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James Tanner is a ruthless pirate in search of ultimate power, and his long lost son.

His move set is like that of Yun-Seong, however, he uses a variety of swords. His main swords are Chinese Swords. However, he has been known to use rapier and katanas.

What lies within his soul is Thirst


James was born into a poor family with his brother, his mother, and his father. After the death of his father, James learned through lost records and his father’s friends that he was a pirate. James could not believe this at first. “How could my father be a pirate?” He asked himself for some time. However, when the truth finally set in, it hit him hard. From that point, James began to spiral into despair.

When James reached the age of 17, his mother died from illness and left him and his brother alone. Feeling he could not care for his brother, he left him in the care of his uncle, and left. From there, James became a traveler, a nomad looking only for answers, continually being eaten away by grief and dread, and only getting closer to madness.

By the time James reached the age of 21, he had found no answers to his grief, but instead met a girl by the name of Jasmine. The girl was 19, a beautiful young woman from a wealthy family who had left in search of a life she never had. Upon meeting, the two realized they were both in search of things they could never truly find, so they decided to travel together.

After traveling together for almost two years, the two had fallen in love, and in time, were married. Accompanying their marriage was a baby boy named William. With the birth of their son, their traveling stopped. They had both found what they were looking for. James had found an escape from his grief, and Jasmine had found a new life.

For five years they lived happily. They had a home on an island off the coast of Spain and James had a job as a merchant, giving them a decent amount of money, enough to live on and then some at least. However, good things never last. During a trip to the docks to wait for James to arrive on a merchant ship, a small band of pirates attacked the town and his wife was one of the casualties. Luckily, William had been at home with a nanny to watch him.

When James found her body, mangled and abused, he became enraged. In his rage, he almost killed his son, but after seeing him crying in a corner, he realized what he was doing and stopped. Instead, he contacted his brother after all these years and left his son with him. After that, he left once more, searching for a way to take vengeance on the evil that had killed his wife.

For a year, he traveled to many countries, searching for a power that could grant him the ability to take vengeance for the ones he loved. Finally, he heard of a sword that could give people unlimited powers, called Soul Edge. He sought after the cursed sword, learning many forms of sword play, and then using swords he had gained to defeat opponents that got in his way. He searched for it, but could not find even a hint of it, until one day, he was hit by a wave of bright light, and fell off his boat leaving him unconscious in the depths of the harsh sea. Today the people have come to know the light as the Evil Seed, which was spawned when Siegfried found Soul Edge. The seed brought evil out in men that couldn’t harness it.

When James finally awoke, he was laying on a beach near where his brother lived. His ship was nowhere to be seen, and he felt awful. After wandering around the beach for a few minutes in agonizing pain, he looked at his reflection in a puddle, only to find that he was not himself. His skin had been turned a dark green, and his hair felt as if it was made of seaweed. His skin felt as if it was made of plant, and his insides felt as if they were on fire. He stood and tried to find his brother’s home, only to find a pile of rubble where the home once was, neither his brother nor William to be found. He searched the entire town, only to find every other home the same way. No people were present, nor were any valuable items. When he saw this sight, and realized he was now a freak, he released a roar like that of a dragon, and swore that one day he would kill all that opposed him in all ways and find his son at any cost.

Now James searches for the cursed sword in hopes of one day conquering all that oppose him. But, in his heart, he also searches for his missing son, in hopes that he is ok and was not killed. In his new search, he built a crew of men changed by the Evil Seed just like him, men that resembled other bipedal monsters just like him. Now he captains the ship known as the Scarmageddon, a black, evil ship with bones covering the outside. He captains this ship with his crew hoping to find the sword to rule all swords...and to find his son.


James is a cruel man that hates everyone and everything. He feels that everyone is guilty until proven otherwise. However, he regrets everything he has ever done. Even to his allies, he is cold and self-centered.

The only time he ever feels anything other than hate, is when he thinks of his son and wife. Then, he only feels sorrow.

Thirst rules his life, his only goals are those of gaining everything he wants, which unfortunately, is everything.

Critical Finish

Consumption: James waits for his opponent to lunge at him, and then knocks their weapon away with his sword and punches them in the gut. As the wind is knocked out of them, he pulls his sword close to him again and impales the person with it. As his enemy falls to their knees, he whispers "I am sorry" to himself. He then twists the sword and, instead of pulling it out, he rips it out.


Chinese Sword




Pirate Raid


"So pathetic..."
— To almost all he defeats
"One day, Soul Edge will be mine, as well as my love. Only then will I rest."
— To one of his crew

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