethesda, giving it healing powers. In Central Park the referent is the Croton Aqueduct opened in 1842, providing the city for the first time with a dependable supply of pure water: thus the angel carries a lily in one hand, representing purity, and with the other hand she blesses the water below. The base of the fountain was designed by the architect of all the original built features of Central Park, Calvert Vaux, with sculptural details, as usual, by Jacob Wrey Mould. In Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted's 1858 Greensward Plan, the terrace at the end of the Mall overlooking the naturalistic landscape of the Lake was simply called The Water Terrace, but after the unveiling of the angel, its name was changed to Bethesda Terrace.

Grand Central Terminal (SCII)

Grand Central Terminal (GCT) — often popularly called Grand Central Station or simply Grand Central — is a terminal station at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Built by and named for the New York Central Railroad in the heyday of American long-distance passenger trains, it is the largest train station in the world by number of platforms: 44, with 67 tracks along them. Also, this was the same location where the Soul Weapons had transported themselves in a secret area. They are on two levels, both below ground, with 41 tracks on the upper level and 26 on the lower. When the Long Island Rail Road's new station, below the existing levels, opens, Grand Central will offer a total of 75 tracks and 48 platforms. The terminal covers an area of 48 acres.

The tracks are numbered according to their geographic location in the terminal building rather than the trains' destinations, because all of the trains terminate at Grand Central. There are 31 tracks on the upper level in revenue service, numbered from 11 to 42 (tracks 22 and 31 were removed in the late 90's in order to build concourses for Grand Central North, track 12 was removed in order to expand the platform between tracks 11 and 13, and track 14 is only used for loading a garbage train) from the most eastern track to the most western track. On the lower level, there are 26 tracks; they are numbered from 100 to 126, east to west, although only tracks 102-112, and 114-116 are currently used for passenger service. This system makes it easy for passengers to quickly locate where their train is departing from and removes much of the confusion in finding one's train due to the immense size of the terminal. Often, local and off-peak trains will depart from the lower level while express, super-express, and peak trains will depart from the main concourse. Odd numbered tracks will usually be on the east side (right side facing north) of the platform; even numbered tracks on the west side.

Besides train platforms, Grand Central contains restaurants (the most famous of which is the Oyster Bar) and fast food outlets (surrounding the Dining Concourse on the level below the Main Concourse), delis, bakeries, newsstands, a gourmet and fresh food market, an annex of the New York Transit Museum, and more than forty retail stores. Grand Central generally contains only private outlets and small franchises; there are no chain outlets within the complex except for a Starbucks coffee shop and a Rite Aid pharmacy/convenience store.

A "secret" sub-basement known as M42 lies under the Terminal, containing the AC to DC converters used to supply DC traction current to the Terminal. The exact location of M42 remains a closely guarded secret and cannot be found on maps though it has been shown on television. The original rotary converters were not removed in the late 20th century when solid state ones took over their job, and they remain for the purpose of historical record. During World War II, this was one of the most guarded facilities as, if it were sabotaged, troop movement on the Eastern Seaboard would have been halted. Despite it being a secret, Adolf Hitler was aware of this facility and sent two spies to sabotage it. The spies were arrested by the FBI before they could strike. It is said that any unauthorized person entering the facility during the war risked being shot on sight: the rotary converters used at the time could have easily been crippled by a bucket of sand.

Ana always stops by to know about the mysteries behind the incidents eight years ago, trying to figure out a way to heal both her and her darkside from Soul Edge's corruption.

Clock Tower (SCIII)

It is a stone clock tower stated to be located at the corner of a quiet temple outside the edge of an unnamed town. The stage is placed on the top tier, with the glass clock and the inside mechanism serving as background. It is said Zasalamel visits this place ever since it was constructed since it's the only place which reminds him of the passage of time, having lost his sense of time over the course of his countless lives. He also uses the stage in the Tales of Souls mode as setup to trap those searching Soul Edge, attempting to strike them first with a falling gear before deciding to fight the player. According to the Tales of Souls map, it seems to be located somewhere in northeastern Poland.

American Museum Of Natural History (SCIV)

Know to be one of the most spectacular museums in the entire universe,The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), located on the Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York, USA, is one of the largest and most celebrated museums in the world. Located in park-like grounds, the Museum comprises 25 interconnected buildings that house 46 permanent exhibition halls, research laboratories, and its renowned library.

