"Victory or defeat, Depends on one's training"
— Zasalothe

Zasalothe (ザサラメール, Zasaluthru) is a character in the Soul series and she appears in Soulcalibur V and The Soul Calibur Chronicles, She is the former student of Zasalamel who learned her in the style of battle, also she has the ability to reincarnate herself with a new body and new looks

In her Soul lies Protection


Zasalothe (original name Lothe) once a normal human with nothing to fear lives a normal life as she was a loner and had no friend around her even her own family didn't gave anything about her. One day when she had enough of her own life she wanted to kill herself by stabbing itself into the stomach as she feared to do it she hesitated for a few times and could never kill herself even she was sick of her own life.

As time flied over Lothe started to become more obsessed to kill herself and make and end to all her suffering she did the last years in her house and at night she looked to the moon thinking how to make it even less painfull to end her life, As she had a dream that night where she saw a man saying things to her but she could not hear what the man all said to her as she was awakened the next morning.

Freshly remembering the dream Lothe started to make drawnings of the man she saw in her dreams as it was a man with a Death Scythe in his hands as the next night she layed her drawing next to her on the pillow sow she might could see or it was indded the Man who she was dreaming off and now she could him hear talking with every word he was telling her he said

Do not waste your life as you can make it a good one with ups and downs, even with all downs you can still have a good life without fears as she woke up and looked to the drawning and she knew'd that it was the same man from her dream.

Lothe started a search for the man of her dreams as she came into a forrest there she acrossed paths with some scum and thugs as Lothe was outnumbered she was killed by one of them and her lifeless body was laying in the forrest as a strange man appeared in front of Lothe's lifeless body as he says a few words Lothe's body started to come back to life as she opened her eyes and saw a man walking away and also she looked to her wound that was gone soon she was back on her feet and followed the Man to an unknown location what had the structure of a Temple

This is the Temple if life, this sacred ground can re-awake the dead The man spoke

Lothe was looking to the man who had an hood over his head as he took the head off he introduced himself as Zasalamel he spoke with Lothe to search for her inner self inside the temple and sow Lothe did.

After a few times biing inside the temple she began to belive in herself as she could help others and also herself, Zasalamel also taught her a few things of his own some special ability's like coming back from the death and reincarnation as these books where big to read Lothe learned them all and at least she could revive dead animals as she succeeded all objects of Zasalamel's training and became a fully concetrated woman with the skills that Zasalamel learned her.

A few years later beeing trained under the guidance of Zasalamel she got her own weapon an Ax she named Trident this Ax had special powers and was a strong weapon to use in battle, After leaving the Temple side Lothe gave herself a new name as an honor to her mentor as she was called now: Zasalothe

Zasalothe now wanders the world to seek for other people who had the same problems as she had.

On her quest she encountered a few people who had connections to the legendary swords Soul Calibur and Soul Edge as one of them was Patroklos as he wielded a small version of the sword Zasalothe heard about as she battled Patroklos she was able to defeat him cause his Soul Calibur wasn't strong enough against the Ax of Zasalothe.

Sometime later she also fought against the malfested version of Patroklos's sister Pyrrha and she also beated her as the lady was soon vanished after her defeat by Zasalothe


Trident: This is Zasalothe's weapon she received after her training with Zasalamel she knows how to handle it well in battle as she defeated already allot of opoonets

Critical Edge

Trident's Power: She will grab her opponent as it will fall as she will use her Ax to rotate the opponent a serval times

Fighting Style

Zasalothe uses an Ax that can be used for close range or long range attacks she is also able to combine some of her attacks to make it a combo for more damage on the opponent, also she can use it to attack her opponents as she hold the opponent in her hand

The Ax of Zasalothe can alo beused to use some powered up attacks like flame attacks but it takes a serval secs to charge them up


She was in the beginning a desperate woman who wanted to end her life as soon as possible but after having a serval dreams she found Zasalamel who gave her the chance to find herself and became a fully trained woman with special ability's


Temple of Life (SCV)

Astral Realm (TSCC)

Theme Music

March of Power Zasalothe's Theme03:43

March of Power Zasalothe's Theme

  • March of Power

Series' Appereances


  • Are you ready?
  • Ready to fight?
  • What a waste of my time.
  • You were a good opponent.
  • There's no mercy in battle.
  • Victory or defeat depends on one's training.
  • You won't survive this!
  • Shut up!
  • Die!
  • Pitiful...
  • You won't get away!
  • Show me what you've got! - taunt
  • Got it!
  • Stand aside!
  • Too late for regrets!
  • Scared?
  • This is it
  • Ready?
  • Amateur
  • You're no match!
  • Give in!
  • Bear witness...true power! - spoken during Critical Edge
  • Begin...
  • Is that all?
  • Stand...
  • Take this!
  • Stand down!
  • Careful or you'll be dead
  • Think again!
  • That's far enough!
  • Nothing personal
  • What a disgrace - spoken when time up
  • FIEND! - spoken when guard is crushed
  • It can't be... - spoken when ring out
  • NOOOO! - spoken when ring out again
  • Unforgivable... - spoken during Ivy's Sweet Dominance throw
  • Fool!



  • Was killed by some thugs
  • Was brought back to life by Zasalamel
  • Trained herself *also) in the skills that Zasalamel owned
  • Found traces of a girl named Rima that she is the new made Nightmare


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