"In the time realm, its my duty to keep it safe"
— Saphira

Saphira the Goddess of Time (時間の女神をSaphira, Jikan no megami o Saphira) is a character in the Soul series and she lives in the Realm of Time

In her Soul lies Protection

Goddess of Time



Saphira is a Goddess and very powerfull as she controls time itself she is able to leave her realm named the Realm of Time to travel to another realm or world she desires, Saphira is a good natured woman who always will assist when in times of needing


The Time Key: with this weapon in the form of a golden Snake Sword saphira is able to open Time Portals with it as she can also attack with it

Fighting Style

Saphira is not a direct fighter as she is needed she can leave her Realm (by using her necklace of time) to take on any opponent who will be defeated with her fast movement and combo's as close range and long range

Critical Edge

Pieces of Time: when saphira uses her strongest move she will be able to seperate the Time Key into smaller parts called pieces of time as these will attack the opponent while held up in the air, this attack does massive damage to the opponent


Realm of Time

Theme Music

Saphira's Theme04:32

Saphira's Theme

Series' Appereances


  • Lives in the Realm of Time
  • Is the Goddess of Time
  • Uses a weapon named The Time Key
  • Has very Long Hair
  • Has a jewelry called the Necklace of Time, with this she can travel trough time


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