The collections contain over 32 million specimens, of which only a small fraction can be displayed at any given time. The Museum has a scientific staff of more than 200, and sponsors over 100 special field expeditions each year.

This is also where Spriggangirl, Soul Edge & Soul Calibur toured around the museum as they came across an unsual power, coming from Spriggangirl's body by an unknown energy flowing around them.

Many of the celebrated displays from the original hall can still be viewed in the present expanded format. These include life-size dioramas of our human predecessors Australopithecus afarensis, Homo ergaster, Neanderthal, and Cro-Magnon, showing each species demonstrating the behaviors and capabilities that scientists believe they were capable of. Also displayed are full-sized casts of important fossils, including the 3.2-million-year-old "Lucy" skeleton and the 1.7-million-year-old "Turkana Boy", and Homo erectus specimens including a cast of "Peking Man" and "The Hero King".

The hall also features replicas of an ancient kingdom art found in the Dordogne region of southwestern France. The limestone carvings of swordsmans, soldiers & villagers were made nearly 26,000 years ago and are considered to represent the earliest artistic expression of humans and The Hero King.

Central Park - Nightlife (SC:BD)

Central Park is a large public, urban park in the heart of New York City and is host to approximately twenty-five million visitors each year. Central Park has been a National Historic Landmark since 1963.

The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and architect Calvert Vaux. While much of the park looks natural, it is in fact almost entirely landscaped. It contains several natural-looking lakes and ponds, extensive walking tracks, two ice-skating rinks, the Central Park Zoo, the Central Park Conservatory Garden, a wildlife sanctuary, a large area of natural woods, a reservoir with an encircling running track, and the outdoor Delacorte Theater which hosts the "Shakespeare in the Park" summer festivals.

The designers constructed many sidewalk entrances for public use beside the stairways of the magnificent landmarks, for those who came to enjoy at the glorious reservoirs of this enchanted oasis. In front of one of the bases of the stairs stands a fountain marking the entrance to the corridor. It has been a great long time since this park was constructed to call the tourists to this place, but even those who visit it now will surely be awestruck by its beauty.

Miami, Florida (SCV)

Miami is a major center and a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade. In 2010, Miami ranked seventh in the United States in terms of finance, commerce, culture, entertainment, fashion, education, and other sectors. It ranked thirty-third among global cities. This is where Spriggangirl originally met the Pit Fighter team while taking shelter from a storm with Soul Calibur on their long, perilous, journey. Downtown Miami and South Florida are home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States, and is home to many large companies both nationally and internationally. The Civic Center is a major center for hospitals, research institutes, medical centers, and biotechnology industries and for more than two decades, the Port of Miami, known as the "Cruise Capital of the World" has been the number one cruise passenger port in the world, accommodating some of the world's largest cruise ships and operations, and is currently the busiest in both passenger traffic and cruise lines.

Critical Finisher

Spriggangirl is also known to be Soul Calibur, so her critical finisher moves can be done only with the Holy sword.

Her default critical finisher in Soulcalibur IV, is Xianghua's. It starts with her slashing her opponent multiple times. Then right as her opponent is getting up, she delivers what appears to be a blue water flame-like explosion and says: "I hoped you learn your lession."

  • Against Kilik & Maxi, she uses her telekinetic energy to lift them up, flips, and slams them into the ground with Soul Calibur, saying: "Are you alright?"
  • Against Soul Edge, Spriggangirl runs to him, transforms into a thunder-striking force, shattering him to pieces. "You shall never harm anyone... Ever again, Soul Edge."
  • Against Buzz, Ty & Kato, Spriggangirl uses her thrust kick three times and jumps on top of them. Before rising up, she holds up their chin, kissing them and makes them faint. Thus saying these three lines:

Buzz: "You're so beautiful and your strengh is so lovely, yet your kiss enlightens me."

Ty: "You're making me feel so hot and your skin is so smooth. But it's you that I always want to embrace."

Kato: "You're such a lovely man and your lips are so soft... But my heart yearns for you."


