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Althalos Brockwell the Second, or Althalos Brockwell II is a fan character created with SoulCaliburIII's Character Creation mode and the main protagonist in the fanfiction Master of Blades. Althalos is of the Fire (Good/Neutral or Neutral Good) alingment throughout all of the story, always looking for a challenge from both the forces of evil and his brethren and sistren from the Kingdom of Royal. It is also because of his alignment that while he has no problem taking orders from the Kingdom's ruler (Queen Mirabelle in his case), he does not feel beholden to either her or the General of the Royal Army, Rowan Achard.

What lies in his soul is Leadership.


Althalos Brockwell II came from a long line of sowrdsmen, most of which fought in the Royal Army. In fact, his very father, Althalos Brockwell I, was once a prominent general of the Army under the rule of Queen Brunhild.

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