Soulcalibur II

Light Side

  • Here I come!
  • OK, time to say your prayers!
  • Are you sure you want to fight?
  • You're going to regret this.
  • Last chance if you want to quit!
  • We live in a dangerous world.
  • Don't worry, it'll be over soon.
  • There's no turning back.
  • Show me what you've got!
  • You're gonna be sorry!
  • Come and get me!
  • Justice will prevail! Just kidding!
  • I'm stronger than all of you!
  • That was great! Yeah!
  • Hope you have a long life! Just kidding!
  • Here we go!
  • I said no mercy!
  • How's that?
  • Do you want more?!
  • That was fun!
  • That's that.
  • Oh, was I being a meanie?
  • How's that? I said no mercy!
  • Sorry I'm late, I'll get you this time!
  • I can't let you go any further, Kilik.
  • Evil must be destroyed! It's the only way!
  • What you're trying to do is too dangerous!
  • Here...
  • ...we go!
  • Forget it!
  • Gotcha!
  • Shut up!

Dark Side - Annika

  • "I'll rip your pathetic heart out!"
  • "You'll be dead before you know it."
  • "You deserve the most painful death imaginable."
  • nothing but a waste of time."
  • "Are you kidding me?"
  • "Just die, dammit!."
  • "Disappear."
  • "Get lost."
  • "Is that it?"
  • "Are you afraid?"
  • "I'm going to kill you."
  • "Stay away. You irritate me."
  • "You just don't know when to give up."
  • "Beat it, craphole."
  • "Damn!"
  • "Aren't you a little skeptical?"
  • "Try again."
  • "No...This can't be!"
  • "Die!"
  • "Hmph!"
  • "Ever on lifeless experiments, what a mess."
  • "I would love to see you being decapitated."

Soulcalibur III

  • Are you ready for this?
  • My resolve cannot be swayed!
  • I will defeat you with my own hands!
  • I will not have regrets I swear it!
  • This time, I won't run away!
  • I'm sorry, but I won't give in!
  • Open wide, cause here I come!
  • I guess I'll fight ya.
  • You're going to regret this!
  • Show me what you've got! Come on!
  • You're gonna be sorry!
  • Last chance if you wanna quit!
  • Don't cry when you lose!
  • This is your last chance to apologize.
  • Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit.
  • You sure you wanna do this?
  • Not very friendly, are we?
  • You think you can keep up?
  • Don't worry, it'll be over quickly.
  • You must cut your own path through fate!
  • Never will I hesitate again!
  • Did you think this sword was decoration?
  • I knew I wouldn't walk away from this fight without a scratch.
  • I know I can do this. I won't give up!
  • It's not easy, but I won't give up!
  • I'm gonna try one more time!
  • I can't give up. I have to keep my spirits up.
  • You'll have to do better... if you wanna beat me!
  • Not bad, if I do say so myself.
  • I really wish we could've met under different circumstances.
  • Okay, one down!
  • Did I zing ya?
  • Shall we call it a day?
  • And that's the end of that!
  • There, are you satisfied now?
  • You really did this to yourself!
  • That was pretty good!
  • I told you I won't hold back.
  • Well, that wraps things up.
  • Thanks for the match!
  • Justice will prevail!
  • Ahem! How's that?
  • How about another?!
  • Did you like my ultimate attack?!
  • Cha cha cha TOH!
  • You should retire for your own good!
  • That was pretty fun!
  • Yep yep, that's that!
  • You can't believe it? Well, believe it.

Soulcalibur IV

Light Side

  • "So much for wasting my damn time with you."
  • "Useless."
  • "Nobody enjoys losing."
  • "Man, you really don't have a chance to give up, do you?"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "You want a fight? Fine with me."
  • "You wanna fight? I'll give you a fight!"
  • "I see, but I cannot lose here."
  • "Run now or don't expect to leave in one piece."
  • "Perfect."
  • "I just don't understand why your sworn sister, Xianglian, gave up her life to save you, Kilik." - Speaking To Kilik
  • "Does it hurt?"
  • "Pathetic."
  • "Come to me."
  • "Innocence."
  • "Did I hurt you, Maxi?" - Speaking to Maxi
  • "Stupid."
  • "Knucklehead."
  • "Get lost."
  • "Annoying."
  • "The time has come to unveiled yourself, Redferne. For you shall join me for the rest of our journeys, for all time." - Transforming Tira into Giles Redferne.
  • "Warlock, it's time for you to take Sophitia's place so that way, you'll protect her." - Transforming Sophitia into Warlock in order to save her and her children from Soul Edge.
  • "You have only a few hours left of being from an assassin to a witch-hunter very soon." - Against Tira
  • "I have no need for someone like you." - Against Taki
  • "A friend of mine named Warlock will rescue both you and your children, Sophitia." - Against Sophitia
  • "Words of a loser are meaningless."
  • "Hope only brings disappointment."
  • "The truth of the matter is you are weak."
  • "Determination does not equal strength."
  • "Your beliefs are just nothing but words." - Against Nightmare
  • "I'm here to settle the score with you, Xianghua." - Against Xianghua
  • "Don't let Soul Edge take control over you, Ty... I love you too dearly." - Against Ty
  • "I shall lend you my strengh, Kato." - Speaking To Kato
  • "Let us engage in this fight. We will defeat them all." - Speaking To Buzz
  • "My heart belongs only to the three of you... Forever." - Speaking To Buzz, Ty & Kato

Dark Side - Baphomet

  • "How pathetic of you to depend on a weapon that has destroyed your family!" - Against Maxi
  • "It's no use to make yourself feel misrable."
  • "An evil being like you has no right to exist in this universe." - Against Tira, Nightmare & Astaroth
  • "Please restrain yourself from the darkness, Sophitia." - Against Sophitia
  • "So, you are the king that created the Soul Caibur to take revenge against Soul Edge for your son?" - Against Algol
  • "Repent for your sins."
  • "Give up."
  • "Arise and be gone."
  • "Fool."
  • "Silence!"
  • "Leave."
  • "Any last words?"
  • "Perish!"
  • "Hmph!"
  • "Disgrace."
  • "Weakling!"
  • "Pathetic human."
  • "Your determination has no strength."
  • "Darkness...can never exist without light."
  • "A wretched creature has come to face against me." - Against Voldo
  • "Is there anything that I can do for myself?" - Returning to normal
  • "No. This can't be."
  • "Rest in peace."
  • "Bubba, are you sure that you can calm Soul Edge down by youself?" - Speaking to Ronnie
  • "Are you okay, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur?" - Speaking to Soul Edge & Soul Calibur
  • "An enemy of mine has come to destroy me, yet I shall not be defeated!" - Against Esther
  • "You knew that you would be punished for murdering your entire family." - After defeating Esther
  • "This world shall never be in your possession." - Against Masked Warrior
  • "At last! I can rule this universe with an iron fist!"


  • The Leviathan version of Soul Calibur has the same Chinese blade model but she is in a sharp crystal-like image with a water aura energy sphere, which makes her human counterpart unstoppable.
  • In SCIV, it is revealed that Spriggangirl once had a friend named Kenny, who was a druid sorcerer along with his girlfriend, died at her hands after defeating Warlock with the Sword Of Salvation. Upon remembering the tragic event, Ana vows to take revenge against The Hero King for creating the cursed sword. It is also revealed that Spriggangirl's longtime friend, Viper, was also killed at the hands of Soul Edge when she was only a little girl.
  • Alexander Of Daventry also uses Soul Calibur for reuniting the world from Soul Edge's evil corruption, but is unable to channel through her power within himself, unless Spriggangirl tells him to.
  • Redferne's brave counterpart, Ramiel, is Spriggangirl's guardian while Warlock's loyal counterpart, Israfel, is Ronnie's guardian.
  • Spriggangirl's true nemesis is Esther, who plans to destroy her, but is defeated by Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.
  • Spriggangirl's nickname is "Traveler Of The 21st Century".
  • In Spriggangirl's Story Mode in Soulcalibur IV, she fights against Kilik, Maxi, and Xianghua in the first stage and after winning the battle, Maxi joins along with her until the fourth stage.
  • Spriggangirl's Destined Battle in Soulcalibur and Soulcalibur II is Nightmare, while in Soulcalibur III, her destined battle is Zasalamel.
  • Her real name, Ana, is also a palidrone and is spelled in the same way as Kilik's.
  • She is among the only character to call Soul Calibur a "she" instead of an "it" just like calling Soul Edge a "he", knowing that they're living beings.
  • A number of people like Dr. Alan Grant, Alexander Of Daventry and Tuxedo Mask have used Soul Calibur in her jian form as their ultimate weapon in the same way as Spriggangirl, but many have not reached Soul Calibur's power to the fullest like Ty did in Pit Fighter.
  • In SCIII and SCIV, Spriggangirl and Ty hint at the possibility that the legendary sword, Vandal Heart, is an evil, corrupted and twisted weapon that is as dangerous as both Soul Edge and the Flames Of Judgement.
  • Spriggangirl also falls in love with Ty, a leader of the prestigious Pit Fighters, along with Buzz and Kato.
  • In Pit Fighter, Ty faces off against Spriggangirl while Buzz fights Ronnie Everett and Kato challenges Domingo Morales.
  • Buzz, Ty & Kato from Pit Fighter are amongst the only three to use the Soul Swords in the same form as Ronnie, Spriggangirl & Domingo have: the Zweihänder form, the Jian form, and the bo staff form.
  • Ty's version of Soul Calibur (Evil) is in the same jian form as Spriggangirl's, but the holy sword's demonic eye is much wider and both of her demonic batlike wings are a bit larger than Spriggangirl's version.
  • Ty, out of every wielder that uses Soul Calibur, is the only person to reach her power to her ultimate form, besides Spriggangirl.
  • Spriggangirl and her four sisters, Virginia, Georgina, O'mayra & Jolee almost share the same feelings of the foods that they despise: Liver, kidney & blood sausage.
  • Both Ty and Spriggangirl are depicted as both boyfriend and girlfriend by protecting her from Soul Edge and being saved by her, later on in the Soul Calibur & Pit Fighter series. Tragically, Spriggangirl remembers her past clearly as both Spriggan agents, Ominae & Jean, appeared to Spriggangirl's new home; confessing their true love for her.
  • Light Vertigo is also Spriggangirl's alter-ego of the Goddess of Insanity, Vertigo.


  • Human counterpart of Soul Calibur.
  • Sworn nemesis of Soul Edge, Nightmare, Tira, Cassima, Esther, and Astaroth.
  • Is responsible for transforming Tira into her true self, Giles Redferne, who later becomes her teammate.
  • Motivates Warlock to transform his ancestor, Sophitia, into himself in order to save them from the cursed blade.
  • Created by Algol to take revenge for Arcturus.
  • Known to have an extreming hatred for Soul Edge in the game, but in reality, Spriggangirl has a happy maternal brother/sister relationship with the cursed blade.
  • Has an evil counterpart of herself named Annika who later reveals herself as Baphomet.
  • Friend of Alexander Of Daventry who later falls in love with her durning their journeys. It is revealed that Alexander has feelings for Spriggangirl, even though he likes Cassima.
  • Defeated Esther along with Cristian and Ronnie in Soulcalibur IV & Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.
  • Fought Xianghua to a draw because of her achievement to Soul Calibur.
  • Past friend of Kenny, who was murdered by Soul Edge after defeating Warlock.
  • Rival of Taki in whom she defeated.
  • Accompanies certain characters like Ivy, Talim, Cassandra and Yoshimitsu in Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.
  • Formerly a leader of the trio, Kilik, Maxi & Xianghua, in whom she was forced to depart from them because of an evil malfestation was forming from them.
  • Friend of Miriam, who is also Ivy's Snake Sword and Ramiel's sister.
  • Defeated Kilik and Maxi in Soulcalibur III.
  • Formerly an Alter-ego of Kane Spites in whom was later overthrown by the Kickboxing Champion, Ty.
  • Is a love-interest of Ty, Buzz & Kato and is known as the leader of the new alliance in Pit Fighter.
  • Leader of the "Soul Fighters" team in Pit Fighter.
  • Defeated by Ty in Pit Fighter.
  • Joins Patroklos for a short time, along with Ronnie Everett, Domingo Morales, Buzz, Ty & Kato in Soulcalibur V.
  • Defeated Elysium and seal her powers along with the Pit-Fighter trio at the end of Soulcalibur V.
  • Currently a love interest and girlfiend of Yu Ominae & Jean Jacques Mondo.
  • Light version of the evil destructive beast, Vertigo.


Soul Series

Soulcalibur II

Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV